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Hops is a climbing plant with many benefits, recognized by the French Pharmacopoeia for its relaxing and soothing properties.

Hops helps fight sleep disorders. It also acts on painful periods and the symptoms of menopause.

Daily intake of 100 mg of Hop cone extract is recommended to promote natural relaxation.

For optimal effectiveness, it can be combined with other plants having the same sedative effects.

Hops are a wonderful plant with many properties. However, we mainly know it for its composition in beer!

So let's discover together this plant, what hops has to offer: to calm, soothe and sleep better are its missions!


Presentation of Hops

Belonging to the Moraceae family, hops are a climbing plant . Native to temperate regions, this herbaceous plant is also found in Europe, Asia and North Africa. Preferring moist soils and shady corners, hops are however imperative that they have a support on which to roll up. Like kiwis, there are male and female plants.

It is the female hop flowers that are used because they contain the majority of the active ingredients. Resembling cones covered with brown scales, when in the flowering state, they are more shaped like catkins.

The parts of the plant used for their medicinal properties are the female flowers and the lupulin . The latter is a resin containing a rich essential oil.

Among the nicknames of this plant, there is the northern vine, the devil's wood or the northern snake.

The benefits

The benefits of hops are numerous . Its action on the body can prove useful in several cases, both to relieve painful periods and symptoms of menopause in women and to regulate the libido of men.

However, hops has a property for which it is well known, and which will interest us here: its role against nocturnal awakenings and sleep problems.

Thanks to its sedative effect, hops are ideal for combating nervous disorders such as oxidative stress, agitation, anxiety, anxiety... It allows natural and calming relaxation , without side effects . This effect is recognized by official institutions such as the French Pharmacopoeia.

The properties of hops to combat sleep disorders, insomnia and promote falling asleep are no longer in doubt, but it is preferable to combine it with other plants for optimal effectiveness.

This is, for example, what we did by combining it in our Sleep Formula with Lemon Balm, Passionflower and California Poppy in order to find restful sleep.

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When to take a cure?

Given its numerous applications, the modalities of a hop cure depend enormously on the expected effect. In the case of painful periods, these will be short treatments before and during the period. Whereas for menopause, it will be a more sustained treatment during the transition to the menopausal condition.

To improve sleep, you will need to plan longer hop cures, as close as possible to your needs. Do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice to see what will suit you best!


The format is the most accessible and the most common is in the form of capsules. The precise dosage depends on the dosage of the supplement; It is therefore preferable to refer to the instructions on the box.

The daily intake of 100 mg of hop cone extract is an adequate dose to benefit from the sedative properties of this plant.

Precautions and contraindications

As a precaution, taking hops is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Furthermore, due to its estrogenic content, hops are contraindicated if there is a direct or family history of ovarian or breast cancers, also called hormone-dependent cancers.

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