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Ambassador program

What is the principle ?

As an expert in nutraceuticals, Novoma aims to guide you towards well-being with the course of food supplements best suited to your needs.

Becoming a NOVOMA ambassador means trying our products and sharing your personal experience in a transparent manner in order to help us improve our formulations and better understand consumer expectations!
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How it works ?


Apply for the program

Each application is then studied in order to select the profiles most suited to the products to be tested.


Try the product

Receive our products and try them by following our instructions for use and maintaining a balanced diet.


Share your experience

Your authentic and transparent feedback will guide consumers in their choices and help us create the best possible products.

Why participate?
Since 2012, our quest for well-being has pushed us to surpass ourselves. Thanks to you and your feedback, we can continually move forward and innovate by offering ever more effective supplements that meet your expectations.
Prove the effectiveness of our products
Help us innovate
Improve the consumer experience
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