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6 tips to regain energy quickly

Are you feeling a little “flat out”?

Are you coming out of burnout, depression or are you simply lacking vitality and would like to regain energy naturally?

We understand you! It happens to all of us to have a little sluggishness, and we must admit that it is not pleasant for anyone.

Fortunately, there are several simple, easy and natural ways to regain energy and finally get in shape. With the following 6 anti-fatigue tips, get ready to get a good boost! 🚀

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Temporary fatigue? Here's how to regain energy:

1. Take care of your diet

This is the basics of a fulfilled life, and above all, to stay in Olympic shape as naturally as possible: eat a balanced diet! Nothing new under the sun, but we can't repeat it enough. Energy drops can have physical as well as psychological causes, but if there is one that is predominant, it is poor diet.

Loss of energy may be due to deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals , such as vitamin C, iron or magnesium. But also to excess: fast/industrial sugars, which only give you a momentary feeling of energy before having the opposite effect, or even alcohol, the sad consequences of which we know.

In short, to regain energy and get back in shape, there is no secret: eat a balanced diet, favor fruits and vegetables, do not overindulge in any type of food, but also, eat at set times. This helps a lot to stay in shape.

2. Sleep better to live better

If you lack sleep, it's no wonder you also lack vitality and find it difficult to regain energy. The two are closely linked, because sleep brings many benefits. It improves memory and concentration , contributes to beautiful skin, helps manage stress and emotions…

Generally speaking, as you have probably noticed, it is difficult to be in good shape when you are sleepy. Your body asks you to sleep, and it becomes very difficult to be efficient in anything. The effects of sleep deprivation are cumulative, and get worse over time if you don't take action. It is impossible in these cases to regain energy.

Therefore, try to sleep longer. Going to bed earlier is also effective, because not all hours of the day are equal to sleep. Finally, you can also take naps during the day: even a nap of just 20 minutes will make a huge difference!

3. Fill your dietary gaps

If you definitely struggle with tip no. 1 and you are deficient, you will not be able to stay in shape sustainably and therefore, in the long term, it will be impossible to regain energy. This is where food supplements based on vitamins and minerals can come into play: a course of several weeks or months will help you make up for your deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals and will really make the difference for better daily well-being. This will also prevent you from falling into a state of vitamin deficiency !

Vitamin C , Vitamin B12 , iron , magnesium are all nutrients that will help you regain lasting energy. If necessary, we offer you a varied selection of supplements within our Tonus and vitality range.

If you need an immediate boost to combat temporary fatigue, turn to our supplement specially designed to improve tone and regain energy quickly : Organic Boost Formula . It contains Guarana, Maca, Ginger and Acerola, an explosive cocktail for your vitality, all 100% of plant origin!

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4. Practice a sporting activity

The difference is not negligible! You don't necessarily need to join a sports club, lift weights or run 3 times for 90 minutes a week after a ball to keep yourself sharp. 20 to 30 minutes of walking a day will already help you enormously to keep yourself in shape on a daily basis and to gradually regain energy.

You can also practice aquagym, yoga or Pilates if you are looking for gentle and not too strenuous sporting activities. The benefits on your fitness will be no less present. And if you find that all this lacks fun, you can try the exercise bike in front of your favorite series: intense sport without even realizing it, it's great!

5. Take time to meditate

Meditation is full of benefits for your mind, but also your body. By reducing stress , it improves, among other things, sleep, the importance of which we have seen in maintaining tone and vitality . Practiced regularly, meditation reduces chronic pain and migraines, it helps digestion and contributes to adopting good posture, which limits back and joint pain. It is also excellent for fighting depression and combating burn out, which is becoming more and more recent.

Here again, there is no point in making a big deal out of it. A few quiet sessions during the week, of 5 to 10 minutes, where you try to clear your head and focus on your breathing, will be enough to feel the first benefits of meditation and regain energy in a healthy and healthy way. serenely.

6. Treat yourself!

This will be our last advice, and not the least: take care of yourself and learn to simply treat yourself. Give yourself breaks, small gifts, go out, have fun, read, listen to music, sing in the shower, see friends...

Anything that helps make you happy and gives you morale is good to take to regain energy. Body and mind are inseparable, and it is proven that low morale can have harmful physical effects. Therefore, treat yourself, because this is also how your body will be at its best!

It's up to you to get back in shape!

That concludes these 6 anti-fatigue tips to regain energy naturally . We hope that you will have found some inspiring and easy-to-implement ideas to increase your vitality. Let us know, and until then, stay well! 🌞


Co-fondateur de NOVOMA

Passionné et expert en micro-nutrition, Lucas a fondé Novoma en 2012. C’est avec conviction qu’il développe des compléments alimentaires aux actifs efficaces, soigneusement choisis et 100 % clean, pour répondre au mieux aux besoins de l’organisme.

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