Our engagements
Because they act directly on our health, we must offer you the best food supplements. Since our beginnings, we have therefore focused on 4 major commitments.

Commitment #1

Premium and effective active ingredients.

Thanks to perfectly controlled sourcing of raw materials, each formula contains an optimal concentration of high-quality active ingredients, with scientifically proven effectiveness and which meet our strict requirements in terms of traceability and bioavailability.

All for visible results.

Commitment #2

French expertise.

At Novoma, we favor French know-how. Our supplements are developed in our Toulouse office in close association with our partner laboratories and therapists.

They are then manufactured/shaped in France*, in accordance with French standards and the strictest safety standards.

Commitment #3


From our capsules to our labels, being transparent with you is essential. The detailed composition and certificates of analysis are systematically communicated on our product sheets.

At least you know exactly what you're consuming!

Commitment #4

Supplements for everyone. At the right price.

Because we want to make well-being accessible to everyone, our supplements are not intended for an elite.

This is why we systematically ensure that we offer products with the best quality-quantity-price ratio possible.

For us, premium does not mean more expensive!
A 100% clean range
Our supplements are guaranteed:
Without controversial chemical additives
Without magnesium stearate
Cruelty Free
*Excluding our UK-made liquid liposomal vitamin C.