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How to regain energy after burnout?

Burnout is a state of emotional exhaustion , disengagement, and professional distress that can occur following prolonged periods of intense stress.

It is characterized by mental and physical fatigue, a lack of interest in one's work and a drop in motivation . It can have many negative consequences on physical and mental well-being.

Contrary to popular belief, burnout is not a shameful illness, on the contrary. It's an increasingly common phenomenon these days... from which it may seem difficult to recover.

So if you recognize yourself in this description, don't worry, you are not alone! Here are the keys that we can give you to regain energy and emotional balance after a burnout in order to resume your professional and personal life “normally”, or rather: better than before ! 😉

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Understanding the causes of burnout to prevent and cure it

Understanding the causes of burnout is the first step to regaining energy .

There are many factors that can cause overwork, but what they all have in common is that they cause intense and prolonged stress . There is not a single cause at the origin of burnout, but often a set of factors which combine, like dominoes collapsing.

This is why knowing and identifying these symptoms is important because it can help you prevent potential burnout .

The most common causes of burnout usually include:

  1. Work stress : The demands of the work world can cause intense stress. Excessive responsibilities, a lack of support or recognition from your superior, relational conflicts with office colleagues, a lack of communication or flexibility... All these symptoms can be stress factors, which can sometimes fuel the flame with a powerful and anxiety-inducing fire..
  2. High personal demands : People who constantly put pressure on themselves to succeed , people who are perfectionists and who have high expectations of themselves may be more exposed to burnout, particularly when faced with a demanding hierarchy that provides little or no contribution. of recognition.

  3. Lack of support : People who feel isolated or who do not have an attentive ear to talk to may tend to take on themselves more and be more exposed to burnout (snowball effect).

  4. Difficult life situations : Unfortunate events, such as health problems, financial problems, family problems, can cause prolonged stress and increase the risk of burnout .

  5. Personal characteristics : Some people may be more exposed to burnout because of their personality or personal history. People who have anxious or depressive tendencies , who have mental health problems or who have experienced stressful life events may more easily experience professional burnout.

Of course, this varies depending on the individual, and it may take time for them to fully detect the reason for their burnout .

What are the keys to regaining energy after burnout?

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Take care of yourself

Taking good care of yourself is essential to regaining energy after burnout . It is important to rest, relax and have fun.

Taking care of yourself means taking care of yourself both physically and mentally . This therefore involves moments of relaxation, meditation or even moments of rest and decompression.

Practicing sports or hobbies and planning vacations are also effective ways to rest and regain energy.

It is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, by eating healthily, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly.

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Take time to reconnect with yourself

Reconnecting with your passions is also important for regaining energy after burnout. Focus on activities that give you pleasure, this could be reading, music, cooking, cinema, traveling, outdoor activities, etc.

These hobbies that are close to your heart define you. It is important to refocus on yourself and prioritize those activities that entertain you and do you good. They allow you to regain energy and motivation.

Remember that passions are not just reserved for vacation periods, it is essential to integrate them into your daily life !

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Agree to let go and get help

Accepting your own weaknesses and becoming aware of the situation is a first step towards calming down.

However, it is often difficult to overcome a period of burnout alone.

Talking to a friend, a family member or a therapist is therefore essential to unload and feel listened to. In addition, it can help to understand the causes of burnout and find solutions together to regain energy.

Getting help is normal, and should not be a hindrance for you. Precisely, asking for help is very common in the case of burnout, and is essential, if that is what you need to find a real professional/personal balance.

How to really regain energy after burnout?

Now that you have in mind the possible causes of burnout, and some keys to curing it, let's move on to the prevention part.

Whether for prevention, if some of the symptoms mentioned speak to you, or whether it is to help you regain energy, we have a few other tips to add to the “take care of yourself” box: food supplements.

We have made a selection of supplements for you, adapted to the situation:

  1. a stimulating and energizing formula, perfect when feeling sluggish for an immediate boost effect. 100% natural, it combines carefully chosen organic plant extracts to help you counteract temporary fatigue;
  2. ashwagandha, which is an adaptogenic plant, ideal for helping you regain energy and naturally soothe you;
  3. magnesium, highly assimilable, which compensates for increased magnesium losses associated with stressful periods;
  4. a multivitamin, to supplement your food intake and stock up on vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Consuming iron can also be interesting, to get rid of fatigue, and combat anxiety if you feel it.

However, it is important to only supplement with iron in the event of a proven deficiency, for example through a blood test.

To conclude

Regaining energy after a burnout is essential to regain a good balance in life. It is important to understand the causes of burnout, to take care of yourself, to reconnect with your passions and to get help to put all the chances on your side in order to get better.

Keep in mind that regaining energy after burnout is not a quick process, but an ongoing process that requires time and patience.

Once the energy is regained, the journey is not over. You must be careful to maintain these positive changes in your life to avoid falling back into burnout.

As everyone is different, the solutions that work for one person may not work for another, so you need to find the solutions that work best for you to regain energy.

Finally, it is important not to hesitate to consult a health professional if symptoms persist. And remember: you are not alone! 💪


Co-founder of NOVOMA

Passionate and expert in micro-nutrition, Lucas founded Novoma in 2012. It is with conviction that he develops food supplements with effective, carefully chosen and 100% clean active ingredients, to best meet the body's needs.

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