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California poppy

The article in a few key points

The California poppy (or Eschscholtzia) is a flower from the same family as the poppy.

Cultivated for several centuries, the California poppy promotes sleep and relieves dental pain.

In case of nervous overwork, anxiety or sleep problems, a cure containing California poppy can be beneficial for the body.

The California poppy does not cause any dependence or addiction and presents no danger, as long as the recommended doses are respected.

This magnificent yellow and orange flower, used mainly for ornamentation and its decorative potential, nevertheless has very interesting properties, particularly for sleep!

So what is this plant, what are its benefits and how to use it?

California poppy

Presentation of the California Poppy

Also called Eschscholtzia in homage to the botanist Johan Friedrich Von Eschscholtz, the California poppy is part of the same family as the poppy.

Originally from the United States, and in particular from California where it has been cultivated for several centuries, this flower was historically used by Native Americans. They also boiled, grilled or even smoked the different parts of the plant. Whether to relieve colic or dental pain in young children, or to promote sleep, these people used this plant for different purposes for both children and adults .

Arriving in the 1820s and 30s in Europe, the California poppy has long been used as an ornamental plant because of its large, colorful flowers. Subsequently, its properties allowed it to enter the European Pharmacopoeia .

Generally, it grows in sunny locations and needs dry, stony soils. It reaches a maximum size of 40 cm, and is covered in long yellow and orange petals. Its entire vegetative system is used because it contains active ingredients as a whole, the alkaloids.

What are its benefits ?

Thanks to alkaloids , California poppy acts directly on sleep . And this on several levels: it helps you fall asleep and acts on the different phases of sleep to promote restful sleep.

California poppy is also used to combat stress and promote relaxation. Indeed, it contributes to both physical and mental relaxation via its sedative properties.

Furthermore, California poppy does not cause dependence or addiction, which makes it an ideal supplement to treat sleep disorders . Thanks to its many qualities, it can also serve as gentle alternatives to sleeping pills .

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When to take a cure?

There are two cases where it is recommended to take a cure containing California poppy.

The first is in cases of nervous overwork, anxiety or even anxiety . If you are subject to one of these cases or a significant stressful situation, taking a short course of treatment can help you overcome the situation.

The second is in case of sleep problems . In this case, a longer-term treatment, adapted to your needs, is to be expected.

What is the dosage to adopt?

When it comes to dosage, there are different forms depending on your preferences and needs.

First, there is the infusion. This is a simple way to ingest the California poppy, here consisting only of its aerial part with the foliage and flowers. All you need to do is let a tablespoon of dry plant infuse for 10 minutes in a quarter of boiling water. Ideal for insomnia, it will be enough to drink one cup per day (and before bedtime for sleep) away from meals.

It is also possible to consume California poppy in the form of a supplement in capsules (which is easier to find these days)! For this purpose we have a supplement to promote sleep, the Sleep Formula , where we have combined it with other active ingredients in order to improve its effectiveness. As part of the supplementation, a daily intake of 150 mg of powder from the aerial parts of Eschscholzia is ideal.

Precautions and contraindications

Due to the absence of addiction and if the recommended doses are respected, the California poppy presents no danger.

However, some precautions should be taken such as avoiding mixtures with alcohol or sedative or anxiolytic medications, which would considerably accentuate the effects. Do not hesitate to speak with your pharmacist or doctor if you have the slightest doubt.

Regarding contraindications, because of its active ingredient, California poppy is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and young children.

To finish

We hope this comprehensive guide has given you all the information you need about the California poppy!

As you see, it would be a shame to do without the virtues of this plant with its many benefits . Its relaxing properties make it a perfect plant for people who are regularly stressed, or people suffering from sleep disorders.

Of course, to benefit from its effectiveness optimally, you must consume it in the form of quality food supplements, respecting the prescribed doses and monitoring possible contraindications.

Nature offers us ways to improve our well-being, so let’s take advantage of it!

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