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The benefits of Omega 3 for bodybuilding and sport

Are you sporty and looking to optimize your performance? Omega 3 fatty acids are perfect for consolidating the efforts made during your sessions!

These nutrients are particularly appreciated by athletes who need to maintain significant muscle mass and who practice bodybuilding on a daily basis.

Much more than just molecules necessary for good health, these fatty acids offer numerous beneficial effects that allow you to perform better and feel in great shape.

Let's go, prepare your weights, we're going to develop your muscles!

omega 3 bodybuilding

Omega 3, bodybuilding, sport: what is the link?

Because they promote good muscle building, fatty acids are particularly effective among bodybuilding enthusiasts and regular athletes.

If in general they are essential molecules for the proper functioning of the body, omega 3 are particularly recommended to best support physical performance.

Even though they are fatty acids, their role is not to add to the stock of fats present in the body; in fact, they contribute to the protection of muscles and better development.

Between the preservation of the cardiovascular system, the maintenance of the muscle group, the role of fat burner and the anti-inflammatory properties, you understand why omega 3 is absolutely necessary when practicing sports.

Omega 3 bodybuilding and sport: the benefits

Before, during and after sessions, omega 3 plays a vital role for those who love bodybuilding and who practice sport regularly. With beneficial effects on the muscles, heart and joints, these essential fatty acids should be included in the program of any athlete worthy of the name.

To have more energy, to recover better after exercise or to strengthen your cardiovascular system, it is in your best interest to consume enough omega 3 in your diet.

Fatty acids to gain vitality and energy

While Omega 3 has many benefits for our health, it is absolutely brilliant when it comes to providing energy to the body . The advantage is that they contribute to the use of fat during exercise, a good way to make it disappear in favor of the muscles.

Yes, these fatty acids do not add to your body fat, they participate in enzymatic reactions for the body, those which give you fuel while you lift weights.

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omega 3 bodybuilding

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When omega 3 promotes muscle recovery

If supporting the muscles before and during exercise is beneficial, thinking about them after weight training sessions is just as important. We all know this unpleasant feeling caused by aches and the resulting fatigue which makes you not want to get back on track.

Thanks to good supplementation and in addition to adequate stretching, the side effects of sport are reduced, for the greatest pleasure of the body which is more easily ready to carry out its next sessions.

More omegas for less inflammation

Practicing sport is essential to maintaining good health, but it also puts additional pressure on the body, particularly on the joints.

In addition to responsible practice and appropriate medical monitoring, supplements rich in omega 3 are welcome to act as an anti-inflammatory.

EPA AND DHA: fatty acids your heart loves

If bodybuilding practitioners tend to focus on increasing muscle mass, we must not forget the heart, an essential muscle in sports exercise. Omega 3s of the EPA and DHA type contribute to the regulation of blood pressure and the proper functioning of the nervous system, two essential to our health.

Thanks to better blood circulation and controlled blood pressure, athletes are better prepared to achieve feats and the body is in better conditions to do so.

Normally, EPA and DHA are naturally produced by the body via an enzymatic reaction. However, if the body is deficient, its entire functioning is weakened, the reaction no longer takes place and the benefits disappear.

Omega 3 supplementation and treatment for athletes

Unfortunately, the body is not able to synthesize these fatty acids naturally, which is why an external supply is necessary to maintain a sufficient quantity in the body and benefit from all their positive effects.

During meals, we focus on fatty fish and seafood, foods rich in omega 3. Your plates are happy to accommodate salmon, white tuna, sardines, mackerel or even herring, all accompanied by vegetables and sprinkled with good oils. Yes, oils are also naturally rich in omega 3, like flax, walnut or rapeseed, so we consume them as soon as possible.

In addition to the omega 3 provided by food, it is extremely advantageous to supplement with a course of food supplements to provide the sufficient quantity of fatty acids necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

How to best benefit from the beneficial effects of fatty acids? Taking an omega 3 supplement is ideal to meet the body's needs. In capsule form, our EPAX fish oil supplement is rich in EPA and DHA, two ideal molecules when practicing bodybuilding .

The advantage of our oil is that it offers high nutritional richness and can be consumed throughout the year, which represents a good way to supplement your natural intake, since current diets are too poor in omega 3 to fill them.

You will have understood that if your muscles are mainly shaped by your bodybuilding work, supporting your physical efforts with omega 3 is the right thing to do to have the body you dream of.

What if you competed with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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