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Magnesium: effective anti-stress?

Stress, anxiety, worry, depression, mental and physical fatigue, we all experience periods when the body and mind are in turmoil. From physical discomfort to negative thoughts, the consequences are numerous, but it is possible to mitigate these effects thanks to magnesium used as a natural remedy against stress.

By acting on the body, magnesium is a natural anti-stress, allowing you to regain balance and get your head out of the water when you feel like you're losing control.

To help you get back on track during periods when all seems lost, we will introduce you to the benefits of magnesium and tell you how to consume it to benefit from its many benefits for the body.

Breathe, everything is fine, Novoma helps you manage your stress!

anti-stress magnesium

How to recognize a state of stress and anxiety?

We all feel stress or anxiety in certain situations one day, but these disorders become problematic when they are frequent. Exhausting for the nervous system and for the body, stress and anxiety can become a real handicap .

Stress is the body's response to a situation where we feel in danger, whether it is real or not. When alert, the body reacts to be ready to flee, to protect itself or to adapt to the event that occurs.

Different, anxiety corresponds to the reaction to the fear of a threat that may occur in the near or distant future. The anxious person may suffer from irrational fears or those that do not respond to a real threat. Between physical and psychological symptoms, the difficulties are numerous and vary from one person to another.

And when anxiety sets in over the long term and on a daily basis, we must be extra vigilant in the face of the consequences that may arise. Concretely, chronic stress reduces the capabilities of the immune system , which makes the body weaker in the face of external threats.

In addition to attacking the body's reserves little by little, stress can also cause problems with the digestive system, skin reactions, cardiovascular problems and several other complications.

DO NOT PANIC ! By taking care of your body and mind with a healthy lifestyle, you can act to preserve your health and find serenity.

Magnesium: anti-stress? What is his role ?

If stress is unpleasant and impacts mood, it is also the sworn enemy of magnesium present in the body. When stress is present, it takes the opportunity to eat away at the body's magnesium, creating a magnesium deficiency which in turn increases stress.

You will have understood that if magnesium is an anti-stress, stress is also an “anti-magnesium”. Indeed, stress = - magnesium = + stress = - magnesium = + stress, a vicious circle that can quickly become exhausting. And yet, magnesium is essential for having energy and feeling good in your head.

The solution to counter the stress that devours your magnesium? Supplement with quality magnesium that is highly assimilable by the body which will act by providing energy and with the aim of regulating the emotional sphere.

Although it is essential to combat stress, the body is not capable of synthesizing it naturally, which is why it is important to have a varied diet supported by taking food supplements.

Follow our guide to magnesium to learn in detail about this essential mineral for maintaining good physical and mental health. In the meantime, remember mainly that:

Magnesium is an anti-stress agent that reduces anxiety

Magnesium is a natural anti-stress par excellence! Recommended at the first signs of tension, it is a good way to soothe and relax deeply.

In addition to its beneficial contributions for the body, it acts directly on nervous balance , an excellent thing for reducing pressure.

And to help you reduce everyday tensions, we share with you our best tips for putting an end to stress and anxiety to apply at the end of this article.

Magnesium acts on sleep disorders

As you know, sleeping well is essential to feeling good in your head and in your body! Because it helps you have good sleep, magnesium is an essential natural anti-stress if you want to chase away anxiety and fatigue.

Anxiety can cause a lack of sleep which will increase emotional and physical exhaustion , thus causing a vicious circle from which it may be difficult to escape without help.

Sleeping better is the first step to reducing the physical and nervous fatigue that prevents you from moving forward and demoralizes you as soon as you wake up. Thanks to magnesium, find peaceful and restful nights to start each day off on the right foot and get rid of stress!

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Magnesium affects mood and reduces irritability

In addition to being a natural anti-stress agent, magnesium acts on the unbalanced nervous system in the face of daily tensions. And if it participates in numerous enzymatic reactions in the body, it mainly contributes to the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is also nicknamed the happiness hormone.

The release of serotonin in the body will allow you to regulate mood disorders such as irritability, annoyance, impatience, sadness and anything else that can cause you discomfort.

Magnesium reduces muscle spasms

Relieving muscle spasms that occur due to tension in the body is possible thanks to magnesium which acts as a natural remedy against stress.

It is not for nothing that contractions and cramps are warning signs of a deficiency. If you often have an eyelid that flutters or a calf that trembles, it is probably your body which is signaling to you a lack of this mineral which is essential for the proper functioning of the muscular system.

When the muscle lacks magnesium, it no longer functions as it should, resulting in cramps that occur throughout the day and sometimes even at night. This is also why, during periods of intense stress and spasmophilia attacks, magnesium is recommended.

Magnesium is also the ally of athletes , because it allows muscles to regenerate more quickly while promoting muscle contraction in order to continue to achieve good performance.

How to arm yourself with magnesium to reduce stress?

The first good reflex is to forget about the sweets that we throw ourselves on when stress sets in. Instead, we do ourselves good with foods rich in magnesium which will contribute to calming.

Since magnesium is a natural stress reliever, remember to include all foods that provide magnesium in your diet every day. Cereals, dried fruits, dark chocolate, bananas, seafood, legumes or even almonds, add these foods to your shopping list to stock up on magnesium!

Do you want to act in depth and support the body with the right intake? Focus on a course of quality food supplements ! If the human body impresses us every day, it is not capable of storing and synthesizing magnesium, which is why it is in your best interest to consume it in the form of a cure 1 to 2 times a year according to your needs.

In the case of magnesium, it is essential to supplement with Magnesium Bisglycinate , a form that is highly assimilable by the body. At Novoma, we even thought of adding taurine and vitamin B6 to optimize the benefits of your food supplement.

Multifunctional and essential for the body as well as the mind, magnesium is a great ally for managing stress and relieving tension. Taking a magnesium cure means choosing a natural stress reliever with many benefits that will get you back on your feet and maintain your nervous balance.

Break the vicious circle between stress and magnesium by taking care of yourself and regain your vitality now!

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