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In France, each year, more than 131 million boxes of benzodiazepines are sold. A chemical solution to a sleep problem that can find an effective response in medication of natural origin.

There are many plants for sleeping but not all have the same benefits. Like valerian or linden, passionflower helps you sleep more deeply, with a soothing and relaxing power.

In addition to its soothing properties, it limits addictions, relieves headaches and can help calm asthma attacks.

200mg of passionflower is recommended as a supplement per day, to achieve restful sleep.

Less than 5 hours of sleep per night increases the risk of a heart attack by 48% , and that of a stroke by 15% . Sleeping poorly is therefore a public health problem that must be taken seriously.

Sleep disorders have never been as serious as in recent years.

In this context, herbal medicine is a medicinal approach in which we can be interested. There are many plants for sleeping but not all have the same benefits. The one that catches our attention today is passionflower , particularly for its natural sedative properties.

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What is passionflower?

A family of climbing plants native to South America, passionflower caerulea includes more than 530 different species. Spectacularly colorful, the passionflower likes to grow in a gentle environment.

Its stage name takes its genesis from the Jesuit missionaries who left for the American continent to communicate the Passion of Christ to local populations. This passion flower or flos passionis is a plant whose aesthetic characteristics allow it to enhance exteriors.

In addition to its anatomical beauty, passionflower is also a medicinal plant whose use goes back thousands of years. The natives of South America took advantage of its natural properties by using it as a sedative to calm pain.

Benefits and properties

A person who is awakened by nighttime anxieties cannot guarantee proper brain functioning and even risks, through the presence of inflammations or infections, developing diseases such as cancer or tumor.

According to the NCCIH , passionflower has many benefits. Among others:

It soothes and reduces the time it takes to fall asleep

Passionflower helps increase the level of GABA in the brain to reduce brain activity and limit repeated intrusive thoughts. This is why it is highly recommended during periods of stress or anxiety (especially at night), where this type of thoughts can more easily take over and transform the time to fall asleep into a real ordeal.

Indeed, during periods of insomnia, or disturbed sleep, its soothing effect fundamentally acts on falling asleep and thus on the quality of the nights (particularly when these are also disturbed) which become more restorative and provide the rest necessary for the body and mind.

Several studies demonstrate the anxiolytic effect of passionflower, which can be a natural supplement for people already taking medical treatment.

It limits addictions

Alcohol, cigarettes, etc., can sometimes take a very important place in daily life. Reducing your consumption is sometimes the only viable solution.

However, the fear of not succeeding or repeated past failures do not encourage the addicted person to take the plunge.

Passionflower is one of those plants that helps with withdrawal , soothing cerebral tension and the feeling of withdrawal.

It relieves headaches

Tension headaches or migraines, head pain is very often accompanied by nausea, eye problems or even loss of energy, preventing people who suffer from them from living properly. Chronic, headache can quickly become a handicap in work or daily tasks.

Passionflower helps reduce nerve contractions and prevents the onset of pain.

It calms asthma attacks

Every year, asthma is responsible for many deaths. This respiratory tract disease can be extremely painful, requiring regular inhalations to dilate the bronchi.

Passionflower is said to have soothing properties for this type of crisis.

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When to take a passionflower cure?

You can take a passionflower cure when you have a sleep problem . Whether it's restless nights, trouble falling asleep or even insomnia. Passionflower, with its relaxing property, will help you relax and speed up your time to fall asleep in order to fall asleep more quickly and in a more restorative way.

Furthermore, it can be used during a period of stress to soothe you , or in periods of anxiety or depression. The ideal is always not to wait too long after the onset of these symptoms to start the treatment and also to consult if these symptoms persist.

As seen previously, passionflower also helps prevent the onset of migraine pain and can therefore be taken to prevent migraines.

Contraindications: what do you need to know?

Passion flower is now a plant used in common medicine. It can have effects similar to those of benzodiazepines, medications generally prescribed for insomnia, with the only difference that passionflower is 100% natural .

Among the side effects of passionflower:

  • Dizziness: feeling of loss of balance and dizziness.
  • Drowsiness: a strong desire to sleep for no reason at any time of the day.
  • Blood pressure: excessively high blood pressure leading to numerous cardiovascular risks.

Medicinal plants are not safe. The dosage of 0.5 g to 2 g per day should be respected. Beyond that, the risks of triggering unwanted reactions increase.

If passionflower is considered a very effective sleeping plant, it must be taken according to one's general state of health and must not conflict with one's medication.

A natural sleeping pill for sleeping which is however not recommended for pregnant women who may prefer essential oil diffusers to relax.

To finish

Anxiety is often one of the factors in insomnia, so it is interesting to look at natural ways to feel more relaxed and thus fall asleep more easily.

It is important to remember that in France, each year, more than 131 million boxes of benzodiazepines are sold. A chemical solution to a sleep problem that can find an effective response in medication of natural origin.

Coupled with other substances like alcohol, the combined effects further increase health risks. You must be extremely careful when choosing a medication for sleeping, generally obtained with a mandatory medical prescription. The power conferred by plants provides similar benefits while minimizing risks to the body .

Like valerian or linden, passionflower helps you sleep more deeply, with a soothing power that makes you want to dive into bed again . 😴

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