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Organic Ashwagandha KSM-66®

Patented Ashwagandha


Sleep Formula

Time-Release Melatonin


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Magnesium Bisglycinate

Bioavailable form

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29 premium ingredients


Stress & Sleep Pack

Ashwagandha + Sleep Formula

39,42€ 43,80€

Life challenges, work pressure and overwork put strain on the nervous system and can be a source of stress.

This can lead to low morale, harm good mood and deteriorate the quality of sleep. But this is not inevitable!

Discover our selection of sleep food supplement to naturally combat stress as well as temporary drop in morale and to sleep better.

Lack of sleep, difficulty falling asleep… why take a food supplement for sleep?

Our fast-paced modern lifestyles can be sources of stress, which can affect our sleep. A sedentary lifestyle (especially for so-called “office” jobs) can also play a role, as can a lack of physical activity. Reduced morale, irritability and even depression often result from a sleep problem , which directly impacts your well-being. Indeed, insomnia , difficulty falling asleep and waking up at night have a real impact on your physical and mental health. The quality of your sleep should therefore not be neglected, as you will have understood. So how can we act and, above all, react to promote sleep?

As mentioned, sleep problems are very frequently linked to stress . Stress, in fact, impacts our entire body, consciously or not, and can become an aggravating factor in long-term health problems (and therefore of course sleep problems). “No stress”! Indeed, against stress, you can adopt the right actions to relieve it or at least alleviate it. We give you our advice in our blog article: 7 tips to combat stress and anxiety .

Furthermore, although sleep problems are often associated with stress, this is not always the case. Jet lag from a recent trip and lack of physical activity can also affect your sleep with a longer time to fall asleep than normal, or with waking up at night . There are also little tips for eliminating sleep disorders and sleeping better, which we share with you in our article here.

Whether it is caused by stress, jet lag or many other factors, a lack of quality sleep not only impacts our mood but also our health when it persists (such as heart problems, high blood pressure , cognitive disorders or even immune weakness).

Don't panic, at Novoma, we fortunately offer you a selection of food supplements for sleep which also act against stress, low morale and insomnia in a completely natural way. No more lack of sleep, peaceful nights are yours!

What are the best food supplements for sleep?

In order to offer you the most complete and optimal selection of food supplements for sleep, we have opted for our formulas that promote sleep and have anti-stress properties (since this, as we mentioned above, is a factor common sleep disorders). The flagship supplement of our range is the Sleep Formula formula, specially designed from plant extracts. Our range is also composed of Magnesium, Ashwagandha, and Multivitamins.

The Sleep Formula

The essential part of the range, our Sleep Formula , is here to help you find deep and restorative sleep and to dispel all sleep-related problems, such as problems falling asleep or sleep disorders. It is composed of plant extracts such as vegetable melatonin , lemon balm and California poppy which are known to make it easier to fall asleep, limit the effects of jet lag and reduce sleep disorders, as well as passionflower which soothes and promotes relaxation.

Thus, our food supplement for sleep will help you from the first use to fall into the arms of morphée more quickly and to reduce nighttime awakenings , and this without dependence or addiction!


If Magnesium Bisglycinate is also called “anti-stress mineral” it is not for nothing. Known and recognized for its numerous benefits, it fights against stress, helps with muscle relaxation and, bingo, promotes the reduction of sleep disorders ! We decided to combine it with taurine and vitamin B6 , two active ingredients which will optimize the effects of our magnesium formula and therefore further promote its action on sleep.


We also have our Ashwagandha supplement, formulated with pure organic ashwagandha root. In addition to being an excellent food supplement for very interesting sleep , it is also an anti-stress supplement (it helps to reduce anxiety). To put it simply, Ashwagandha will help you reduce the time it takes you to fall asleep and reduce nighttime awakenings in a natural way. It is an excellent natural alternative to sleeping pills.

The Multivitamin

Our Multivitamins is a complete anti-fatigue formula based on 29 nutrients (vitamins, minerals and plant extracts). This vitamin cocktail is designed to help you fill your nutritional deficiencies and give you a boost of energy. Its anti-stress side helps reduce anxiety. Your body will then regain better energy metabolism and will be more able to provide you with quality sleep. This makes it an excellent dietary supplement for sleep!

Our range of food supplements for sleep will be your best ally to combat fatigue, whatever it may be! Thanks to more restorative nights, you will be in great shape to face your days in the best conditions! To put all the chances on your side, don’t hesitate to consult our tips for sleeping better.

Sleep better with the right sleep food supplement!

So don't wait any longer if stress is preventing you from sleeping and making life difficult, or if your nights are restless, you have sleep problems , and this impacts your daily life... It's time to say stop and take things in hand to prioritize your well-being and your health. Our range of food supplements for sleep is the answer to your problems. Don't forget to focus on a healthy lifestyle, which will always benefit you in the short and long term. Sleep is essential, don’t neglect it 😉.

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