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Novoma x MoringaWays

At Novoma, we are committed to engaging in projects that have a positive impact on society.

We are therefore pleased to announce our new partnership with the MoringaWays association whose main goal is to support, in close collaboration with the Toulouse-based association Les Ballons Rouges, the self-sufficiency of the populations in Burkina Faso.

What is the mission of the association?

The actions of the MoringaWays association are primarily focused on children and women.

Its mission: to contribute to the improvement of living conditions of the population through the development of economic, social, cultural, and health projects in the commune of Zam, Burkina Faso.

Some examples of projects include:

  • The construction and fitting out of a nutritional rehabilitation center to reduce child malnutrition (in progress);
  • The creation of a socio-cultural center to facilitate access to culture as well as administrative procedures;
  • The realization of a borehole to provide local population access to drinking water;
  • The development of a Bio Moringa production activity, a plant with exceptional nutritional virtues.

Specifically, what does the partnership entail?

The partnership we have forged with MoringaWays involves the distribution of Moringa - a superfood rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants - which it produces locally. Certified organic and guaranteed additive-free, the Moringa produced by the members of the association is of very high quality.

This partnership is therefore an excellent way for you to benefit from the many advantages of this dietary supplement while supporting the action of MoringaWays, which works for economic development and the fight against malnutrition through the cultivation and distribution of Moringa.

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