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The tip against wrinkles: hyaluronic acid as a food supplement

We all know the use and effects of hyaluronic acid injections . But this technique is not without risk and is only performed by a doctor during a consultation. If you prefer more natural, a less aggressive method to fight against the appearance of wrinkles and to simply take care of your skin, then this article should please you.

Forget needles and discover all the benefits of hyaluronic acid capsules on the dermis and particularly on wrinkles !

hyaluronic acid wrinkles

Facial wrinkles: but why do they appear?

Definition of facial wrinkles

A wrinkle is a visible mark that appears on the surface of the skin. Wrinkles can form on different parts of the body, but they are often associated with facial aging. They are caused by the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin, making it less firm and less elastic. They can be more or less deep, depending on their cause and location. They are easily located around the mouth, forehead, or near dark circles.

The different types of wrinkles

Wrinkles are classified into several categories: we find in particular expression lines, caused by repetitive movements of the facial muscles, smile lines, frown lines between the eyebrows and crow's feet around the eyes, etc. .

Factors that influence the appearance of wrinkles

Faced with this visible phenomenon of aging, we are not all equal. There are many factors that influence the appearance of facial wrinkles :

  • Genetics: is an important factor, which unfortunately we cannot fight.
  • Healthy lifestyle: is a decisive criterion and you can easily act to improve the beauty of your skin by changing your habits.
  • Alcohol and tobacco: are factors that aggravate the appearance and intensity of wrinkles. Tobacco because it contains many substances that are toxic to the body. Alcohol because it contributes to tissue dehydration.
  • External pollution: our skin is constantly attacked by external elements such as the sun's rays or atmospheric pollution.
  • Diet: another element on which we can act to improve the beauty of our skin. A diet rich in omega 3 and other essential fatty acids, for example, can delay the appearance of signs of skin aging.

We also have an article dedicated to the fight against skin aging . Follow the leader.

hyaluronic acid wrinkles

Hyaluronic acid: a natural molecule present in our skin

Definition of hyaluronic acid and its functions in the skin

It is a natural substance that is normally found in the human body and plays a role in the health of skin, joints and connective tissues. Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that can retain up to 1000 times its weight in water, which allows it to maintain hydrated and supple skin.

It fills the space between cells to provide an effective barrier against external aggression. With its sidekick, collagen , they are the ingredients of healthy skin: well hydrated, sufficiently elastic while remaining firm.

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Production of hyaluronic acid in the skin

This healthy-looking molecule is produced by our body, in cells called fibroblasts, from other proteins and the supply of a few vitamins.

Decrease in hyaluronic acid with age

Unfortunately, production decreases with age. From the age of 25 (we cannot say that we are old at 25), our cells produce less hyaluronic acid. From then on, the first wrinkles can (already) appear.

hyaluronic acid wrinkles

What are the effects of hyaluronic acid on facial wrinkles?

The aging process is then initiated: less hyaluronic acid results in skin that is less well hydrated, less plump, less elastic.

The benefits of hyaluronic acid for the skin

The supply of hyaluronic acid will allow better hydration of all layers of the skin. The skin is thus more elastic and plumper. Wrinkles are smoothed, filled by the tightening of the tissues.

Hyaluronic acid-based treatments to combat facial wrinkles

To replenish the loss of hyaluronic acid in mature skin, different treatments exist. The most invasive of these is, undoubtedly, the injection. If you are looking for a cheaper and simpler solution, there are also cosmetics enriched with hyaluronic acid and also food supplements.

hyaluronic acid wrinkles

Hyaluronic acid food supplements

Definition of hyaluronic acid food supplements

Hyaluronic acid food supplements are anti-aging products. By taking these food supplements regularly, we strengthen the natural production of hyaluronic acid in the skin and help maintain the hydration and elasticity of the skin.

The benefits of hyaluronic acid food supplements for the skin

Hyaluronic acid as a food supplement is a gentle solution to fight against wrinkles. Orally, it is also very well absorbed by the body. An American study was thus carried out on this subject .

Taking hyaluronic acid thus leads to better hydration of the skin, a reduction in oxidative stress of cells as well as the synthesis of antioxidants. In summary, we strengthen the protective barrier of tissue cells .

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How to choose and use hyaluronic acid food supplements?

The optimal dose to see the effects of hyaluronic acid on wrinkles is between 120 and 240 mg. However, hyaluronic acid is not the only one responsible for the beauty of our skin.

The ideal is then to choose a formula which contains hyaluronic acid of course, but also other molecules for a combined effect. At Novoma, we have developed capsules based on hyaluronic acid combined with vitamin C.

Vitamin C is directly involved in the formation of collagen. The hyaluronic acid/Vitamin C combination helps boost the normal functioning of the skin and protect cells against oxidative stress.

hyaluronic acid wrinkles

Hydration and suppleness of the skin

The importance of hydrating the skin to fight against wrinkles

Hydration is crucial for skin health. It helps maintain a strong skin barrier and prevent signs of aging. When skin is dehydrated, it becomes dry and dull, and this accentuates the appearance of wrinkles. The skin thus loses its elasticity and volume. Additionally, dehydrated skin is more vulnerable to damage from the sun and pollution.

How to keep skin well hydrated?

The result of well-hydrated skin is largely due to a healthy lifestyle:

  • limit alcohol and tobacco consumption;
  • drink enough water during the day;
  • nourish your skin with moisturizing cosmetics.

How does hyaluronic acid hydrate the skin and improve its suppleness?

Hyaluronic acid acts at the cellular level in all layers of the skin: from the epidermis to the hypodermis. Because it is a molecule that is capable of retaining more than 1000 times its weight at the top, its moisturizing role becomes almost obvious. Hyaluronic acid ensures the junction between cells and cohesion of tissues as a whole.

By taking quality food supplements based on hyaluronic acid, the result is that we help to increase the levels of hyaluronic acid in the body, including in the skin; to compensate for the body's production which decreases with age. This helps maintain optimal hydration and elasticity of the skin, thus limiting the appearance of wrinkles ( such as frown lines, chin lines, tear valleys or all those other marks that result from aging of the skin ). and fine lines.


Co-founder of NOVOMA

Passionate and expert in micro-nutrition, Lucas founded Novoma in 2012. It is with conviction that he develops food supplements with effective, carefully chosen and 100% clean active ingredients, to best meet the body's needs.

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