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Should we give in to the gummie trend?

The article in a few key points

Gummies, these little sugary vitamin gums, are all the rage lately.

They present themselves as a more fun and tasty alternative than "classic" food supplements and promise numerous benefits such as improving the quality of sleep, promoting hair growth and skin health, reducing fatigue, strengthening immune defenses. ..

But with limited dosages of active ingredients as well as the presence of coating agents, acidifiers, flavorings, colorings and especially sugar in formulas, is it really reasonable to give in to this trend? Up to you...!

Gummies, these little food supplements that look almost like candy, are on the rise. And for good reason: whether they are plant-based, or filled with vitamins and minerals, they are presented as both healthy products, positive for health, but also delicious to consume. That is the demand of the people !

Should we rush into it with our eyes closed? This is what we will try to see in this article.

What are gummies?

Gummies are food supplements presented in a form other than capsules, tablets or powder. These are small gelled supplements containing active ingredients with various benefits: sleep, beauty, digestion, energy, immunity, etc.

If gummies are so popular, it is mainly for their presentation: they look exactly like candies (especially the little “bears”), have cool and catchy names, a festive color that makes you want to, and above all, the taste that goes with it. Many stars, reality TV and others, also promote it on social networks.

With the equation “product good for health + good taste + fashionable on the networks”, it is easy to understand that the result is a great popularity of these new supplements arriving from the United States!

The limits of gummies

Even if they have the advantage of leading to more completed cures, at Novoma, we have chosen not to give in to this trend and have deliberately chosen the capsule format for our food supplements.

Indeed, gummies have two major disadvantages:

Their effectiveness is often lower than capsules , because they contain active ingredients in lower quantities. This varies depending on the composition, but for a number of gummies, the amounts of active ingredients are much lower than their equivalent in a capsule or tablet. This is particularly due to the other components required to make and give their consistency to the gummies: sugar, colorings, acidifiers, etc. mean that there is less space left for essential vitamins and nutrients. Impossible to fit 500 mg of vitamin C into 1 gummy for example (even though it is entirely possible in 1 capsule)!

You therefore risk either consuming gummies that will not fully meet your needs , or having to consume astronomical quantities to cover all these needs. And that’s where we come to our second point!

The composition of gummies is a nutritional contradiction for us . In addition to containing various gelling and acidifying agents, they most often contain sugar (glucose syrup, stevia and co.). It is therefore no coincidence that they are appetizing and actually taste good! The problem is that sugar is really not a substance to be recommended, or one that we are often deficient in – it would even be exactly the opposite. The sugar in gummies provides calories, therefore potential weight gain and all the associated risks, but can also lead to addiction, or the desire to consume more than necessary.

This seems to us to be in total contradiction with the health and well-being aspect which should be the priority of any food supplement!

Gummies, a not-so-miraculous solution

Ultimately, gummies are of limited interest to us. They can be useful to ensure the completion of a long course of treatment, particularly in children who are reluctant to swallow traditional capsules or tablets.

But due to their sometimes under-dosed active ingredients and their sugar and calorie content, we recommend that you opt for other forms of food supplements that are healthier and more effective.

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