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Chromium is a trace element used not only in metallurgy, but also in our body to ensure its proper functioning.

Ideal for regulating blood sugar levels, it is also a booster of our metabolism.

A chromium deficiency can result in weight loss, dizziness, or even regular infections. To compensate for this deficiency, sufficient chromium consumption must be provided to the body.

Our Multivitamin contains 20 μg of chromium per dose, combined with 28 other nutrients (vitamins, minerals and plants) to ensure a truly beneficial treatment for your body.

Chromium is a trace element from the same family as iron, copper, and manganese. Well known for its use in metallurgy, what if we told you that it is also a nutrient considered essential for our body?

Benefits, dosage or even side effects... here is the essential thing to know about chromium and its importance for the human body!


What is chromium?

Chromium is a trace element with a major role for the body, since it participates in the proper digestion of macronutrients, by facilitating certain enzymatic reactions in our body.

Although we should not have too much of it in the body at the risk of poisoning, its presence is essential for certain processes in our body. Our body does not have the capacity to produce it naturally, so it is essential to ensure that we have optimal intakes of chromium to benefit from its health properties (regulation of blood sugar, normal metabolism, etc.).

Chromium has many other benefits: a true regulator of blood sugar levels , it also has the power to boost our metabolism .

Sources of chromium

Chromium is found in a wide variety of foods such as meat, seeds, fruits and vegetables...

This is why a healthy and balanced diet guarantees sufficient chromium levels. Spotting the first symptoms of a deficiency can help reduce the risk of contracting a disease. The alarming signs are weight loss, poor coordination or even dizziness and regular infections.

So, to avoid deficiencies or rebalance your blood chromium level, the foods to favor are:

  • broccoli;
  • potatoes ;
  • green beans ;
  • Poultry ;
  • beef ;
  • fruits: apple, banana;
  • dairy products.

Chromium interacts extremely well with foods rich in vitamin C, which thus aid its absorption into the body.

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What are the benefits of chromium?

This mineral nutrient is essential to the body's metabolic process. Here are its main health benefits:

It contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism

Macronutrients are molecules that transform ingested food into energy, necessary for the proper functioning of the body. “Basal metabolism” is the amount of energy the body needs. This varies depending on each person's weight, gender, environment and activity.

When macronutrients are no longer able to meet the body's energy needs, the body becomes more fragile and less inclined to defend itself against external attacks.

Chromium is a major player in the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids, two macronutrients that the body needs to compensate for daily energy expenditure .

It regulates insulin and blood sugar

Chromium plays a role in regulating insulin. Insulin is one of the 3 hormones secreted by the pancreas, which is the organ regulating blood sugar levels and therefore blood sugar levels. Chromium therefore makes it possible to control the arrival of sugar from food in our blood. It helps fix insulin in our cells to maintain the correct sugar level in our blood.

Chromium picolinate would be particularly effective for people with type 2 diabetes, to reduce blood sugar levels . Please note: this of course, under medical supervision. Changes in blood sugar levels can cause serious problems in people with diabetes if not closely monitored by a doctor.

It contributes to weight loss

Regulating blood sugar reduces snacking, the main reason for weight gain, with fat accumulation in the tissues. Normal dietary chromium intake in adults is often suboptimal even though deficiency is quite rare.

A food supplement based on chromium will not only have an effect on glucose, but will also reduce the percentage of body fat, thus promoting weight loss. A treatment must be followed by regular physical activity for best results.

Chromium also helps avoid excessively strict diets that can cause a lack of energy. As a reminder, glucose is the main source of fuel for the body's cells. It is therefore not simply a question of eliminating it, but of regulating it for effective weight control and a maintained energy level.

How to choose the right chrome supplement?

Choosing the right food supplement is necessary to guarantee the quality of the product. Naturally effective, chromium must nevertheless meet several criteria to ensure the conservation of the active ingredients of the molecule.

The preferred form for taking chromium is chromium picolinate . Highly bioavailable and assimilable , it is the result of an association between chromium and picolinic acid, the absorption of which by the body is scientifically proven to be superior.

Dietary supplementation helps correct deficiencies due to insufficient chromium intake.

Integrated into a cocktail of essential nutrients , chromium is present in our Multivitamins , an all-in-one complex designed to best meet your needs. It contains 20 μg of chromium for 4 capsules per day, corresponding to the recommended daily intake.

Chromium food supplement: contraindications

Chromium may have some side effects like mood changes and skin reactions. A chromium treatment can also be the cause of disturbed sleep.

Due to its role as a glycemic regulator, it is important to limit interactions with diabetes treatment. The advice of a doctor is strongly recommended to avoid any risk.

Chromium supplementation is contraindicated for pregnant women and children.

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