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Best collagen powder, the complete guide

Do you know collagen? Maybe you've heard of it in the context of cosmetic surgery, but this protein goes way beyond that!

Collagen is widely recognized for its role in the beauty of skin, hair, nails and joints. To learn everything about this vast subject, here we will explore the benefits of collagen in powder form and the criteria to consider when choosing the best collagen powder to complement your diet. 👍

best collagen powder

I. What exactly is collagen?

Before we go any further, let's define what we're talking about, and talk about the (important and different) roles of collagen in the body. 🔍

1. General presentation of collagen

Collagen is a fundamental structural protein, which makes up a major part of our connective tissue, including skin, tendons, ligaments and bones. In fact, it gives support and elasticity to the skin, while maintaining the solidity of our body structures.

This protein plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the skin, as well as joint and bone comfort. It allows living tissues to resist stretching . Over time, natural collagen production declines, hence the growing interest in collagen powder supplements to support vitality and overall health.❤️‍🩹

2. A major role for the skin and joints

The role of collagen in our body is of capital importance. For the skin, it contributes to firmness, suppleness and elasticity, thus helping to preserve a young and radiant appearance.

Concerning the joints🦵, collagen acts as a natural lubricant , promoting their mobility and flexibility. It is notably part of the composition of cartilage, as we said in our article dedicated to the benefits of collagen for joints .

Finally, hair and nails also benefit from its benefits by strengthening their structure thanks to it. We talk about this in more detail in our comprehensive guide dedicated to collagen .

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II. Functioning and life cycle of collagen

1. Collagen, the body’s glue!

The molecular structure of collagen is particularly fascinating. Composed of chains of amino acids wound into a triple helix 🧬, it gives collagen its unique strength and stability. This structure plays a central role in collagen's ability to form complex networks that hold body tissues together.

Inside the body, collagen breaks down into collagen peptides and acts like a natural glue (this is the origin of its name), participating in the regeneration and repair of tissues, while strengthening the fibers to ensure their integrity.

2. A protein in rapid decline

The natural production of collagen in the body is a continual process that ensures the regeneration and repair of connective tissues. However, with the passage of years, this production gradually slows down. By the age of 25 , the amount of collagen synthesized begins to decline, often leading to loss of skin elasticity, less flexible joints, and other signs of aging. 👵

This decrease can be amplified by factors such as stress or an unbalanced diet. This is particularly why the use of collagen powder can play an essential role in maintaining optimal production and balance over time.

III. 7 criteria for choosing the best collagen powder

Convinced by the importance of collagen? It remains to determine how to identify the best collagen powder ! To help you, here are 7 criteria to respect ✅:

1. The source of collagen

There are different types of collagen on the market: bovine collagen or marine collagen. Each source has specific advantages in terms of absorption and bioavailability. For example, marine collagen powder is often touted for its better absorption capacity due to its similar structure to humans, while bovine collagen powder is more renowned for supporting joint health.

We talk more about marine and bovine collagen in our comparison of the best collagen .


Well, what you must nevertheless remember about the source of collagen to select to ensure the best collagen powder is its origin.


  1. Bovine collagen :

Two possible origins: cattle raised in traditional feedlots and those fed on grass.


Cattle raised in traditional feedlots are typically raised in facilities specifically designed to promote their rapid growth. They are fed diets that may include grains and protein-rich foods to maximize their weight before slaughter. The collagen extracted from the skin of these cattle may have specific characteristics related to their diet and feedlot lifestyle.


On the other hand, bovine collagen can also be derived from cattle that are primarily grass-fed. These cattle spend most of their lives grazing on grass in pastures. This breeding method is often considered more natural and environmentally friendly. The collagen extracted from the skin of these cattle may have different characteristics due to their primarily grass-based diet.


  1. Marine collagen:

For marine collagen, the origin of the fish used to produce the collagen is a crucial element to consider.


Indeed, marine collagen is generally extracted from wild or aquacultured fish. It is therefore essential to know the source of these fish to guarantee the quality of the product. This is where certifications come into play. A quality label should be a guarantee of confidence in your choice of marine collagen!


For example, the “ Friend of the Sealabel is a renowned environmental certification that certifies that the fish used to produce marine collagen have been caught sustainably and responsibly. This certification guarantees that fish are not overexploited and that practices that respect the marine ecosystem are implemented. By choosing a certified “Friend of the Sea” marine collagen, you contribute to the preservation of the oceans while ensuring the quality of the product you consume.


In summary, whatever your choice, it is essential to favor “Friend of the Sea” certified products to guarantee the quality, sustainability and responsible origin of the fish used in the production of your collagen!

