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Spirulina recipe: enjoy its benefits in a different way!

It is green, rich in nutrients, it is a superfood , today we present to you spirulina in all its forms! And if its benefits are excellent for your health, you will love discovering how to integrate it into your diet by cooking your favorite spirulina recipe.

To help you consume it every day while enjoying it, discover our recipe ideas to easily integrate spirulina into your diet. Pleasure, good intake and plenty of nutrients, discover our spirulina recipes and enjoy!

Spirulina and its benefits

Proteins, vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and many other nutrients, everything is good in spirulina!

Loved by athletes for its protein , amino acids and minerals, it is perfect for optimizing muscle recovery and reducing discomfort linked to physical activity.

Thanks to its nutritional richness, it is also an ideal supplement to consume alongside a healthy and balanced diet to best benefit from its beneficial effects.

Take advantage of our complete guide to spirulina to learn everything about spirulina, the benefits for the body and benefit from the best advice for consuming it properly.

As a treatment, it is consumed for 2 to 3 months up to three times a year depending on the needs of your body. And for your spirulina recipe, nothing could be simpler, our tablets easily transform into powder to be added to your preparations.

We're heading into the kitchen to show you how to cook good spirulina recipes, rich in vitamins!

Our recipe ideas based on spirulina

Attention gourmets: you will rush into the kitchen at the end of this article to make your best spirulina recipe and have fun doing good for your body!

If taking a spirulina treatment is always beneficial for the body, consuming it in cooking is a nicer way to benefit from its benefits for the body. A well-being recipe but above all a recipe to enjoy, these spirulina-based preparations are simple and quick to make.

spirulina recipe

Energizing spirulina smoothie

Energizing and rich in protein , this spirulina smoothie allows you to stock up on energy and enjoy yourself, particularly during this summer period which makes you want something fresh! To stock up on vitality in the morning or simply during the day, to recover after your sports session or simply if you have a sweet tooth, you will love this spirulina smoothie, soft and sweet in the mouth.

  1. Put 2 handfuls of baby spinach, 2 handfuls of blueberries, 25 cl of almond milk and 1 teaspoon of spirulina (which corresponds to 4-5 tablets that you have mixed beforehand) in a blender
  2. Mix and enjoy!

For a little sweet touch, you can add a little honey or agave syrup to your spirulina smoothie recipe.

Little tip: you can also add spirulina powder to your usual smoothie recipe, adjusting the dose according to the quantity of other fruits and vegetables.

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spirulina recipe

Organic Spirulina

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spirulina recipe

Super green spirulina guacamole

It's happy hour ! Take out your vegetable dips and enjoy yourself while stocking up on nutrients with spirulina guacamole. Rich in good fats and nutrients, this spirulina recipe is delicious, healthy, and above all DELICIOUS!

  • Mash 2 ripe avocados
  • Add a clove of garlic and a nice sprig of chopped coriander
  • Sprinkle with the juice of half a lemon, guacamole spices, salt and pepper
  • Enhance the mixture with a teaspoon of spirulina and mix, it's ready!
spirulina recipe

Spirulina pasta recipe

If you also love eating a good pasta dish, you will become a fan of this spirulina recipe, a good way to consume essential nutrients while having fun!

Gourmet and comforting, this spirulina recipe can be eaten all year round and comes with all your favorite sauces.

For 4 people :

  • Mix 400g of quality flour with a pinch of salt and 6 teaspoons of spirulina
  • Add 4 fresh eggs and mix all the ingredients
  • Pass the dough through a rolling mill or roll it out by hand
  • Cook your pasta with spirulina and enjoy it all with a good homemade sauce and a little basil on top for taste and decoration

Filling up on nutrients while having fun is possible thanks to recipes based on spirulina, rich in nutrients to consume without moderation! And you, which spirulina recipe will make you fall in love ?

Enjoy your food !

How to consume spirulina tablets?

It is advisable to distribute spirulina consumption evenly throughout the day, before or after meals . If you need to take 4 tablets per day, you can for example take 2 tablets before lunch and then 2 tablets again before dinner.

Spirulina being rich in minerals, it is also advisable to drink plenty of water when supplementing in order to avoid transit disorders.

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