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Dietary supplement treatment: how to choose it and succeed?

Stay in shape with vitamin C, fight stress with magnesium, improve sleep with plant complexes... Dietary supplement treatments continue to gain popularity. In 2022, 59% of French people have consumed food supplements in the last 24 months. 🌟

At Novoma, food supplements are our area of ​​expertise. This is why we are going to give you all the keys to choosing and succeeding in your dietary supplement treatment . 💊

Dietary supplement treatment

I. Why take food supplements?

Well, let's get one thing straight right away: food supplements will never replace a balanced diet. They are there to provide support , to accompany and help fill any nutritional deficits.

"How so ? What deficits?” 🤔

Dietary supplement treatment

A decrease in nutrients in the diet

Over the decades, it is undeniable that the quality of our food has declined. Several factors can explain it:

  1. Processed foods and fast foods have increased in popularity, sometimes relegating the consumption of nutritious foods to the background. 🍔

  2. Agricultural soils have been depleted of essential nutrients due to intensive farming practices, meaning that even the fresh foods we eat may not contain as many nutrients as before. 🥦

  3. Workdays filled with obligations often leave little time to prepare balanced meals each day.

Result ? A diet that is often (far too) unbalanced, with sometimes too much added sugar and saturated fat. 🍟

We'll arrest you right away: NO GUILT!

It's just how our modern world has evolved and we do what we can to juggle our busy lives. 🏃‍♂️

Dietary supplement treatment

Lifestyles that deplete the body's nutrient reserves

Our busy lives ”: let’s talk about it!

The omnipresent stressors and the hectic pace of life that we lead do not always allow us to follow our natural cycle, whether in terms of sleep, stress management or nutrition.

➡️ For example, prolonged exposure to stress can deplete your magnesium reserves.
A serious lack of sleep will reduce your intellectual performance. And to name just a few: smoking, exposure to pollution, lack of sunlight, are all factors that deplete our reserves and exhaust our body.

This is where the dietary supplement treatment comes in: to help fill the nutritional deficits caused by our lifestyle and sometimes poor diet.
They act as a safety net, helping to maintain optimal nutritional balance.

II. Understand your needs before starting a course of dietary supplements

Before diving head first into a dietary supplement treatment , it is essential to understand your real needs. A blood test can clearly indicate which supplements will benefit you, but if you don't have this information, take the time to determine your specific needs. This will help you find the most suitable supplements.

Here we give you the essential points to take into account:

Assess your nutritional needs

Why are you considering a dietary supplement treatment ? Is it to support your immune system , improve disturbed sleep, or perhaps for your daily vitality? Understanding your nutritional goals is the starting point.

Despite a diet, a change in your lifestyle (sport, stress management, sleep, etc.) do the discomforts persist? 🤷‍♀️

Dietary supplement treatment

Analyze your current diet

Take a look at your daily diet. What foods do you eat regularly? Are they rich in certain nutrients or on the contrary poor? If you are vegan, when was the last time you took vitamin B12 ?

You have to know how to look at your plate to also determine potential gaps to fill. 🥗

Consider your general health

Consider your current state. Medical conditions or medication use can cause nutritional deficits by affecting the absorption of certain nutrients. Do not hesitate to consult a health professional for personalized treatment recommendations.

Psst 🙋‍♀️: Notice to future mothers who are wondering if they can take a dietary supplement , we'll tell you more right here .

Identify your lifestyle

As we saw earlier, lifestyle habits also play a major role.
If you lead a busy life prone to stress and lack of sleep, you may need a little help to release the pressure and sleep like a baby.

Needless to say, a dietary supplement treatment is not magic. You will also have to rethink your lifestyle and perhaps press the brake pedal until everything is back to normal 😉

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III. Select the right food supplement 💡

Now that you have assessed your needs, it is time to move on to the crucial step of selecting the dietary supplement that is best for you.

Here's what you need to consider:

The manufacturing process 🏭

Make sure you choose high-quality dietary supplements, manufactured to strict standards. The brand must offer total transparency regarding the purity and safety of its products. In addition, choose food supplements with patented active ingredients, proof of seriousness and confidence.

The composition

Study the ingredient list carefully. Opt for supplements whose composition is clearly defined and includes active ingredients recognized for their benefits.

Dietary supplement treatment

The concentration of active ingredients

Check the concentration of active ingredients in the supplement. Do not hesitate to compare the concentration of active ingredients with the nutritional recommendations established by official health organizations.

Precautions & contraindications

Caution ! Some dietary supplements may interact with medications or be contraindicated in certain conditions.

Precautions and contraindications must be clearly formulated. 💊

IV. The best combinations of food supplements

Just as we compose our plates, food supplements can be combined to create an effective synergy.

➡️ For example, if you want to support your immunity, eating fruits rich in vitamin C may not be enough. You will also need to include foods rich in zinc and maintain an adequate dose of vitamin D (in addition to a healthy lifestyle, of course).

