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Brittle, dry and dull hair: which supplements to use?

The article in a few key points

Brittle hair is hair that has lost its strength and elasticity.

Hair brittleness can be due to different factors: styling techniques, hormonal variations and diet.

To have healthy hair, fortunately there are several solutions: make sure you eat a balanced diet, go to the hairdresser regularly and use suitable products and treatments.

Certain supplements such as biotin, zinc, collagen and brewer's yeast also have beneficial effects for healthy hair.

You dream of shiny, healthy hair... However, reality has turned into a nightmare and every morning in the bathroom, there's panic on board!

Every time you try to detangle your hair, you find half of your mop on the brush. Same disaster scenario when you run your hands through your hair…

In this article, we will go through all the tips that will allow you to find a flamboyant mane.

brittle hair
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Brittle hair: what does it mean?

To fully understand what we mean by “brittle hair,” let’s first go over the basics!

Brittle hair refers to hair that has lost its strength and elasticity. Attention ! It should not be confused with hair loss, which is a completely different problem.

Brittle hair can break at the level of the scalp but also at the lengths and ends. To be sure, there is a simple test: between your thumb and index finger, stretch one of your hairs from the base of the skull. Hair in good shape will be recognized by its elasticity and resistance.

However, if it breaks, that's a pretty bad sign and your hair is probably in bad shape.

What are the causes of this fragility?

Several factors may be at the origin of this fragility. Among them, the most common are:

Bad habits

Permanents, coloring, straightening… all these techniques should be avoided because they greatly damage the hair.

Likewise, frequent use of the hair dryer, straightening/curling iron or even excessive exposure to the sun burn and dehydrate your hair, making it brittle and dull.

Hair is made up of 95% keratin which has the role of strengthening the hair scales and protecting it from external aggressions. However, the more frequent the attacks, the more the keratin contained in the hair disappears and therefore the less protected the hair is.


It is considered normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs per day (depending on your hair type). However, seasonal changes can disrupt the balance of the hair. Indeed, our body follows biological cycles modeled on those of nature.

And thus, the climatic variations of our environment (temperature, sunshine, length of day and night, etc.) respond to variations in our metabolism, and in particular in certain hormones. It is these hormonal variations that trigger these seasonal falls.

A poor diet

An unbalanced diet can cause some deficiencies in nutrients essential to the integrity of the hair (biotin, vitamin B6, vitamin C and zinc). Don't panic, good habits coupled with targeted and appropriate care will get your hair back on track.

Our 5 tips to restore shine and elasticity to your hair

As we have seen, the more bad habits we have on a daily basis, the more they are reflected in your hair.

However, you have the opportunity to act now to take care of your hair and yourself. Be ready to change your lifestyle habits and the effects will follow. Here are our best tips:

Tip #1: Eat a healthy diet

If healthy hair requires good habits and appropriate care, it also requires the plate. The scalp needs nutrients in the right doses to ensure beauty and hair growth.

A balanced diet contributes more than anything to healthy hair. Choose a varied cuisine, rich in colors and low in fat with foods that promote the well-being of your hair. Here are a few :

• proteins present in meat and fish,

• fruits and vegetables (preferably those orange in color, rich in vitamin A),

• legumes: chickpeas, lentils, beans, etc.,

• seafood, vegetable oils, hazelnuts and almonds (to stock up on omega 3).

And to choose your foods carefully, ban processed products from your cupboards (ready meals, cold meats, canned goods, aperitif or sweet biscuits) and instead buy natural products (vegetables, cheeses, fruits, meat and fish).

hair stylist

Tip #2: Don’t run away from the hairdresser!

To start off on a good basis, a hairdresser is essential to get rid of split ends, which are actually a sign of prematurely aging hair.

Tip #3: use suitable products

Every hair is different and not all products are suitable for all types. So choose a shampoo suited to the nature of your hair.

For long or mid-length hair, a conditioner will give it a nice dose of hydration thanks to a detangling action: you no longer get your brushes tangled and thus minimize any risk of breakage.

Finally, the final touch to integrate into your beauty routine is an intense treatment once a week in a mask or oil bath.

Tip #4: Say stop to bad habits

Goodbye to bleaching, straightening, straightening and other overly chemical perms that attack your hair fiber from all sides.

And take the right steps for your hair! Carry out treatments (masks, nourishing oils, etc.); after your shampoo, avoid rubbing your hair vigorously with your towel: opt instead for a gentle spin.

Finally, put away hair dryers and straighteners that are much too aggressive and let your hair dry naturally!

Tip #5: Add dietary supplements to your daily routine

Did you know that certain food supplements can help you regain beautiful hair? In the rest of the article, we will tell you which ones to favor.

What supplements help strengthen damaged hair?


Biotin (or vitamin B8), which is an essential vitamin for our body, is an ideal ally for the beauty of hair! In addition to promoting energy production, biotin contributes to the good maintenance of hair and thus to its integrity and beauty.


Zinc is a trace element which plays an essential role in the beauty and integrity of hair because it participates in the synthesis of keratin (main constituent of hair) and collagen (protein strengthening the hair fiber).

A sufficient intake of zinc, through diet or taking food supplements, allows good growth and strength of hair; it also helps to limit their premature aging and fight against their refinement and lack of vitality.


Collagen is one of the body's essential proteins. This component, which we know for its action on the youth and beauty of the skin, is also a precious ally for hair.

By acting deep inside the hair fiber, collagen helps make hair supple, silky, dense and luminous.

hair stylist

Beer yeast

If you have dull hair, brewer's yeast might just help you.

Particularly rich in B vitamins (essential constituents of keratin), it contributes to maintaining healthy, shiny and resistant hair. In the event of a little hair loss, brewer's yeast will be your ally.

Discover our formula based on marine collagen, zinc & biotin, ideal for taking care of your hair.

To finish

As you will have understood, when it comes to beauty, hair is an essential subject and it is important to take care of it. However, there are many factors that cause its deterioration and cause its fall: lifestyle, eating habits or even the biological clock.

Reviving your hair fiber therefore involves changing your habits and adopting the right routine that corresponds to your hair type.

This change may seem quite sudden but trust us, seize the opportunity by the hair and you will quickly find radiant hair!

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