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What is the best Zinc? Our advice and opinions (2024)

A healthy adult's body contains no more than 4 g of zinc at most. But when a zinc deficiency is felt, all the body's faculties are weakened: lower resistance of the immune defenses, skin problems and hair loss.

We can then question the role of zinc in the body. What is it? Why is zinc sus important? How to choose the best zinc to start a treatment?

best zinc

First of all, what is zinc?

Zinc is an important element present in very small quantities in our body (less than one mg per kg) but nevertheless essential to its proper functioning. Zinc is involved in many enzymatic chemical reactions in our body.

In addition, it contributes to good vision , the integrity of our nails and hair , male reproductive functions, contributes to the functionality of our immune defenses and participates in neurological function. The role of zinc is useful for the proper functioning of the liver, bones, muscles, teeth, etc. This shows its importance for our organization!

Normally, a sufficient quantity of zinc is provided by a balanced diet. Unlike its counterpart iron, the human body does not know how to store zinc: this is why it must be supplied to the body daily.

However, certain diets such as vegetarian diets, “gluten-free” or even certain intestinal disorders create a lack of natural zinc intake. Supplementation can then fill these deficits and restore the mineral balance in our body. Find out more about the benefits of zinc in our specific guide page .

What are the selection criteria for choosing the best zinc?

As our body only needs very low doses of zinc to stay healthy, it is essential to control the dosage of food supplements before starting a treatment. The recommended daily dose is 15 mg per day. Excess zinc intake can lead to other nutritional deficiencies, such as a copper deficiency for example.

Zinc as a dietary supplement is available in several forms: tablets , capsules , ampoules or liquids . You need to find the best form of zinc that suits your needs.

Liquid or effervescent forms are more suitable for people who have difficulty swallowing. They can nevertheless have a strong, even unpleasant taste.

Capsules and tablets have no taste, which is one of their main advantages, and are generally more assimilated by the body . However, they are likely to contain additives that are not always harmless, hence the importance of choosing a trusted brand, which does not use controversial substances, and with 100% clean active ingredients.

Depending on the form and the molecule with which zinc is associated, it is more or less assimilated by the body. We then speak of bioavailability . The bioavailability of zinc varies greatly from one form to another. It is also sometimes combined with vitamins to increase its effectiveness. This is the case with vitamin C when it comes to supporting your immune system, but also with vitamin B6, which gives it better assimilation .

Whatever form you choose, it is best to take it away from meals. Although the intake of animal proteins or organic acids contained in fruits facilitates its absorption, other elements such as calcium, phytates and iron reduce its bioavailability.

But then what is the best zinc , the one which is the most easily assimilated and the best dosed?

What is the best zinc?

Natural zinc

Zinc can be extracted from an algae called kelp. This natural zinc , of plant origin , is the only extracted form that currently exists on the market. A second method for producing organic, plant-based zinc is a process of fermenting a mushroom.

Natural zinc is described as highly assimilable . It can be organic provided that it is extracted from plants from organic farming. However, it is quite rare on the market and its cost is rather high.

Chelated zinc

All other forms of zinc present in different food supplements are synthetic. That is, they were produced by a chemical process.

But pure zinc is not a naturally stable element. It is then called chelated , because it has undergone a physicochemical chelation process which consists of assembling the zinc to an ion or another molecule.

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Zinc and organic acids

When zinc is combined with organic acids, organic salts such as gluconate, citrate or picolinate are obtained.

  • Gluconate is a very stable molecule, easily assimilated. It is found in several pharmaceutical forms ranging from capsules to ointments for skin action.

  • Zinc citrate is found naturally in lemon. In food supplements, however, it is a synthetic molecule that we find. This molecule is especially suitable for organisms showing signs of acidity.

  • Zinc picolinate is rather indicated for relieving skin problems because it has recognized antioxidant effects.

Zinc and amino acids

Synthesized from glycine, zinc combined with amino acids gives a molecule called bisglycinate . This form of zinc benefits from very good digestive tolerance and also excellent assimilation.

It is by far the form best assimilated by the body. A course of 15 mg/day is very effective in making up for any deficit. This form is often associated with vitamin B6, which reinforces its effectiveness on nervous and immune functions!

Zinc and ions

Associated with ions, zinc then appears in the form of zinc sulfate or zinc oxide . Zinc oxide is frequently used in cosmetic products in the form of a white powder for its antibacterial and deodorant properties.

On the other hand, as a food supplement, it seems that the zinc oxide form is the least easily assimilated among existing supplement products. This is due to the fact that, in this form, it is very poorly soluble in water. It is therefore probably not the best zinc to consume in the event of a deficiency.

So what is the best zinc?

The best zinc is the one that will have the best results on your body. To do this, it must first be easily assimilated and coupled with elements that reinforce its effectiveness. Choose a bioavailable zinc from organic zinc or bisglycinate salts. Then, choose the best zinc according to your needs.

Citrates are preferred for people suffering from an acid-base imbalance. Gluconates are more suitable for blood sugar disorders. Bisglycinate is particularly effective overall and particularly on the nervous system. As for zinc oxides, they are rather recommended for skin application and not oral administration.

Take the time to define your zinc needs and your preferred method of assimilation to define the best zinc suited to your body: you are spoiled for choice!

At Novoma, our zinc food supplement is made from TRAACS® bisglycinate from Albion® Minerals selected for its high bioavailability, combined with vitamin B6 to ensure its assimilation. All in capsule form: zero unpleasant taste and easy to swallow.


Co-founder of NOVOMA

Passionate and expert in micro-nutrition, Lucas founded Novoma in 2012. It is with conviction that he develops food supplements with effective, carefully chosen and 100% clean active ingredients, to best meet the body's needs.

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