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Probiotics: When to Take Them for Optimal Well-being?

Probiotics are all the rage! No wonder when you know their role in the digestive system.

The benefits of these bacteria on our gut, our second brain, are numerous. Probiotics thus directly impact our overall well-being.

I hear that you already know all the advantages of these magical little bacteria! But do you know when to take probiotics to get the most benefit?

Follow us, we'll tell you everything!

How Gut Bacteria Work and Their Importance

What Role Do They Play in Maintaining Gut Microbial Balance?

Gut bacteria are living microorganisms present in our bodies. These bacteria, which develop in the intestines or mouth, participate in balancing our gut flora. They act like a shield that protects us from environmental aggressors! 🛡

Probiotics, on the other hand, are beneficial bacteria that can be consumed through certain foods or supplements. They strengthen this microbial barrier by adding useful microorganisms to our existing microbiota, which is crucial for combating digestive issues.

Adopting a probiotic regimen can help restore and maintain a healthy gut balance, thereby reducing recurring digestive discomforts! 🤒

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Main Strains of Gut Bacteria and Their Specific Benefits

Under the term gut bacteria, we group these three main strains, playing different roles:

  1. Lactic bacteria (Lactobacilli and Lactococci), which help maintain an acidic pH in the intestine and protect it from environmental aggressors.

  2. Bifidobacteria, which prevent bacterial and viral infections and help maintain a healthy immune system.

  3. Streptococci, which improve lactose digestion in intolerant individuals.

These bacteria are naturally found in certain foods like plain yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, or fermented pickles. Well-being starts on your plate: feel free to add foods rich in probiotics to your meals!

The Link Between Gut and General Well-being

Digestive discomforts, we all experience them! A study by INSERM shows that the gut microbiota plays a crucial role in the rest of our body. To prevent these discomforts from disrupting our daily lives, we need to take care of our gut system.

Is your body sending you warning signals? 🚨

It might be time to start a probiotic regimen to restore balance. Indeed, when our microbiota is unbalanced, taking good bacteria can help restore the balance of the gut flora.

Need to know more? We tell you everything about probiotics and when to take them.

When to Take Probiotics: Morning or Evening?

Follow our tips for optimal effectiveness of probiotics! ✨

Before or After Meals?

Gut bacteria must arrive alive and intact in the intestine for optimal effectiveness. Therefore, it is recommended to take your probiotic regimen at least 30 minutes before a meal or snack. The intestinal environment is then more open to welcome your friendly bacteria!

You can also choose to take probiotics after a meal. In this case, allow time for digestion and take them rather at bedtime. 😴

Morning or Evening?

For probiotics to be effective, daily intake must be regular. There is no strict rule advocating taking them in the morning or evening. The key is to identify a time to remember. Set an alarm with your favorite song on your phone and there's no risk of forgetting!

It's time to take your probiotics! 🎶

Precautions When Taking Medications

When in doubt, and if you have a regular treatment, seek your doctor's advice.

With our complete guide on probiotics, become an expert on the subject!

probiotics when to take them

Factors to Consider When Taking Probiotics

Now that you know when to take probiotics, we tell you everything to ensure the chosen supplementation meets your specific needs!

Everyone Needs Their Own Probiotics

Your neighbor's or partner's probiotics are not necessarily the ones that suit you!

Indeed, to choose your probiotics wisely, you need to consider your personal needs and lifestyle. You can take a probiotic regimen to maintain the balance of your gut flora and thus:

  1. alleviate digestive discomforts and protect the intestines,

  2. restore vaginal flora,

  3. and rebalance oral flora by promoting the growth of your good bacteria.

Digestive disturbances often rhyme with daily discomfort. To regain a healthy gut flora, our Probiotics Formula is ideal. It is a unique complex that restores balance in just a few days.

Are you looking for comprehensive supplementation to address your digestive issues? Our Digestion Pack containing 6 probiotic strains and Organic Spirulina is ideal for supporting your immunity while taking care of your microbiota. 💪🏼

How to Store Your Probiotic Regimen?

The probiotics we offer, packaged in recycled bottles, should be stored in a dry place, away from heat and light. To maintain the effectiveness of probiotics, make sure to store them in an appropriate location.

Practical Tips for Optimal Use of Probiotics

Ready to boost your well-being with probiotics? Here are some practical tips to maximize the intake of probiotics! ⚡️

best probiotic

Be Consistent, It's the Key!

You know when to take probiotics, but for them to become real allies for your intestines and immune system, make them part of your new routine. Morning or evening, it doesn't matter! The key is to include probiotics in your daily life.

By following a probiotic regimen, you increase your chances of protecting your body from environmental aggressors. Taking probiotics regularly is the best way to build a protective barrier and ward off potential external unwanted agents.

Be Patient

Consumed orally, probiotics provide numerous benefits to the body. However, it takes a few days to notice the benefits.

Our Probiotics Formula was evaluated in a scientific study. The results show an improvement in microbiota maintenance after 10 days of regular intake.

As the digestive system adapts to the new bacteria received, you may experience some effects. Mild digestive discomforts may appear after a few days. It is essential to respect the recommended daily doses and choose the best probiotic for your well-being.

Choose labeled strains made in France to minimize the side effects of probiotics. If symptoms persist, feel free to start gradually with 1 capsule instead of 2, or consult your doctor.

No more doubts! You now know when to take probiotics and the benefits they can bring you. What are you waiting for to take care of your different floras and give them a boost? 👍🏼


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Passionate and an expert in micro-nutrition, Lucas founded Novoma in 2012. With conviction, he develops dietary supplements with effective, carefully selected, and 100% clean ingredients to best meet the needs of the body.

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