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What are the benefits of spirulina for pregnant women?

We now know that pregnancy creates a particular metabolic demand for high-quality nutrients .

Indeed, when a woman is expecting a child, she pays particular attention to her diet, not only for her health, but also and above all for that of the future baby.

In recent years, we have discovered or rediscovered many superfoods, capable of giving an extra boost to our well-being.

Among these foods is spirulina , which is extremely rich in micronutrients and antioxidants.

This is why spirulina supplementation is increasingly recommended during pregnancy.

In this article, we will discover the benefits of taking spirulina for pregnant women .

spirulina pregnant

Little reminders about spirulina

Although it is known as algae, spirulina is actually a blue-green colored cyanobacteria, which grows naturally in lakes, ponds and wetlands.

Its properties have been exploited for centuries by the populations of Africa and Latin America: it is believed that spirulina was already used as food by the Aztecs!

If today spirulina is increasingly known and appreciated for its beneficial properties, this is not by chance: our complete guide to spirulina will enlighten you on this subject.

This microorganism contains a very complete concentration of vitamins and minerals , antioxidants and high quality proteins , which participate in the control of inflammation and oxidation, as well as supporting metabolism.

The benefits of spirulina for pregnant women

Spirulina well deserves its name as a superfood, because it is literally full of nutrients: vitamins A, D, E, K, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, selenium, iron, copper and phosphorus.

And, very importantly, all these micronutrients are bio-synthesized by a natural process.

Therefore, unlike synthetic products, the nutrients provided by spirulina are easily assimilated by the human body.

It therefore goes without saying that supplementing with spirulina during pregnancy can improve the intake of antioxidants and essential micronutrients.

Indeed, during pregnancy, the needs for certain vitamins and minerals are increased, as explained in our article The most important prenatal vitamins for a healthy pregnancy .

Moreover, among all the benefits of spirulina for pregnant women, the very first concerns its role in combating iron deficiency, which we will take a closer look at.

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Spirulina and iron deficiency in pregnant women

Iron deficiency during pregnancy is not a factor to be underestimated, as it can cause serious effects , such as premature birth, low birth weight, growth retardation, postpartum hemorrhage. , as well as other maternal complications.

This explains the importance of iron intake for the mother throughout pregnancy, especially during the third trimester, when the body's demand for iron increases significantly.

On this subject, our article How to avoid iron deficiency in pregnant women details the benefits of iron supplementation through our Iron Bisglycinate.

But spirulina is not left out: did you know that a daily dose of 5 g of spirulina contains 3.4 mg of iron, or 25% of the recommended daily intake?

As confirmed by a meta-analysis, spirulina , thanks to its iron content , helps increase hemoglobin levels and prevent anemia and fatigue during pregnancy .

Spirulina and pregnant women: what you need to know

Spirulina during pregnancy: ideal for preventing congenital malformations?

Because it is rich in chlorophyll, spirulina is able to prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body.

In particular, research carried out on mice and published in the Journal of Medicinal Food reveals that spirulina protects fetuses from damage caused by exposure to cadmium.

This is an extremely important discovery, because currently our food supply is heavily contaminated with cadmium, a highly toxic heavy metal that causes many birth defects .

spirulina pregnant

Spirulina and beta-carotene for fetal growth

Spirulina provides the body with beta-carotene , a precursor of vitamin A. This vitamin plays a significant role during pregnancy, supporting embryonic development and the normal growth process of the fetus, and regulating the differentiation of fabrics.

Spirulina and pre-eclampsia: is there a link?

Did you know that women who consume spirulina since conception have a lower risk of pre-eclampsia , a common pregnancy disorder?

This, thanks to its calcium content, since sufficient calcium intake can reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia by 45 to 75%.

In fact, calcium deficiency increases the risk of hypertensive disease during pregnancy and, in particular, of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia, very serious conditions for mother and child.

Spirulina can also help combat another common pregnancy problem, namely gestational diabetes .

Spirulina in the postnatal period and during breastfeeding

And after giving birth?

Taking spirulina is beneficial even during the breastfeeding period, since it provides a set of essential nutrients to the new mother and, through breast milk, to the baby.

This microorganism contains, among other things, gamma-linoleic acid , which is essential for the proper development of the newborn's brain.

Thanks to its richness in nutrients, spirulina is a perfect supplement even in the postnatal period, for example in cases of hair loss and mild asthenia.

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What is the dosage of spirulina for pregnant women?

Spirulina can be consumed in different forms: at Novoma, we have chosen 500 mg tablets , which is the most practical form for us.

In fact, the tablets facilitate the dosage and mask the organoleptic characteristics of the algae, which do not please everyone.

However, in order to please yourself in the kitchen, it will also be possible to crush a few tablets and add the spirulina powder obtained to various culinary recipes !

The dosage we recommend for pregnant women ranges from 6 to 8 tablets per day , or 3 to 4 grams of spirulina .

Spirulina: what are the contraindications for pregnant women?

While there is no data that recommends against taking spirulina for pregnant women, we recommend that you ensure that the spirulina you purchase is of excellent quality and comes from organic crops .

This is to avoid ingesting a product contaminated with mercury or other heavy metals, as well as harmful bacteria which could be harmful to your health and that of the fetus.

This is why we have selected for you a very high quality Organic Spirulina , 100% pure and natural, dried and cold compressed.

Also, we urge you to exercise caution if you have autoimmune diseases such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, as spirulina could worsen your symptoms.

In conclusion, pregnancy is a delicate moment in the life of a woman who carries a new life within her.

It is therefore essential to take care of your well-being, also using supplements and natural products that promote the baby's growth and provide the right nutrients to the new mother.

When it is of high quality, spirulina is a food with countless benefits for the health of pregnant women and we strongly advise you to try it!


Co-founder of NOVOMA

Passionate and expert in micro-nutrition, Lucas founded Novoma in 2012. It is with conviction that he develops food supplements with effective, carefully chosen and 100% clean active ingredients, to best meet the body's needs.

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