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Food supplements during pregnancy: a good idea?

That's it, baby is on the way! After the euphoria of the announcement, we can imagine that you want to do everything to ensure the good development of this little being growing inside you, so that he lacks nothing. You are right: pregnancy is a special stage in a woman's life that requires a lot of resources. Your metabolism must meet your needs, but also create a new human: just that!

But how can you make sure you're getting the right nutrients to be in good shape during pregnancy? Can we supplement our diet so that we don't miss anything? Are there any risks of consuming food supplements during pregnancy ? An article was needed to answer all these questions!

pregnancy food supplements

Nutritional deficits during pregnancy

How to eat well to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women and those of their developing babies? Because we now know, certain deficits cause problems for the mother-to-be, and even complications for the unborn baby.

So what choice should we make? We enlighten you on these supplements for pregnancy:

Folic acid

It is also called Vitamin B9 , and is essential for the development of the fetus , from the first months of pregnancy.

A lack of folic acid can be dramatic for the fetus, because this vitamin intervenes very early in the formation of the neural tube of the embryo.

The iron

Iron deficiencies are already common among women in general. Because blood volume increases and so does the amount of oxygen transported through the body, iron deficiency in a pregnant woman can be a real problem, leading to excessive fatigue, hair loss and increased irritability. Not really enough to experience your pregnancy peacefully!

→ To go further, we have an article dedicated to iron supplementation in pregnant women .

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pregnancy food supplements

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Iodine is involved in the functioning of the mother's thyroid (stronghold of hormone production) and in the development of the future baby's brain. Insufficient iodine intake during pregnancy could lead to neurodevelopmental problems in the unborn baby.


Calcium is essential for the formation of fetal bones and teeth. If calcium intake is insufficient, the mother may lose calcium from her own bones to meet the needs of the fetus, which may increase the risk of bone fragility in the mother.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for calcium absorption and bone health. A lack of vitamin D can increase the risk of complications during pregnancy, as well as the risk of growth and development problems in the fetus.

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Can a pregnant woman take food supplements?

A balanced diet first

Once we have established the list of risks of being in a nutritional deficit during pregnancy , we only have one desire: to avoid problems (and nausea)! And that happens first on the plate! A balanced diet can prevent many deficiencies. It is important to point out that each woman is unique, with unique needs and metabolism. It would be wrong to put all pregnant women in the same basket by advising the same diet.

First, there are each person's beliefs, possible allergies or intolerances and then quite simply, the very different lifestyle habits from one woman to another.

Food supplements for pregnant women on medical advice

When adapting your diet is not enough to fill or prevent nutritional deficits, food supplements during pregnancy are a simple and effective solution to provide all the vitamins and minerals essential to the well-being of both the future mother and the baby.

However, it should be noted that taking food supplements during pregnancy should not be done with a wet finger. We advise you to contact a healthcare professional, your doctor, your gynecologist or the midwife following your pregnancy so that they can guide you towards the supplements best suited to your real needs.

Precautions to take when taking food supplements during pregnancy

As every woman has unique nutritional needs, it is best to consult a healthcare professional for recommendations specific to your situation. Because lacking nutrients is bad for your health, but so is overdosing on them!

Moreover, the national health safety agency, ANSES , is of the same opinion as us on the need to be accompanied by professionals to supplement when you are pregnant. The risks mainly come from overconsumption of iodine and Vitamin D. Caution and moderation remain the key words when it comes to preserving your health and that of the future newborn .

What vitamins and food supplements should you avoid during pregnancy?

Although we praise the merits of many vitamins to support you throughout pregnancy, some are however not welcome during these very special 9 months.

While some should be dosed with caution, such as iodine and Vitamin D, others are downright harmful.

This is the case for Vitamin A which should not be consumed as a food supplement when you are pregnant. Studies have proven that too high a concentration of Vitamin A in the body increases the risk of malformations for the fetus . Better to do without it for a few months.

Other vitamins such as Vitamin E are still subject to controversy and need to be dosed very finely to avoid tension problems in the mother-to-be. It is risky to supplement with Vitamin E for self-medication when you are pregnant.

Food supplements recommended during pregnancy

When to start taking pregnancy vitamins in capsules?

Broad question that your doctor will be able to answer much more precisely than an article on the Internet.

However, certain vitamins such as Vitamin B9 can be taken several months before becoming pregnant. Pregnancy is a grueling marathon for the body and mind, it is better to be well prepared to experience this event to the fullest.

At the beginning of pregnancy and even before

pregnancy food supplements

You can supplement with vitamin B9 before conception as soon as the desire to become pregnant is felt. Since it plays a role very early, in the first weeks of gestation (sometimes women don't even know they are pregnant yet), folic acid can be prescribed as a supplement whenever you want to enlarge or to start a family.

The first weeks of pregnancy are crucial for fetal development , and adequate nutrient intake is important from the start to reduce the risk of malformation. This is why it is recommended to take prenatal vitamins as soon as possible.

From the second trimester of pregnancy

pregnancy food supplements

After 12 weeks of pregnancy, Vitamin B9 supplementation is of less benefit: the fetal neural tube is already formed. However, other prenatal vitamins are useful for keeping you in shape and helping you cope with all the ups and downs of pregnancy: fatigue, weight gain, hormonal variations, etc.

A special pregnancy multivitamin pack is also arriving very soon from Novoma. You will find food supplements rich in easily assimilated iron, fatty acids with omega 3 and Vitamin D.

Fatty acids as found in fish have a role to play in gestation length. They are also involved in the design of the baby's retina and help with cognitive development.

To conclude !

To summarize, food supplements during pregnancy are a good idea to stay in shape and protect yourself from the risk of complications provided that they are administered correctly: in accordance with your state of health and targeting only certain vitamins.


Co-founder of NOVOMA

Passionate and expert in micro-nutrition, Lucas founded Novoma in 2012. It is with conviction that he develops food supplements with effective, carefully chosen and 100% clean active ingredients, to best meet the body's needs.

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