This logic also applies to food supplement cures and it is on this principle that we have thought of and designed packs specially developed to meet your specific needs:

  1. Immunity Pack: To support your immune system with Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D!

  2. Beauty Pack: Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid take care of the skin, nails and hair.

  3. Stress & Sleep Pack : Zen attitude and big sleep in perspective thanks to the action of our organic Ashwaganda and our Sleep Formula. 😴

  4. Vitality Pack: Specially designed to regain pep and vitality thanks to the action of Magnesium Bisglycinate, Vitamin C and Organic Spirulina.

  5. Sports Pack: On the program to help our favorite athletes perform at their best → Spirulina and a complex of more than 29 vitamins! 🏅

V. Maximize the chances of success of your treatment

So that's it ? Are you ready to start your nutritional program? We still have two or three little tips to give you to make your dietary supplement treatment successful.

1. The importance of dosages

Don't make us forget your supplement on Monday and double the dose on Tuesday or only consume it every other day... 🤨 It is important to respect the dosages. This way, you avoid consuming more nutrients than your body can handle.

Overdosing can cause side effects and harm your health (and that's definitely not what you want).

It’s okay, it’s just plants ” Hop hop hop… Our dearest plants contain active compounds that can have powerful effects on your body. So respecting dosages also concerns cures of plant-based food supplements. 🌿

Dietary supplement treatment

2. Lifestyle habits: make them your routine

Make it a reflex!

Integrate taking supplements at a time of your day when it suits you best. Soon it will become an integral part of your routine.

Adapt it your way: if your food supplement treatment is in powder form, mix it with your favorite drink. Create your own wellness “cocktail” to make this routine even more enjoyable. 🍹

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3. Consistency: follow your treatment carefully

For your dietary supplement treatment to bear fruit, be rigorous and try to respect the planned duration.

As we said above, avoid taking your capsules for 5 days, forgetting your supplement in the cupboard for 1 week then resuming the treatment.

A single watchword: RIGOR :)

And easy, on each of our bottles, you will find a QR code to scan. This will direct you to a complete guide which details the benefits of our products and offers you practical advice on use.

A little reminder to help you stay on track throughout your treatment. 😉

4. Hygiene of life

Once again, a dietary supplement treatment should not be seen as an excuse to neglect a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Quite the contrary!

Taking supplements is like giving your body a boost to provide it with the nutrients and vitamins it needs. But for this boost to be effective and lasting, it must be supplemented by a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. This means eating a variety of nutritious foods, staying active, managing your stress, and paying attention to your sleep.

VI. The continuity of complementary cures: advantages and limits

Are you tempted to continue your treatment throughout the year? This is not always necessary and we explain why:

Seasonal vitamin cures

The body's needs also vary depending on the seasons. So it's not really useful to do your Vitamin D treatment during the month of August since the sun is here! ☀

And yes, the body can have varying needs throughout the year, depending on the seasons and environmental changes. The secret is to adapt the supplements to these variations. This is of course valid except in the case of pathologies or deficits which specifically require a course of dietary supplement.

Rest periods or “therapeutic window”

To maintain a healthy balance during dietary supplement treatments, plan strategic breaks. For example, a daily cleanse may include a weekly break, while a multi-week cleanse may include a week's rest after 3 to 6 weeks. These breaks stimulate the body's natural response, avoiding the need for supplements, a permanent crutch.

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VII. The final word

In conclusion, a well-planned dietary supplement course can be a valuable asset to your well-being. Whether you are looking to fill nutritional gaps, support your immune system, or meet a specific need, dietary supplements can play a vital role in your overall strategy.

The choice of dietary supplements should be made carefully, taking into account your individual needs and consulting a healthcare professional if necessary. Opt for quality products, respect the recommended dosages, and be patient while waiting for the results. 🗒️

Remember that food supplements should not replace a balanced diet. They are designed to supplement your diet, not replace it. A healthy diet, rich in essential nutrients, remains the basis of a healthy routine.

By following these tips for choosing and succeeding in your dietary supplement treatment , you can maximize the positive effects while minimizing the potential risks. Take the time to understand food supplements in terms of their effectiveness and safety, and integrate them intelligently into your lifestyle.

Ultimately, an informed approach to taking dietary supplements can contribute to a healthier, more balanced life.

A well-chosen and well-executed dietary supplement treatment can be the perfect complement to achieve your wellness goals.

Dietary supplements are a valuable asset, but they must always be accompanied by a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle to achieve optimal balance.

At Novoma, we are here to support you in this process and help you choose the best food supplement treatment that will meet all your needs.

So, when do we start? 😌💪

Eloise Dubois-Gaché - Naturopath

Naturopath and FENA certified

Thanks to her solid experience in different herbalists, Eloïse includes, if necessary, complete and precise advice in phytotherapy, aromatherapy, gemmotherapy and micro-nutrition when setting up a personalized and adapted lifestyle program to everyone.

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