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How to treat and take care of your joints?

While we may tend to think that joint pain only concerns seniors or overweight people, in reality it is an illness that can affect everyone.

By taking care of your body and adopting the right actions, it is possible to avoid suffering disabling consequences and to stay in shape. To help you preserve your body and your health, we give you our advice for taking care of your joints , to follow without moderation and from today.

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What is joint pain and what are the causes?

Different joint pains

From mild to very intense, joint pain leaves an unpleasant sensation ranging from simple discomfort to suffering. The origin can for example come from bone, tendons, cartilage, ligaments or even muscle.

Osteoarthritis -type pain fades when the joints are warm, before starting again as soon as the body cools down and returns to normal. Conversely, those associated with arthritis give rise to ongoing inflammation. And for those appearing following an injury, the pain is quite severe and occurs as soon as the joint is stressed. Treating your joints properly helps prevent pain from lasting too long and returning too quickly.

Why do they appear?

While they are unpleasant for everyone, they can manifest themselves at different times in life. Although they generally occur with the natural aging of the body, it is very common to develop them in other situations and at any age.

Most people who are overweight need to take care of their joints , at the risk of having to endure daily pain and living with a weakened body.

This is also the case for athletes, especially those who have practiced intensively for several years without adopting preventive measures. Although physical activity is good for the body, it is important not to overtax your joints.

Joint pain can also occur after trauma or shock suffered by the body, and it must be taken care of as quickly as possible so as not to let the lesions take hold. Taking care of your joints to gain comfort in life later is a necessity.

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How to treat your joints and relieve them?

If joint pain is already present, we hope that our recommendations will allow you to take better care of your joints and provide relief. And if you don't suffer from it yet, take the opportunity to act now to prevent joint pain.

Pay attention to your posture

Whether we are sitting in the office chair, in the car or standing, we all tend to behave poorly, without even thinking about the possible consequences on the body. Because if not standing correctly once in a while doesn't hurt anyone, repeating bad posture daily deteriorates the condition of the joints.

The solution ? Be well behaved and consciously as many times as possible every day! Standing up straight when standing, having a good seat on a chair or even bending down without leaning your back forward are reflexes to adopt from a very young age.

And to top off your efforts to take care of your joints , wear good shoes that are your size and suit your foot type.

Consider exercising

Movement, movement and more movement! Because the body needs to move to function well and stay healthy, it is essential to integrate movement into your daily life to take care of and heal your joints.

From a short walk to a workout, everything is good for your bone system. Certain sports or exercises are particularly suitable and should be favored to benefit from long-term effects. In fact, with the right training, you will both soften your stiffness, reduce pain, and maintain and care for your joints.

And before getting started, we always think about warming up, an important moment to take the time to wake up the body gently and not rush it.

If you have any doubts or questions about the exercises you can do, contact your doctor or physiotherapist.

Take the right actions

In addition to regular physical activity, it is also important not to repeat the same actions too often, at the risk of overstressing some of your joints and accelerating the aging of bone tissue.

From the bones of our hands to those of our feet, the entire body is affected and must be well treated so as not to develop joint pain, osteoarthritis or other disorders. Everything you need to know about natural treatments for joint pain .

It is particularly when carrying out daily tasks that we take the risk of making too many repetitive gestures. For example, a person who writes on a keyboard for work will both wear out the bones in their hands and put pressure on their wrists as they rest on the desk.

To take care of your joints, you must remember to adopt good postures while carrying out these gestures and look for small, quick exercises to do to soften the joint concerned throughout the day.

Meet the needs of the organization

The first reflex to take care of your body and heal your joints is to establish a healthy, balanced and varied diet. Omega 6, omega 3, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, fruits, vegetables, oilseeds, fatty fish and other good fats are recommended for the joint system.

Alongside a suitable diet, taking food supplements to treat your joints is very effective. It is ideal for meeting the needs of the body and providing strength to the bones, the ideal combo to prevent and relieve joint discomfort.

Thanks to its concentration of organic sulfur, a course of OptiMSM is particularly interesting for treating joints and supporting the body affected by osteoarthritis. Indeed, MSM , methyl-sulfonyl-methane, promotes the regeneration of new cellular tissues and acts as an anti-inflammatory. It also contributes to the natural production of fibrous proteins such as keratin, collagen and elastin.

With a formulation rich in bamboo combined with choline, vitamin A and B vitamins, the Paracelsus Complex is also a great ally for treating joints. Bamboo is a trace element rich in silica with numerous powers which both relieves joint pain and prevents aging of the bone system by consolidating it.

And to strengthen everything, rely on vitamin D3 and vitamin C , two supplements which allow you to have good bone health. In fact, vitamin D allows the body to better assimilate calcium, an essential ingredient that contributes to the development of strong bones. Vitamin C plays a supporting role in the synthesis of collagen , a protein that allows the proper fixation of minerals in bone tissue.


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Passionate and expert in micro-nutrition, Lucas founded Novoma in 2012. It is with conviction that he develops food supplements with effective, carefully chosen and 100% clean active ingredients, to best meet the body's needs.

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