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Ashwagandha and its benefits not to be missed

Are you going through a period of great stress? Sleeping is difficult, and you sometimes have anxiety attacks? We have the natural solution for you that will help you overcome this difficult time: ashwagandha! This adaptogenic plant naturally adapts to the needs of the body , more particularly with relaxing and anti-stress benefits (but not only!)

So what does ashwagandha really bring us with its benefits and who is it for? We give you every reason to bring this plant into your life. Let's go !

ashwagandha benefits

What is ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is an Indian medicinal plant . It is becoming more and more known to the general public in natural treatments to treat everyday ailments.

From its scientific name Whitania Somnifera , it is also called Indian ginseng and belongs to the nightshade family. Ashwagandha, particularly due to its high concentration of polyphenols, is a traditional plant “having strong therapeutic properties” as this study explains to us for example.

Ashwagandha and its benefits

Soothing and relaxing qualities

Ashwagandha is endowed with truly remarkable qualities. In fact, a study demonstrates its calming qualities and its ability to reduce anxiety. It calms stress , soothes migraines and allows mental and physical rest . A hormone regulator, it also relieves menstrual pain in women. Furthermore, it soothes hypertension and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Ashwagandha and energy, the winning combination

What is surprising and what makes ashwagandha a most amazing root is that it also provides energy . It strengthens the body, regenerates cells and thus slows down the aging of the body. It even stimulates the libido !

Anti-disease plant: ashwagandha and its health benefits

Thanks to amino acids such as whitanolides , whitaferin and many other components present in its leaves and root, ashwagandha is a real health asset. It helps fight against cardiovascular diseases , diabetes, or other pathologies, such as cancer: this study concludes that whitaferin extracted from ashwagandha “inhibits the invasion and metastasis of breast cancer”.

To find out more about this plant, do not hesitate to consult our guide article on organic ashwagandha . You will learn everything about ashwagandha, and its benefits, in more detail.

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ashwagandha benefits

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Who can consume Ashwagandha?

This plant is so complete and surprising that one could almost be suspicious of it. “Okay, can I have some?” » you may be wondering. Well, we'll see that!

Ashwagandha and its benefits for everyone

Generally, anyone can consume ashwagandha. If in India and Eastern countries, we like it in the form of herbal tea, or with milk and honey, in Europe, it is more consumed in capsules or powder . But all means remain good to benefit from its virtues .

Ashwagandha may provide many benefits, but be careful with pregnant or breastfeeding women, young children (under 16 years old) and people with thyroid problems. Consumption of this root could have harmful consequences.

In addition, it is good to warn against overconsumption of Indian ginseng . An overdose could lead to severe drowsiness and therefore loss of reflexes or even intestinal problems. Be careful to respect the dosage of your supplements!


Coming back to our target audience, athletes are on the front line. Indeed, thanks to its different components, ashwagandha has remarkable benefits for athletes. It improves physical recovery , allows muscle development and above all optimizes sports performance .

It is not officially recognized as a doping agent, but generates significant beneficial effects on the body. Thus, those who practice bodybuilding or a high-level activity have everything to benefit from consuming ashwagandha and benefiting from its benefits.

Stressed people

This root is strongly recommended for people who are anxious, stressed or suffering from insomnia.

Thanks to its soothing and relaxing properties , it makes it easier to fall asleep and relax the body... and you are guaranteed to have a good night's sleep! Ashwagandha is truly a natural help for anyone going through difficult times.

Women with painful menstruation

Finally, at a time when women say they suffer more and more from their periods, in particular because of various diseases such as endometriosis, ashwagandha is gaining its place among the natural painkillers par excellence. For some, medications no longer work, while others prefer to opt for natural solutions. Indian root is a relief and healthy option that soothes menstrual discomfort every month.

As you will have understood, ashwagandha, thanks to its multiple benefits, has its place in your cupboards, especially if you are sporty, undergoing a stressful period or painful menstruation. This medicinal plant will do you good, whatever your situation: don't wait any longer to do yourself good with ashwagandha and its benefits! 🌿

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