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Novoma promo code: reduction, offer and good deal

Who is against saving money on their favorite products? Or get a Novoma promo code to finalize your order? We're not going to lie, it's always a pleasure...

But at Novoma, chaining together commercial offers or sharing promotional codes all the time is not part of our philosophy. Indeed, the choice of quality comes at a cost that is difficult to sell.

On the other hand, we have found solutions in line with our values, more qualitative and just as advantageous for you:

-10% on your favorite treatment

Subscribe to your favorite supplements and enjoy 10% off. It's without obligation and can be modified at any time!

5 points for every € spent

Benefit from exclusive discounts by joining our loyalty program and be rewarded for all your purchases.

€10 voucher
10% on our Packs

10€ voucher by sponsoring

Introduce Novoma to your loved ones by offering them €10. After their first order, you will in turn obtain a €10 voucher.

10% off packs

Enjoy an automatic 10% discount on all Novoma packs , combining our products according to your needs.

Why does Novoma say “no” to promotions?

As we told you earlier, we are not the type to offer Novoma promo codes .

Indeed, rather than artificially inflating our prices and then offering you commercial discounts on every occasion, we prefer to offer you supplements at the right price throughout the year.

This model is healthier and allows us to preserve our values ​​by continuing to manufacture quality, effective and innovative supplements in France.

So we decided to please you differently! The implementation of the sponsorship program, packs, subscription and loyalty points have been carefully thought out so that you are rewarded for your loyalty and that you find yourself there too, just like us.

Here is the explanation, in complete transparency. You know us, we don't know how to put our values ​​aside! 😉

Our offers for you


To benefit from the long-term effects of a treatment, it is generally recommended to take it for several consecutive months. To save you time and allow you to save on your treatment, we have set up the subscription functionality for our supplements.

The subscription allows you to automatically receive your favorite supplement(s) at the frequency of your choice while benefiting from a 10% reduction on your order and renewals . In addition, subscribing allows you to obtain reduced shipping costs of €3.90 by Colissimo to your home from €60 of purchase.

And it's not over ! Your subscription is adjustable from your customer area, and without commitment. 😊

The loyalty program

At Novoma, your loyalty is always rewarded. By joining our loyalty program , you collect 5 loyalty points for each euro spent (100 points = €5 reduction). You can then use these points in the form of vouchers, to benefit from a reduction on your next orders (get a €5 voucher for 500 loyalty points, €10 voucher for 1000 loyalty points and €20 voucher for 2000 loyalty points).

You can also earn 50 loyalty points by creating your customer account, as well as 100 loyalty points by following us on Instagram.

So, don't wait any longer: the hunt for points is on!

Novoma promo code

The sponsorship program

Who doesn't dream of treating themselves while pleasing their loved ones? No, we're not talking about offering them a vacation in the Bahamas, but rather allowing them to take advantage of our sponsorship program. It’s a win-win: €10 for them then €10 for you!

Nothing could be simpler: sponsor your loved ones by sharing your sponsorship link. A €10 voucher is offered to them on their first Novoma order. Once this has been validated, you in turn receive a €10 voucher to use whenever you want.

For all the details or for any other questions, go here: Novoma Sponsorship Program .

Novoma Packs

Our Packs have been designed to respond to different themes such as Vitality, Sport, Stress and Sleep...

In a few words :

  • -10% on the supplements that make up the Pack
  • Combinations of our supplements in twos or threes, for a treatment specifically meeting a well-being objective
  • Unlimited offer over time

    Enough to offer you a qualitative offer for your health and your wallet.

What about Novoma promo codes?

We work with certain health professionals, whom we trust, and who can offer you a Novoma promo code. This is often valid on your first order.

Otherwise, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter in which we share our news, well-being advice and from time to time good deals!

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