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Ginger, a cousin of turmeric, is excellent for your health and has been used for several thousand years to prevent, cure and maintain the immune system.

Thanks to the numerous minerals and vitamins it contains, ginger also has excellent energizing properties, making it a real natural ally to combat fatigue and boost tone.

A ginger cure can prove beneficial during seasonal changes, the winter period and tiring or stressful times to prevent sluggishness before it sets in.

A great ally for those looking for tone and vitality, ginger is a little superhero that we often adopt to reduce fatigue and regain tone, but it hides many other powers under its cloak.

From relieving nausea to strengthening the immune system, focus on this Asian root with multiple benefits and which is appreciated in all ways to take care of your health!


What is ginger?

A plant native to Asia, zingiber officinale , ginger is what we could also call the natural medicine with a thousand and one virtues. Its rich composition makes it an essential in Ayurvedic medicine, a root to always have at home to heal, treat yourself and support the body.

This root belongs to the Zingiberaceae family and flourishes in tropical climates, where humidity, heat and sun allow it to grow in the best conditions. When consuming the root directly, its taste and color may vary slightly depending on its origin and the soil where it grew.

Rhizome like its cousin turmeric, another root that resembles it, but orange in color, it is excellent for health and used for thousands of years to prevent, cure and maintain the immune system.

Both healthy and tasty in the mouth, ginger has everything to please, but above all everything to bring tone to the body!

What are the benefits of Ginger?

If we often think of ginger for its aphrodisiac virtues and its qualities as a condiment in spicy dishes, it is above all a root with many other health benefits. Yes, in addition to being a sexual boost to bring energy under the covers, it is also ideal for regaining vitality in the event of sluggishness .

Whether it's a small, temporary lack of vitality or fatigue that has been present for a while, supplementing with ginger allows you to regain energy on a daily basis and feel better about yourself.

The advantage of ginger? It is a plant naturally rich in nutrients ! It contains minerals (manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, copper) and vitamins (vitamin C, E, A, B3, B1, B2, B5, B6).

With its great composition, we are dealing with a real cocktail of nutrients , enough to offer your body an avalanche of good things and to be in top shape in a healthy way.

Good to know, the virtues of ginger are increased tenfold when combined with pepper or turmeric. Both containing piperine, they allow ginger to be better absorbed by the body.

A ginger cure is ideal for getting back into shape naturally:

It stimulates vitality

Who says tone and vitality says ginger! Antibacterial, it protects against diseases and allows you to be in good health even during the winter season. Say goodbye to colds and small colds, ginger helps protect the body.

On an already healthy terrain, it is an excellent reinforcement which allows you to be ever more in shape and to flourish with a vitality that would make a little flea pale!

It fights fatigue

Thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains, ginger is an excellent tonic and fortifier , ideal for naturally combating temporary fatigue .

By reducing fatigue, we optimize physical and mental capacities, a perfect mix to feel good in your body and in your mind.

It has antioxidant power

Ginger being a powerful antioxidant , it strengthens the body's defensive barriers and contributes to the protection of cells against oxidation.

Antioxidants are protectors that act to protect the body against the harmful effects caused by what we call free radicals, molecules that do not always wish us well. This is why taking advantage of a course of food supplements with ginger means protecting yourself from the consequences of pollution, pesticides, chemicals, UV rays and other sources that can be harmful.

It has anti-inflammatory properties

It is particularly the rhizome of ginger which has anti-inflammatory active ingredients to fight against pain and inflammation such as headaches, dizziness, nausea and even allergies.

And if its concentration of active ingredients makes ginger an anti-inflammatory of choice, its use is particularly recommended for joint pain such as tendonitis or osteoarthritis. In fact, we can compare the effects to those of aspirin, but without the harmful impacts and with 100% natural active ingredients!

It promotes digestion

A great friend of the digestive system, ginger can be used in all sorts of ways for minor ailments and stomach discomfort. Its natural composition stimulates the production of digestive enzymes and the secretion of bile, supporting the gentle digestion process.

Thanks to its antiemetic properties and its concentration of gingerols and shogoals, the consumption of ginger is also recommended to relieve nausea and vomiting.

Good news, in small doses and under medical advice, pregnant women at the beginning of pregnancy can also benefit from its benefits for the famous nausea of the first trimester.

But that's not all, ginger is also excellent for the other organs of the digestive system, both regulating and protective !

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When to take a ginger cure?

The benefits of a ginger cure are numerous and a cure proves to be very interesting in cases of:

- Lack of energy on a daily basis;

- Decrease in vitality;

- Digestive discomfort;

- Temporary fatigue.

Allowing fatigue and stress to set in can lead to burnout. Because it is always better to act to help the body, taking a food supplement rich in ginger will be an excellent solution to support it (especially during winter periods, difficult times and seasonal changes).

How to choose the right ginger food supplement?

To benefit from the best possible quality, always prefer food supplements from organic farming . In addition to minimizing pesticide residues and other chemical inputs, it is the guarantee of having capsules with a maximum of active ingredients.

Depending on the needs and the desired effects, ginger can be consumed alone or as part of a more complete formula as is the case with our Boost Formula , where we have combined it with Maca, Guarana and Acerola for optimal effects.

The advantage of ginger is that it is also a pleasure substance in addition to its health benefits. And if we can consume it in the form of capsules to take a cure, we happily invite it to bathe fresh in an infusion, in powder form in hot dishes or even as a root in a juice.

In terms of dosage, you must adapt the quantity ingested depending on whether the ginger is consumed fresh or dry. To do the calculation, we consider that 2 g of dried ginger is equivalent to 10 g of fresh ginger.

The dosage must therefore be adapted depending on the nature of the ginger used (in infusion, capsule or fresh).

Regarding supplementation, we advise you to opt for a dose of 150 mg to 300 mg of ginger per day .

Ginger supplementation: contraindications

Although ginger is of natural origin, you must always be vigilant in case of:

  1. Taking anticoagulant/beta blocker treatment;
  2. Health disorder related to blood;
  3. Hypertension and heart problems;
  4. Eve of surgery;
  5. Gallstones;
  6. Pregnancy ;
  7. Diabetes.

If in doubt, always contact your doctor to receive advice tailored to your situation. Please note that taking ginger supplements is not recommended for young children.

To take full advantage of the effects of ginger, the ideal is to take a course of food supplements for a minimum duration of one month, to be repeated if necessary (and not to exceed 3 consecutive months of intake, if ginger is consumed pure).

You will have understood, if ginger is perfect for adding sunshine to your dishes, it is above all THE root with energizing virtues to act on tone and vitality, enough to knock out fatigue!

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