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Nutrivita changes name to Novoma

Yes, you read correctly: we are changing our name. And that, for the best!

Since the beginning, our ambition has been to become a key player in food supplements.

So to better assert our identity, we decided to change our name. This change marks an important step in the development of our company.

But don't worry: our range remains the same, our philosophy and our values ​​as well. And of course, it's still the same great team who will continue to give everything to help you, every day, to promote your well-being!

This name change will simply be an opportunity for us to further assert our identity.

You will have understood: our name changes, but not our convictions.

To discover us on video, click here👇

Why Novoma?

NO for NEW, VO for… no, don’t look!

Since our creation in 2012, many players in the world of food supplements have in turn opted for the prefix “NUTRI” in their name. Logically, this term speaks for itself.

The problem is that for consumers, it has become increasingly difficult to navigate.

“So since we don’t make supplements like the others, we opted for a name that’s unlike any other!”

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