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The change of season has effects on the body: which ones?

The change of season has effects on our body: hair loss, fatigue, sleep disturbances, slowed intestinal transit, and sometimes even small blues that occur.

Our body can indeed undergo a series of transformations throughout the seasons.

But how do seasonal changes affect our body? And above all, what dietary supplements can help us get through these transitions with peace of mind?

seasonal change

Seasonal change and its effects on the body: Let's talk about it!

Do you know how the seasonal change can affect our body?

The seasonal changes are always a new adventure that affects our body. With autumn and winter arriving, temperatures drop, days shorten, and daylight becomes scarce. But our body is far from being caught off guard! One of its ingenious tricks? Our biological clock.

This internal clock coordinates all our functions to adapt to what's happening outside. For example, when the light decreases in winter, our internal clock tells us: "It's time to produce a little more melatonin for cozier nights!" 😴💤

Our internal clock orchestrates a multitude of changes affecting our hormones, immune system, and metabolism. But how is it so effective? It uses our genes, the so-called clock genes! These little magicians influence our organs and cells to adapt to seasonal variations.

⚠️ Moving from one season to another can be a real whirlwind for our body! It has to readjust constantly, which can sometimes lead to some small inconveniences that we have to live with.

Seasonality and its impact on the immune system

Seasonal changes also have a significant influence on our immune system! During summer, the sun shines, thus stimulating our production of vitamin D, an essential vitamin that strengthens our natural defenses. However, when winter sets in and sunlight becomes rarer, our vitamin D levels decrease, weakening our natural defenses and making us more susceptible to nasty viruses.

Cold, on the other hand, slows down our immune responses and makes our respiratory tracts more sensitive, explaining why we catch colds and flu more easily in winter.

Seasonal variations can affect our mood due to changes in light and temperature. Maintaining an appropriate nutritional intake, including foods rich in vitamins, can help support overall well-being.

👉 Result: we become more susceptible to infections. So, to get through these seasonal rollercoasters, a good vitamin boost is essential!

Facilitating seasonal change through good nutrition: How to do it?

#1: Adapt your nutrition to the rhythms of the seasons

Our body follows the rhythm of nature, and this influences our nutritional needs.

In autumn and winter, when the cold sets in and viruses circulate, our immune system needs support. This is the ideal time to focus on foods rich in vitamins and nutrients.

It is also important to consume energizing foods, rich in proteins and carbohydrates, to maintain our vitality.

Then, with the arrival of summer, sunny days and endless evenings set in. But be careful with the heat, which can turn our body into a real sauna! It is essential to bring out your anti-UV shields such as berries, seeds, vegetables, and fruits. And don't forget to hydrate abundantly.

Seasonal vegetables

#2: Consume essential nutrients during seasonal transitions

In autumn and winter, vitamins are your best allies: vitamin C, found in citrus fruits, kiwis, and peppers, boosts our energy, while vitamin D, found in fatty fish and fortified dairy products, strengthens our immunity. Magnesium reduces fatigue and keeps our spirits up, and fibers take care of our digestion.

With spring and summer, it's a renaissance. We want to revitalize and enjoy the sun. So, we focus on antioxidant-rich foods, with fruits, vegetables, and seeds, and some energizing berries like acerola or guarana for a natural boost. And watch out for sleep, often disturbed by seasonal changes. For restful nights, melatonin or relaxing plants are your best options.

Also, add some specific seasonal supplements for a smooth transition with each seasonal change.

Which seasonal dietary supplements to choose?

Novoma dietary supplements specific to each season

What do we offer according to the seasons?

🌷 In spring, don't miss your Multivitamin cure with powerful antioxidant effects. And for maximum energy boost, add our Organic Boost Formula to your daily routine.

😎 In summer, our Sleep Formula combines hops, valerian, and California poppy for peaceful nights despite the hot and long days.

🍂 In autumn, choose our dynamic duo: Magnesium and Vitamin C. They stimulate the energy metabolism and reduce physical and mental fatigue.

❄️ In winter, boost your immune system with vitamin D. At Novoma, we offer micro-encapsulated vitamin D3, extracted from algae for optimal absorption.

Integrating Novoma supplements into your daily life is easy!

🍀 Here's the tip you shouldn't miss: take our supplements during your breakfast or at the opportune time for you and unique to you so that it becomes part of your daily routine.

The essentials not to be overlooked

In addition to dietary supplements and ABOVE ALL an adapted diet, sleep, sports, and skin care are all factors that help us fight against the effects of seasonal changes on our body. By taking them into account, we establish an essential balance for our seasonal well-being.

Seasonal change and its effects on our body: 3 key points

  1. Our genes orchestrate the response of our body to seasonal changes, triggering metabolic adjustments.
  2. An adapted diet supports these biological changes, helping our body to adapt to new seasonal conditions.

  3. Dietary supplements play an essential role by providing specific nutrients to support our well-being throughout seasonal transitions.


Co-founder of NOVOMA

Passionate and expert in micronutrition, Lucas founded Novoma in 2012. With conviction, he develops dietary supplements with effective, carefully chosen active ingredients that are 100% clean to best meet the body's needs.

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