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What foods to avoid for cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a topic that concerns many of us.

Today we discuss foods to avoid for cholesterol , as well as healthy alternatives to take care of your heart. 🫀 Because cholesterol management also involves the plate: let's see together how to preserve your well-being in the long term!

Cholesterol: what exactly is it?

Cholesterol is fat in our body, essential for many functions, but problematic in excess. There are two main types:

  1. LDL ( Low-Density Lipoprotein );

  2. and HDL ( High-Density Lipoprotein ).

LDL is considered the “bad” cholesterol because it is associated with disorders of heart function. HDL is the “good” cholesterol, because its role is to capture excess cholesterol in the blood and transport it to the liver so that it can be eliminated.
The important information to consider is not so much LDL levels and HDL levels, but the ratio of total cholesterol (LDL + HDL) to HDL cholesterol.

The importance of diet in cholesterol management

Diet is an essential pillar of cholesterol management. Wise choices promote good balance and Olympic fitness! However, it is important to know that the vast majority of our blood cholesterol does not come from our diet, but is directly produced by our body, in order to meet its vital needs.

Note that each individual is unique, and that we are not all equal when it comes to cholesterol: heredity is a determining factor. This is why adapting your diet is great, but it does not replace the advice of a doctor.

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Foods to avoid to lower cholesterol

Here we go: let’s get to the heart of the matter. What is best to avoid putting on your plate when you are watching your cholesterol ?

Saturated fats

What are saturated fats?

Saturated fats are part of the lipid family. They are so named because they are saturated with hydrogen atoms in their chemical composition. But you don't have to be an expert in organic chemistry to understand that these fats are harmful to our body when they are present in too large quantities in our menus.

Saturated fats are aggravating factors in many cardiovascular problems, because they promote high levels of bad cholesterol.

Where are saturated fats found?

Saturated fats are found everywhere in everyday products if you're not careful. Among them, we find:

  1. butter ;

  2. cream ;

  3. meat ;

  4. and the whole charcuterie stand.

Of course, all of these foods are delicious, so it's more about consuming them consciously, without overdoing them, than banning them completely from your plate.

Processed fatty acids

What is a trans fatty acid?

In the food industry, it is common to add hydrogen to fatty acids to make hydrogenated fats. These processed fatty acids are not much better for your health than their natural counterparts seen above.

Too frequent consumption of these hyper-processed industrial products has an impact on LDL cholesterol levels (the bad one, remember! 😉)

Examples of Foods to Avoid for Cholesterol Containing Trans Fats

Once we are aware of these practices, we try to avoid putting these products on our plates. It's about :

  1. industrial pastries and cakes;

  2. prepared dishes.

Here again, let's be moderate. The best thing is to check the product labels before adding them to your shopping cart.

Dietary cholesterol

Some foods already contain cholesterol which is added to that present in our body.

In this category, we find egg yolk as well as offal.

If your latest blood tests show high LDL levels, it is best to limit the consumption of these foods to avoid making the situation worse.

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Healthy alternatives to avoid cholesterol

No, but then, if we take all that off our plates, what do we have left???

Don't worry, it's not about eating seeds and salad! But rather change your eating behavior by replacing these foods to avoid for cholesterol with others that are just as tasty, but less harmful.

unsaturated fats

Unsaturated fats

What is it and what is their role in health?

They are called good fats. These are those which promote good cholesterol, HDL, which eliminates bad fats.

Unsaturated fats are so named because they are unsaturated in hydrogen atoms. This difference in structure is crucial. Thanks to it, unsaturated fats are more easily consumed by the body and less stored in fatty tissues. They promote good cholesterol, the one that fights the bad one. (It feels like we're in a superhero movie, don't you think?)

List of foods high in unsaturated fats

To benefit from all the benefits of super unsaturated fats, you need to know where to find them. In vegetable oils: olive, coconut, flax oil.

Do you already know all the benefits of omega 3 ? We often praise their merits, but rightly so, because they are part of these famous unsaturated fatty acids.

So, add to your menus: avocado, nuts, sardines, salmon, mackerel.

The benefits of these fats in the diet

The idea is to change your habits a little by eliminating foods to avoid for cholesterol. You can replace the butter and cream with oil. Eat a little more fish while reducing your meat consumption.

These good eating habits also reduce the risk of your bad cholesterol levels increasing.

A makeover directly accessible from your plate!

fiber-rich carrots

Foods rich in fiber

Role of fiber in lowering cholesterol

Soluble fiber binds to bile acids in the intestine, to facilitate the excretion of cholesterol. Fiber prevents dietary cholesterol from entering the bloodstream, which reduces LDL levels.

List of foods rich in fiber

Here is a list of fiber-rich foods ready to help you avoid cholesterol:

  1. artichokes, broccoli, carrots;

  2. apples, berries, pears, plums;

  3. lentils, chickpeas, red beans;

  4. oats, barley, quinoa;

  5. flax seeds, chia seeds, almond.

healthy life

Healthy lifestyle habits

Physical exercise is a pillar in cholesterol management. Regular activity helps increase HDL cholesterol levels. It is recommended to practice at least 2.5 hours of physical activity per week to see the effects.

Weight loss, even modest, in the context of being overweight, also has a positive impact on cholesterol.

As well as low alcohol consumption and stopping smoking. Both are essential for cardiovascular function. Smoking damages the walls of blood vessels, while excess alcohol increases blood pressure.

Bottom line, figuring out which foods to avoid for cholesterol can seem as tricky as choosing a good avocado — you never really know how to go about it. But with this article, you are now armed to make an informed selection that will do your heart good. Keep in mind that every little step counts: one more fruit, one less industrial cake, and a lot of common sense. And if you ever slip up, remember that tomorrow is another day to make better choices. Your heart will thank you — without hard feelings and with lots of love.


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