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Does the blue light from our screens really impact our sleep?

Difficulty falling asleep, waking up at night: what if the cause of sleep problems was partly the blue light from our screens?

In 2022, French people spend more than 60% of their free time in front of screens. Digital technology is invading our lives: connection to our loved ones, information, entertainment, professional life...

Today, we know that overexposure to screens and blue light has a real impact on our sleep . 🌚

Overview of the effects of blue light on sleep and solutions for more peaceful nights!

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What do we mean by “blue light”?

“Definition” of blue light

Blue light is considered to be short-wave light , which corresponds to the part of the visible radiation spectrum located between 380 and 500 nanometers. It's a very intense brightness.

Common Sources of Blue Light

“Blue light” corresponds to the light emitted by the sun's rays, low-energy LED bulbs and digital screens: smartphones, televisions, computers, etc.

It is therefore difficult to escape this blue light which constantly surrounds us!

How does blue light influence our sleep?

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The influence of blue light on melatonin production

In humans, melatonin production increases at the end of the day as light decreases. This hormone naturally tells the brain that it is almost time to go to sleep.

It plays a dual role:

  1. it has a sedative effect on the body which prepares itself for falling asleep;
  2. it regulates sleep rhythms.

Exposure to screens disrupts the normal cycle of melatonin production. In fact, the blue spectrum prevents the secretion of melatonin.

Disruption of the biological clock

Blue light from screens stimulates the receptors in our retinas and therefore alters the photoreceptors in the eye. Our biological clock therefore receives the signal that it is daytime. This prevents you from falling asleep and causes a disruption of the biological clock .

Exposure to screens and exciting content in the two hours before bedtime has harmful consequences on falling asleep. Indeed, the brain hyperstimulated by video games or suspenseful series, for example, remains tense and alert.

Sleep disorders linked to overexposure to blue light

Too much time on a screen facing blue light inevitably causes sleep problems:

  1. difficulty falling asleep;
  2. dysregulation of the circadian rhythm;
  3. sleepless nights ;
  4. sleeping troubles ;
  5. daytime fatigue and eye strain.

The Morphée network indicates that a third of the population suffers from sleep disorders . Are you one of them? Solutions to sleep better exist: follow our instructions for more peaceful nights, far from the brightness of screens!

5 tips to avoid blue light before sleeping

Blue light from screens affects your sleep ? Discover 5 tips to avoid this light that is harmful to sleep!

1. Reduce exposure to blue light in the evening

Living disconnected? Never !

Without cutting yourself off from your smartphone or computer, you can shift the use of screens to the early evening. It is recommended to completely ban screens one to two hours before bedtime.

This avoids the impacts linked to blue light on sleep and difficulty falling asleep.

2. Using filters and night modes

Today, new electronic devices are equipped with anti-blue light filters directly integrated or to be activated in the settings of your smartphone.

This filter offers reading comfort and relieves the eyes. You can also choose night mode on the tablet, computer screen or smartphone. Dark mode emits a less aggressive blue light which will allow you to reduce its impact on your sleep.

3. Anti-blue light glasses

The lenses of the anti-blue light glasses have a special treatment. They reflect part of the blue light. It is an effective and easy-to-adopt protection. With a pair of anti-blue light glasses, you are protected from the harmful effects of your devices and what's more, you gain comfort (and sometimes style! 😎).

4. Limit the use of social networks

Excessive connection to social networks or news in the evening leads to overstimulation of the brain.

Anxiogenic content can have repercussions on falling asleep.

Why not turn off notifications and disconnect from messaging requests to enjoy more relaxing activities like reading or music? And don't forget to put your phone in airplane mode ✈️ before diving into the arms of Morpheus! This avoids blue light before bedtime and unexpected awakenings!

5. Light your interior with warm artificial ambient light

Another tip to prevent blue light from affecting sleep : favor nighttime lighting with artificial yellow lights.

Warm lights have a calming effect and do not block melatonin production. Also remember to lower the light intensity before sleeping.

Have you managed to reduce nighttime screen use and the impact of blue light on sleep using these tips? Well done ! 👏

Also discover all our tips for sleeping well when it's hot and avoiding nocturnal awakenings .

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Reminder of rituals to adopt before bed

Focus on the sleep hygiene rules to adopt this evening! 🔍

Light and early dinner 🥗

The National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance recommends eating at least two hours before going to bed .

Also avoid meals that are too large and difficult to digest!

Turn off screens at least 1 hour before going to sleep 📴

Cut off screens one to two hours before going to bed.

Exit the blue light that disrupts sleep and make way for relaxing activities to sleep well!

Take a hot bath about 1 hour or 2 hours before sleeping 🛁

The double advantage of a hot bath: it allows you to relax and lowers your body temperature.

Go to bed at the same time every night 😴

To get back into a healthy circadian rhythm, identify your ideal bedtime based on the amount of sleep needed. With good sleep habits, you avoid sleep disorders and improve your well-being. What more ?

Eliminate stress with positive thoughts 🧘‍♀️

Meditation or relaxation can help you sleep well: no more difficulty falling asleep due to light or stress!

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Food supplements in regulating sleep 💊

Sleep supplements can also help you get more regular sleep. The Sleep Formula , based on plant extracts, helps reduce the falling asleep phase and promotes deeper sleep, in particular thanks to the plant melatonin it contains.

But beyond active ingredients for sleep, did you know that vitamin C also helps fight fatigue and helps you get quality sleep ?

Sleep and screens don’t go well together! You now know all the tips to avoid the impacts of blue light on your sleep .


Co-founder of NOVOMA

Passionate and expert in micro-nutrition, Lucas founded Novoma in 2012. It is with conviction that he develops food supplements with effective, carefully chosen and 100% clean active ingredients, to best meet the body's needs.

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