2. Types of collagen

Among the criteria for choosing a collagen powder, the type of collagen plays an essential role. Several types offer specific benefits for different parts of the body:

  1. ➡️ Type I collagen powder, predominant in the skin and tendons, contributes to skin firmness and tissue resistance;

  2. ➡️ Type II collagen powder, focused on the joints, can help maintain their flexibility;

  3. ➡️ Type III collagen powder contributes to the integrity of blood vessels and skin.


📝 Note that there are many other types of collagen.

3. Product quality and integrity

Product quality is a fundamental criterion when choosing the best collagen powder . Opt for reliable sources and favor products that have undergone third-party testing to guarantee their quality and integrity.


Certifications and quality labels can also serve as benchmarks for selecting a reliable option. European, or even French, manufacturing is also a guarantee of quality. 🥖

4. The absence of chemical and unwanted additives

Avoiding unwanted additives is also a crucial criterion when choosing a high-end collagen powder .

⚠️ Be wary of products containing heavy metals or contaminants . Also avoid products that contain artificial sweeteners , colors, or harmful preservatives.


Instead, consider turning tocollagen powder that is as natural as possible and without additives . To guarantee its quality, some brands provide product analyzes indicating the absence of contaminants.

best collagen powder

5. The manufacturing method

The manufacturing method is a determining criterion in choosing the best collagen powder . Gentle, low-temperature manufacturing processes are preferred, as they avoid excessive degradation of the protein and guarantee its effectiveness once ingested. Paying attention to how collagen is extracted and processed will allow you to fully benefit from its benefits.

6. Collagen content

The collagen content per serving is a criterion to prioritize when choosing collagen powder. Choose a product with a high concentration of collagen per serving to maximize the expected results. This enhanced concentration allows for more efficient absorption and ensures that your collagen intake is optimal 👍

best collagen powder

7. Solubility of the powder

The solubility of collagen powder is another essential aspect of its quality.


The fineness of the powder directly influences its ability to dissolve effectively in liquids.


A perfectly soluble powder will mix more easily and quickly with liquids, allowing you to easily integrate it into your daily routine while giving you maximum assimilation.

IV. Collagen powder, a daily reflex

1. Collagen and diet, an easy duo to implement

Incorporating collagen powder into your diet is simpler and more creative than you think! You can add it to your favorite drinks, like teas, coffees or juices, as well as your morning smoothies for a protein boost. Another option is to incorporate it into your daily recipes, such as soups, sauces or pastries.🍩

Why not try a delicious smoothie made withour collagen powder ? Mix it with fresh fruit, yogurt and a little honey, and that's it!

best collagen powder

2. Regularity and recommended dosage

As with any dietary supplement, significant changes do not happen overnight. Regular consumption, integrated into your daily routine, promotes the gradual arrival of the benefits of collagen. Be consistent in your approach and give the collagen the time necessary to act deeply.

By following this approach, you maximize the chances of feeling the positive effects on your skin, hair, joints and other body tissues. Persistence is the key to success in your quest for beauty and well-being. 🏃‍♀️

Regarding the recommended dose, allow 10 g per day for optimal effects. This corresponds, for example, to 2 measuring spoons ofour marine collagen powder , or 3 capsules of our collagen food supplement in capsules .

3. Patience and length of time…

The expected results from consuming collagen vary from person to person, but generally, tangible changes can be seen over time. ⌛

When it comes to skin and hair, the effects may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to become visible. Regular consumption of collagen supports cell regeneration and natural collagen synthesis in the body, contributing to elastic, hydrated and glowing skin. Your joints will also thank you in the long term, but also count on around 3 months of treatment to fully feel the effects.

V. The best collagen powder!

In conclusion, choosing and consuming the best collagen powder is of paramount importance to stimulate the production of collagen in our body.

After taking into account the informed opinions following our survey, it is clear that powdered collagen supplements have become essential allies in meeting our daily need for collagen. Opting for products based on pure collagen, such as collagen hydrolyzate, whether marine or bovine, contributes to improving the integrity of our muscles, our nails and our hair.

Additionally, the sustainable peach and neutral taste make consuming collagen powder more enjoyable than ever. Make this precious supplement an essential asset for the beauty of your skin and the well-being of your body.

You have understood, collagen powder turns out to be a precious ally for maintaining the beauty of the skin, hair and the comfort of the joints. By wisely choosing a quality source, a suitable type of collagen and integrating this powder regularly into your diet, you are giving your body a well-deserved dose of support.

So why not opt ​​for this little protein boost and embark on the collagen adventure to regain flexibility and well-being? 🌞


Co-founder of NOVOMA

Passionate and expert in micro-nutrition, Lucas founded Novoma in 2012. It is with conviction that he develops food supplements with effective, carefully chosen and 100% clean active ingredients, to best meet the body's needs.

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