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The Benefits of Hops: All the Secrets of This Plant with Exceptional Virtues!

Do you know about hops? No, we're not here to talk about beers and brewing 🍻, but rather about their surprising benefits, especially on sleep and the female cycle. Interesting, isn't it?

Indeed, while hops are mostly known for giving beer its unique taste, you may not be aware that it has been used for centuries in herbal medicine. It holds, indeed, treasures too little known for our well-being.

In this article, we will explore together the well-kept secrets of hops: from its origins to its benefits, we will provide all the keys to know how to consume it to make the most of it (with and without alcohol!).

Origin and Description of Hops

Hops, scientifically known as Humulus lupulus, is a climbing plant and part of the Cannabaceae botanical family.

Etymology info💡: The botanical name "lupulus" comes from the Latin meaning "little wolf". This name reflects its tendency to smother the trees it wraps around, depriving them of light. This comes from the Roman idea that hops parasitized the trees it climbed, similar to a little wolf feeding on their sap.

This plant has distinctive botanical characteristics that make it unique. From its green, serrated leaves to its characteristic floral cones, every aspect of hops contributes to its recognition.

Widely present in Europe, hops continue to grow in many woods in France to our greatest pleasure!

Houblon bienfaits

Hops Cultivation

Beer enthusiasts can rest assured: hops grow very fast and can therefore be easily cultivated. "Phew, no shortage on the horizon!" 🍺

To ensure the quality of hops, producers use organic methods to control pests, thus preserving the freshness and properties of the plant.

These methods include the use of copper (with well-established limits in organic farming), horsetail manure, and auxiliary insects (such as ladybugs). Go away, pests!

Hops are usually harvested from the end of August to mid-September, when the cones emit a sweet scent of pear and apple.

The Powers of Hops on Our Well-being

Hops is a plant that has been the subject of numerous scientific studies and is supported by health authorities.

For example, the European Medicines Agency considers the use of hops as "traditional" in "the management of mild forms of psychological stress and to promote sleep."

Let's take a closer look... 🔍

Enhances Antioxidant Protection

Hops is a powerful ally in the fight against premature cellular aging.

Its active compounds, such as flavonoids and phenolic acids, act as antioxidants, thus helping the body's cells protect against damage caused by free radicals.

Improves Female Well-being

Hops naturally contains phytoestrogens, and this characteristic makes it an ideal plant during the menopause period.

Concretely, this means that these compounds act like estrogens in the body, helping to alleviate discomforts associated with this phase of life: hot flashes, sweating, nervousness, disrupted sleep, irritability...

Promotes Relaxation

Hops also contains a flavonoid called xanthohumol, which has demonstrated its properties against nervous agitation. This substance also promotes intellectual and physical well-being, thus helping to reduce stress and facilitate relaxation.

And here's some excellent news for a deeper, more restorative sleep! 😏

Hops is indeed one of the plants widely used to take care of sleep. It is part of many dietary supplements for good sleep, and herbalists love to integrate it into sleep tea blends.

Be attentive, the next time you buy your quiet night tea, it's very likely that hops will be in it!

Benefits of Hops on the Digestive Sphere

The benefits of hops do not stop there!

It also plays a role in supporting digestion and contributes to the proper functioning of the entire intestinal system.

Thanks to its benefits on the nervous system, stomach, and intestines, hops can be beneficial in case of gastrointestinal discomforts.


Finally, hops help regulate cholesterol levels in the blood, thus promoting normal cholesterol levels and contributing to cardiovascular health.

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How to Benefit from the Properties of Hops?

Teas, capsules, beers... All means are good to enjoy the benefits of hops.

Hops Infusions and Teas

To make a hops infusion, nothing could be simpler:

  1. Boil water and add 1 or 2 hops cones per cup (250 ml).
  2. Let steep for 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. Filter and drink!

    For a more effective and less bitter herbal tea, mix hops with German chamomile, passionflower, lavender, or lemon balm.

    💡 Extra tip: For an irresistible flavor and to enhance the calming effects of the herbal tea, simply add a teaspoon of orange blossom hydrolat.

    👌🏼 Winning duo: Valerian + hops = Big sleep ahead!

Hops in a Sleep Supplement

You can find hops in our Sleep Formula, paired with melatonin and other plants such as passionflower, California poppy, and lemon balm to ensure quality sleep and deep relaxation.

Remember, in herbal medicine, plants can interact with each other: alone they are effective, but combined, they become unbeatable!

Also, if you have trouble sleeping, check out this article, for our best tips to fall into the arms of Morpheus. 💤

Hops sleep

The Benefits of Hops in Treatment

Integrating hops into a preventive treatment can help maintain emotional balance and promote quality sleep. Regular consumption can reduce signs of nervous fragility, stress, and sleep difficulties, for example.

Ladies, a hops treatment can also help alleviate discomfort during periods of hormonal imbalance.

Precautions and Contraindications

❌ Hops should not be used in cases of hormone-dependent cancer, hyperestrogenism, fibroids, mastosis, or endometriosis due to its phytoestrogenic action.

❌ Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

❌ It is important to consult a health professional before starting a long-term hops treatment (for example, to accompany menopause).

Risk of Allergies

Some people may be allergic to hops. In case of doubt and at the first sign of allergy (skin rashes, breathing difficulties, digestive discomforts...), we recommend stopping the use of hops and consulting your doctor.

The Benefits of Hops in a Nutshell

So, convinced about hops? Well, for those who are still hesitant, here we summarize the benefits of hops in a few key points:

  1. ✅ Powerful antioxidant: it protects our cells against the damage of free radicals.
  2. ✅ Hormonal support: rich in phytoestrogens, hops are particularly beneficial for women during menopause.
  3. ✅ Natural relaxant: it helps reduce nervous agitation and contributes to restorative sleep.
  4. ✅ Digestive support: it helps promote digestion and contributes to the function of our intestinal tract.

While hops have long been famous for their role in beer, it's time to give them new recognition!

With all this information, you now have the keys to integrate it into your daily life.
But remember, even though the benefits of hops are numerous, they should always be consumed in moderation, whether in your pint of beer or in your natural remedies ;)

If this article interested you, do not hesitate to visit our blog to discover all our tips!

Eloïse Dubois-Gaché

Naturopath and FENA Certified

With her solid experience in various herbalist shops, Éloïse includes, if necessary, comprehensive and precise advice in phytotherapy, aromatherapy, gemmotherapy, and micronutrition when setting up a personalized and tailored lifestyle program for each individual.

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