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How to recover from jet lag quickly?

Going on a trip and feeling completely "out there" after several hours on the plane: it's an experience for many of us!

A long flight can cause fatigue and other discomforts. A program that can spoil the start of the stay or make it difficult to return home. So how to recover from jet lag quickly? Here are some practical tips to fully enjoy a trip to the ends of the world, without experiencing too much jet lag. 🌏

recover from jet lag

Understanding time difference

The causes of the “jet-lag” phenomenon

Our biological clock is subject to the circadian rhythm which regulates the moments of wakefulness and sleep thanks to cortisol and melatonin. This rhythm depends on the day-night alternation and our environment. When we travel, it is no longer tuned to local time.

Jet lag therefore corresponds to the desynchronization of our biological clock ⏰.

The different time zones and their impact on the body

The repercussions of jet lag on the body depend on the number of time zones crossed. It is considered that the effects of jet lag are felt more when traveling across 3 time zones .

Did you know that moving east causes more disruption to the body? The time difference is more disturbing, because going east we shorten our day and it is difficult to fall asleep early. On the contrary, a trip to the West saves hours in the day and has fewer effects on the circadian rhythm.

The most common effects of jet lag are:

  1. disturbed sleep with spontaneous awakenings during the night;

  2. fatigue and the desire to sleep during the day;

  3. irritability and mood swings;

  4. a slowdown in performance;

  5. a decrease in concentration.

Do you feel out of phase and your body is struggling to adapt due to the effects of jet lag? Nothing more normal !

A long-haul flight causes a desynchronization of internal and external rhythm. Meal times are delayed, you lack sleep and your body is confused!

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Average time needed to adjust to jet lag

It takes approximately 2 days to adapt to a 3-hour time difference when traveling west. Add an extra day if you are going east. Do you travel often and your stay lasts less than 4 days? We advise you to continue to eat and sleep well according to your usual schedule.

Are you one of the people who suffer from jet lag? Here are some tips for recovering from jet lag !

Tips before traveling

With your head in your preparations and your suitcases, adopt a healthy lifestyle to avoid jet lag!


Gradually adjust your sleep schedule before departure

One of the keys to recovering from jet lag is to shift your habits before departure. If you are going east, you can start to adapt your bedtime gradually. By adjusting your biological clock in this way, you prepare your body for the new time zone and you avoid excessive fatigue.

Adjust to local time a few days before traveling

Let's set the record straight! In addition to adjusting your sleep schedules, you can also slightly and gradually adapt your meal schedules a little before departure. Even more so if it is a long stay.

Little tip: avoid large meals and fatty foods before the flight to avoid digestive discomfort!

Avoid caffeine and alcohol a few days before departure

Caffeine and alcohol may make you excited before you leave. Instead, prioritize good hydration before getting on the plane where the air is particularly dry.

Tips for recovering from jet lag quickly

And what to do during the flight and upon arrival? Now discover some tips for recovering from jet lag .

Quickly adjust to local time upon arrival

If you haven't done it before, remember to set the time on your watch when you get on the plane or as soon as you land. Try to adapt your activities to local time when you arrive.

It's night ? Go to bed or at least plunge into the darkness to rest. If you arrive in the middle of the day, try to stay outside and be active even if you feel tired. Don't make the mistake of sleeping when you arrive if it's daylight. You risk delaying adaptation to the new rhythm even further.

Expose yourself to natural light to regulate the biological clock

Once there, enjoy the daylight (while protecting yourself, of course, if necessary from the sun and the heat). Natural light allows the body to synchronize with the time of day. It helps the biological clock to regulate itself.

Plan strategic naps to recover from fatigue

Need some rest ? Take a short nap after the meal to recover. Do not extend this rest time during the day, because you risk no longer being sleepy in the evening.

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Do physical activity to boost energy

Physical exercise is indeed one of the secrets to recovering from jet lag. Rest assured, no need to do a marathon or climb Everest! Just do some physical activity that will give you energy. Stroll the streets to discover the city's typical neighborhoods, walk along the coast or swim in the sea. And why not get on the saddle to discover your vacation spot by bike? Move at your own pace , taking into account travel-related fatigue.

Adapt hydration and diet to recover from jet lag

Once there, the local specialties will surely catch your eye! Treat yourself while making sure not to eat foods that are too fatty. Favor meals rich in protein during the day and carbohydrates in the evening, as they help you fall asleep. You can eat, for example, a banana, nuts or drink milk and foods rich in tryptophan. As for drinks, avoid caffeine and remember to hydrate well.

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Use natural food supplements to regulate sleep

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Traveling without jet lag is better, right? Thanks to all these tips, recovering from jet lag quickly becomes child's play! Your vacation at the end of the world!


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