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And receive your favorite treatment at home, at the frequency of your choice, while benefiting from a 10% reduction !

It's not a secret...
Dietary supplements work best if taken regularly and over the long term.

The subscription allows you to receive your favorite food supplements at the frequency that suits you. So, no more treatment interruptions and no more hassle with ordering!

How it works ?


I select my supplement

In our e-shop, go to the product page of the supplement of your choice.


I subscribe

Click “Subscribe” and choose the frequency and quantity you want.


I save 10%

Simply finalize your order. The 10% discount applies automatically!

10% off your favorite products.
Reduced home delivery costs: €3.50 instead of €4.90.
Save time: don't worry about ordering anymore.
Flexible: modify in one click from your customer account.
No obligation: suspend or cancel whenever you want.
I subscribe


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