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Vitamins against fatigue and stress: what to choose?

Fatigue and stress: the explosive cocktail that knocks the body down with each change of season! 😮‍💨

Temporary fatigue, recurring setbacks, stress (due to work overload or any other personal event): the list of manifestations is long.

But rest assured, whatever time of year you are overcome by fatigue and stress, there are solutions to get back in shape.

In this article we explain how to recharge the batteries with simple tips to apply. You will also discover the role that vitamins play against fatigue and stress to stay in top shape! ⚡️

vitamins against fatigue and stress

The state of fatigue and stress: what does it correspond to in the body?

Understanding fatigue and stress

A brief focus on the phenomenon of fatigue and stress to better understand how it works. The link between stress and fatigue is close.

Often the cause of a state of intense fatigue, stress leads to physiological reactions on the functioning of the nervous system. Stress caused by overwork at work, poor quality sleep or mental workload can cause persistent fatigue.

The temporary loss of vitality due to a period of change can quickly be overcome with a good diet and restful sleep. On the other hand, if fatigue persists and sets in beyond 6 months, we speak of chronic fatigue . Energy levels drop, hormonal imbalance disrupts the body and the feeling of permanent exhaustion prevents you from carrying out daily tasks. A lack of magnesium can also explain the appearance of this fatigue. 😐

Effects on body and mind

Prolonged stress impacts mental and physical energy over time.

Physical manifestations such as unpleasant sensations in the heart 🫀 or muscular tension should alert you.

Do you have difficulty falling asleep, waking up at night, insomnia or dizziness? Stress is surely at the origin of these disturbances.

Poor sleep causes a state of intense fatigue which ultimately affects cognitive functions. Side effects of stress and fatigue can include memory loss or difficulty managing emotions.

The solution ? Start by identifying the different types of fatigue and stress and their causes to better resolve the problem at the source. The next step: make vitamins against fatigue and stress , allies to find great performance!

What role do vitamins have on fatigue and stress?

The importance of vitamins

To get back on your feet, it's hard to do without vitamins! They play a determining role in the immune system and the ability to produce energy.

An all-in-one complex of vitamins and minerals is a real help and relief in the fight against stress and fatigue. Vitamins against fatigue and stress are natural solutions 🌱 that help soothe stress and strengthen resistance to stress.

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How do vitamins interact with stress?

When food is no longer sufficient to provide the vitamins and minerals essential to your well-being, do not hesitate to take a vitamin cure. Certain vitamins are particularly suitable for combating chronic fatigue and stress. They support immunity, improve energy production and reduce the effects of stress. All that remains is to make the right choice from the wide range of vitamins against fatigue and stress . Gone are the gloomy and lackluster period, make way for the dynamism of a sparkling daily life!

What are the ideal vitamins to combat fatigue and stress?

Focus on vitamins against fatigue and stress for days full of pep!

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Vitamin C: Your anti-stress ally

Vitamin C is a nutrient that the body does not produce naturally, but which we need to feel healthy. A lack of vitamin C generally manifests itself as extreme fatigue, joint discomfort and muscle weakness.

Vitamin C plays a key role in the absorption of iron, essential for the production of red blood cells. It acts as an antioxidant and protects the body thanks to its benefits on the immune system.

A little slack? With a course of vitamin C , the immune system is supported. Thanks to its role in the synthesis of brain neurotransmitters, it helps fight fatigue. It also has anti-stress properties by regulating the production of cortisol. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of vitamins against fatigue and stress !

Vitamin B: The fight against fatigue

The 8 vitamins of group B are essential vitamins against fatigue and stress .

It is found in meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy products and brewer's yeast. As the body cannot store them, it is essential to take a B vitamin supplement if fatigue is felt. Here is the role of B vitamins for well-being:

  1. Vitamin B1 ( thiamine ) transforms nutrients into energy and contributes to the proper functioning of the brain and heart.

