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Our 7 natural tips to fight against skin aging!

Yes, just like us, our skin ages! We can't stop time to be 30 forever, but we can slow down the premature aging of the skin with simple, easy-to-perform actions.

Follow us, we'll show you our tips to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and contribute to the suppleness and elasticity of the skin for long, beautiful years.

fight against skin aging

Why and how does our skin age?

Aging of the skin is a natural phenomenon to which we are all entitled, which can be explained in particular by a slowdown in the renewal of skin cells. The consequence ? Because of its slower regeneration, the skin becomes looser, drier, thinner and sees wrinkles and spots appear.

When does it start?
The body's natural production of collagen begins to decrease from the age of 25, an ideal time to start taking care of your skin naturally by following our advice. Don't panic if you're over 25! Applying our tips to fight against skin aging is good for your health at any age.

The results ?
Wrinkles, fine lines, spots and other traces of life appear on the skin at the same time as you gain years. But if aging goes hand in hand with premature aging of the skin , it is far from being the only thing that contributes to changes in the epidermis.

Lifestyle, diet, alcohol, tobacco, stress, exposure to the sun or even lack of sleep, there are many parameters to consider when you want to slow down the aging of the skin in a natural and effective way .

We don't promise you that you will have the skin of your 20s forever, but we share with you 7 tips to fight against skin aging , advice to apply on a daily basis, starting today.

Eat well to age well and have beautiful skin!

If a healthy and varied diet allows you to be in good health, it is also an ideal way to maintain your skin and contribute to slowing down the aging of skin tissues.

In addition to allowing you to take care of your skin, a good diet gives you radiant skin every day, making you want to fill your plate even more.

Vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C and omega are the allies of your beauty which also comes through the plate, enjoy the benefits of foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants and treat yourself.

And to reinforce the positive effects of a good diet and meet the body's needs, think about food supplements which promote the beauty of the skin and help in the fight against skin aging.

Opt for healthy sleep hygiene

Forget late nights and fatigue if you want to fight against skin aging! Instead, focus on good restorative sleep to maintain your skin and allow it to regenerate well during the night.

Remove screens before sleeping and head into bed for a moment of relaxation before letting yourself be taken into the arms of Morpheus for a revitalizing night that will allow your skin to renew itself.

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Treat yourself to a beauty routine that your skin will love

From cleansing the skin to removing makeup and moisturizing, implementing the right beauty routine is essential to prevent premature aging of the skin. Yes, removing makeup is just as important as applying good products to take care of your skin.

On the cosmetic side, choose creams, serums, treatments and masks with quality anti-aging active ingredients such as aloe vera, collagen or even snail slime!

By adopting these simple actions, you allow the skin to breathe, regenerate and age less quickly, while taking time for yourself.

Focus on marine collagen and hyaluronic acid: a perfect anti-aging cocktail

Support your skin with a collagen supplement like our Marine Collagen , a unique formula of hydrolyzed collagen enriched (among others) with hyaluronic acid, the star of anti-aging active ingredients to fight against premature aging of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles. linked to decreased collagen production! We told you about it here , it's the combination for perfect skin. Less collagen and hyaluronic acid in the body means less elastic skin, duller and allowing fine lines or wrinkles to appear.

Combined together, these two substances act for a better composition of skin tissues, while fighting against the appearance of the first premature wrinkles.

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Hydrate yourself

“Will you take some water again?” HY-DRA-TA-TION, a word to integrate into your daily life to have beautiful skin and prevent aging.

How to hydrate well? By drinking the right amount of water each day and eating water-rich foods. The trick is to consume herbal teas, green tea and flavored water drinks, a good way to treat yourself while staying hydrated.

Remove stress from your life

If eating well and sleeping well are essential elements for being in good health , feeling good in your head is essential for feeling good about your skin and fighting against aging. Concretely, when the body experiences stress, it secretes hormones that disrupt the skin cell renewal cycle, in addition to the other negative consequences that you experience.

Pamper yourself, take care of your mental well-being and eliminate sources of stress from your life, you deserve it!

Say goodbye to sources of pollution

Whether it is external pollution or that which we inflict on our skin through poor lifestyle, parasites are more and more numerous. Tobacco, alcohol and air pollution are the top 3 sources of pollution harmful to the skin , enemies from which we must protect ourselves.

If smoking can have harmful effects on the body, it is also the enemy of the skin that must be eliminated from your life. In fact, tobacco, like smoke, contributes to and accelerates the aging of cells which suffer from poor blood circulation and a lack of oxygenation.

Alcohol is the other enemy of the skin , the one that also causes the oxidation of skin cells, thus contributing to skin aging. We therefore consume it in moderation to treat ourselves, but especially not on a daily basis, your whole body will thank you.

Finally, air pollution has many consequences on the skin, harmful effects to be avoided as much as possible. If it can clog the pores of the skin, contribute to dry skin or even promote the secretion of sebum, it is also involved in the appearance of signs of aging of skin tissues.

You will have understood that if your skin will not escape the signs of aging, it is possible to fight against skin aging by choosing a healthy lifestyle that respects the body.

And above all, don't forget that by taking care of your skin you are like a good bottle of wine, you get better with time!

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