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What is the benefit of vitamin D during pregnancy?

According to ANSES (National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety), the French do not consume enough vitamin D on a daily basis. Especially when the sun becomes more and more rare.

However, it has been proven that it plays an important role in the body, particularly in young children, the elderly and pregnant women. Indeed, during pregnancy, vitamin D requirements increase sharply and insufficient intake can cause serious problems for the fetus and the mother.

What are the real links between vitamin D and pregnancy ? We are interested in it and we are sharing with you all our findings to preserve your shape and that of your baby. Let's go !

vitamin D pregnancy

The role and benefits of vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, also called calciferol. It is one of the essential elements for the proper functioning of your body.

Indeed, this vitamin, which is also said to be a prohormone, participates in the production of bone and muscle tissues in the human body. Thus, thanks to vitamin D, muscles, teeth and bones are built correctly from the start of life, from the placenta.

This prohormone impacts the level of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. This must correspond to human needs and must be neither too low nor too high. In addition, it participates in the regulation of hormones, blood coagulation, and allows good nerve transmission.

In short, you have understood, it is an essential vitamin for your well-being. Our article on the 3 main benefits of vitamin D for the body will give you more information on the subject.

For the pregnant woman and her baby, this vitamin is even more important, because during pregnancy, the needs are increased. Necessary, vitamin D ensures the good bone development of the child and the shape of the mother. A nutritional deficit can be risky and have harmful repercussions.

Lack of vitamin D: significant risks… especially for pregnant women

In general, too little vitamin D intake can lead to serious problems. If you suffer from a deficit, you may experience muscle or bone discomfort, or even observe an increase in injuries.

In the case of pregnant women , the damage can be much more serious, both for the mother and for the baby.

This is why it is crucial for pregnant women to ensure their vitamin D intake during pregnancy. She can do this through her diet, favoring rich foods such as fatty fish (mackerel, sardines, herring), dairy products or even egg yolks. But she can also resort to vitamin supplementation .

To make sure you have the necessary intake, we have put together the best tips for stocking up on vitamin D. Do not hesitate to refer to it 🥚

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vitamin D pregnancy

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The importance of vitamin D during pregnancy

If you now know how important vitamin D is during pregnancy, it is also interesting to know why this vitamin is so essential for the baby and the pregnant woman.

In a study by the National Academy of Medicine , a correlation was established between the presence of this vitamin at a sufficient level and the correct development of the baby. Proof that it is totally dependent on maternal intake, and that vitamin D plays a fundamental role in the development of the fetus .

Indeed, thanks to this vitamin, the baby assimilates the calcium necessary for the construction and formation of his bones, his skeleton and his entire body. Thus, he comes into the world with strong bones, a weight and a size that prove healthy development. Vitamin D also contributes to healthy blood pressure for the mother.

Of course, vitamin D isn't the only thing responsible for your baby's growth. We have already told you about it in this article dedicated to the different prenatal vitamins essential to your pregnancy . Nevertheless, it retains a major place in the healthy development of the fetus.

Up to you !

And There you go ! You now know how fundamental vitamin D is in all human life, especially during pregnancy. It's now up to you to adapt your diet accordingly and ensure your daily intake for your well-being and that of your child 🌞

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