  2. Vitamin B5 ( pantothenic acid ) plays a major role against stress and fatigue.

  3. Vitamin B6 ( pyridoxine ) allows the body to make new red blood cells. These transport oxygen in the body and therefore help to maintain good vitality.

  4. Vitamin B9 ( folic acid ) helps cells regenerate. It is particularly important during the first weeks of pregnancy to avoid malformations of the nervous system.

  5. Vitamin B12 ( cobalamin ) promotes energy production and regulation of the nervous system. It therefore improves concentration.

To learn more about the role of B vitamins, check out this article !

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Vitamin D: The influence on mood

We often lack vitamin D in winter when exposure to the sun becomes rarer. However, vitamin D has many benefits for the body and our mood. A nutritional deficiency in vitamin D risks causing intense fatigue.

With a vitamin D intake, you put all the chances on your side to get better sleep and reduce mental fatigue.

Vitamin supplementation: why, when to start and for how long?

Are you wondering if now is the right time to take vitamins against fatigue and stress ?

Energy supplements for stress and fatigue management can help you feel better during a difficult time. 😵‍💫

When supplementation is necessary

If fatigue sets in, it's time to take action! Repeated insomnia, lack of sleep, loss of vitality, desire for nothing, physical and mental exhaustion: all these signs show that you need vitamin supplementation.

In case of nutritional deficit and at certain times of life, do not hesitate to take vitamins against fatigue and stress .

The right time to start

Are you already feeling the negative effects of a hectic life marked by the frantic pace of tasks to be accomplished every day? Don't wait until you're exhausted to take anti-fatigue vitamins.

With each change of season, and particularly in autumn, you may need to take a course of anti-stress vitamins to get through this. You can take vitamins to be in good shape at the start of the school year even after the summer. If you listen to your body, you will quickly notice the signs of depression that are disrupting your daily life. It's up to you to choose the best vitamins against fatigue and stress !

Recommended duration of supplementation

Do you need a helping hand? The Multivitamin formula based on 29 nutrients is a one-month treatment with a very broad scope of action. It is a complete cocktail to support immunity and the different functions of the body.

With a vitamin treatment against fatigue and stress , you are ready to face periods of physical and emotional fatigue.

vitamins against fatigue and stress

Tips to combat fatigue and stress

In addition to vitamins against fatigue and stress , here are some tips for adopting an impeccable lifestyle.

Find vitality with natural methods against fatigue!

Managing stress on a daily basis ✌️

To combat daily stress, sometimes it is enough to adopt new habits and change your lifestyle.

If you're sleeping poorly, start by finding solutions to combat stress-related insomnia . A night of restful sleep is a good start to feeling better! Also make sure to maintain a psychological balance between your professional and personal life. Learn to delegate certain tasks and include break times in your weekly organization to recharge your batteries and do calming activities.

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Adopt a balanced diet 🍽

We can not emphasize this enough ! A balanced diet rich in vitamin sources provides the body and mind with good nutrients to feel good. Consult the list of anti-stress foods to put in your basket. If you are feeling sluggish, adapt your menus with anti-fatigue foods . Nothing like it to stock up on energy!

vitamins against fatigue and stress

The importance of physical exercise 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️

The Ministry of Health and Prevention recommends integrating physical activity into your daily life . Practice your favorite sport and regain your vitality! If you don't exercise, dedicate at least one 30-minute slot per day to brisk walking.

Practice relaxation techniques 🧎‍♀️

And why not release stress with relaxation and relaxation techniques?

Meditation, yoga, sound relaxations, cardiac coherence exercises, sophrology sessions: it’s up to you to find the method that suits you best! On the program: letting go and deep relaxation to relieve the stress and exhaustion that overwhelm you.

Need a boost? Regain your vitality and the desire to move mountains with a vitamin cure against fatigue and stress ! Test our Multivitamin formula : you will have energy to spare!


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Passionate and expert in micro-nutrition, Lucas founded Novoma in 2012. It is with conviction that he develops food supplements with effective, carefully chosen and 100% clean active ingredients, to best meet the body's needs.

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