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Collagen and bodybuilding: everything you need to know about this winning duo

Like Laurel and Hardy, collagen and bodybuilding are inseparable in the world of fitness and fitness. Collagen, the body's fundamental structural protein, ensures the cohesion of tissues: from the skin to the joints. No wonder it is popular in bodybuilding!

We will delve into the heart of these two universes to explore their often overlooked relationship. So what role does collagen play in gaining muscle mass? This is what we are going to discover. 🧐🏋️‍♀️

Collagen and bodybuilding

I. Collagen, kezako?

We frequently hear about collagen, especially in the field of beauty. But what exactly is it? 🤔

The “glue” of the human body

Collagen is a major structural protein occurring naturally in the human body and represents approximately 25% of total protein mass . Collagen is primarily responsible for the strength and elasticity of connective tissues, such as skin, tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

It gives the skin its firmness, the joints their flexibility and the bones their strength. But as we will see later, its role does not stop there: collagen is also an ally in bodybuilding, and not the least important. 💪💆‍♀️

The different types of collagen

By talking about “collagen”, we are actually misusing language: yes, there are several types , otherwise it would be too simple! Here are the main ones:

  1. Type I collagen : it is the most abundant. It is found in the skin, tendons, bones and ligaments. It contributes to the strength of these tissues, which is essential for athletes and bodybuilding enthusiasts.

  2. Type II collagen : it is mainly present in cartilage, which makes it a crucial element for joint comfort. The frequent, intensive movements associated with weight training can put considerable strain on joints, making type II collagen particularly important for their maintenance. 🦴🏋️‍♀️

  3. Type III collagen : it is found in the walls of blood vessels and in smooth muscles. It plays a role in the integrity of blood vessels, which can impact blood circulation during physical exertion. 💓🩸

As you see, muscles and collagen are closely linked. Training in the gym puts muscular endurance to the test, and it is precisely in muscle recovery that collagen is involved... but not only that!

II. Collagen in bodybuilding: a key role

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Let's try to understand the interaction between collagen and bodybuilding a little better:

Muscle structure and comfort

Skeletal muscles (the ones you're looking to build with strength 🏋️‍♀️) are mainly made up of muscle fibers. But what you need to know is that these fibers are surrounded and supported by an extracellular matrix , or connective tissue , which includes type I collagen. This protein gives muscle tissue its strength and structure.

When you do weight training, your muscles experience microtrauma, or small damage. Collagen therefore plays a dual role: it helps repair damaged muscle fibers, but also maintains muscle structure. 🧱

Collagen and bodybuilding

Collagen and muscle strength

Collagen plays a significant role in improving muscle strength . Once again, muscle fibers, although responsible for contraction and force, are not everything! The extracellular matrix that surrounds them, composed in part of collagen, also helps keep the machine running… and keeping it in shape – literally .

As we said, type I collagen acts as structural support for muscle fibers. It promotes the repair of damage caused by repeated muscle contraction, while strengthening muscle structure .

A strengthened muscle structure means better stability and increased resistance, therefore better performance! In addition to that, certain types of collagen are involved in the good shape of the joints. And joint support is one of the keys to bodybuilding, particularly because it limits the risk of injury 🦴. Lysine is another essential compound for maintaining healthy joints: we talk about it in this article on the benefits of lysine for bodybuilders . 🍗🔗

Muscle regeneration

Muscle regeneration is the very basis of bodybuilding.

The principle ? Putting your muscles under tension to the point of creating microlesions in the muscle fibers, which the body will then regenerate more thoroughly than before to avoid these future “traumas”: this is what we call muscle hypertrophy.

Type I collagen, present in the connective tissue of muscles, is involved in this regeneration process. When muscles are stressed and undergo microtrauma, collagen promotes repair by strengthening the muscle structure.

This effective regeneration is essential for muscles to grow and become stronger over time. This is why we say that rest is essential in bodybuilding: it is only when resting that regeneration takes place. So there is no point in doing 7 weight training sessions per week, you would simply be defeating your goal. 😪

Note that vitamin C is another very useful compound in bodybuilding for maximum regeneration. For the curious, we discuss it in this article dedicated to the benefits of vitamin C in bodybuilding.🍊🥤

Collagen and bodybuilding

Injury prevention

Injury prevention is essential in bodybuilding and collagen can play an essential role.

When you engage in intense workouts, you expose your muscles and joints to a certain level of stress – that's the goal. The risk of injury is therefore very real, particularly if muscle regeneration and joint stability are not optimal.

Collagen, as a key component of the extracellular matrix, helps strengthen tendons, ligaments and joints. It improves the stability of these structures and protects them from excessive stress. Additionally, by promoting muscle repair, collagen can help prevent muscle imbalances that increase the risk of injury. 🚒

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Collagen and bodybuilding: a word on protein synthesis

Protein synthesis is a complex process in muscle development, and collagen can have an indirect impact on this essential step.

It is a process by which the body replenishes the proteins it needs to function.

Although collagen itself is not directly involved in muscle protein synthesis, it still plays a role by ensuring the stability of connective tissues. Healthy connective tissues are essential to maintain muscle structure and promote the efficient transmission of nerve signals to muscles during exercise. Thus, by allowing more intense workouts while remaining stable and secure, collagen helps to maximize protein synthesis during sessions. 🥊

III. Gain muscle mass and collagen

If collagen and bodybuilding go well together and contribute to muscle development, you still need to be able to ensure sufficient collagen production to take full advantage of it! Unsurprisingly, there are mainly two ways to exploit collagen for sport: diet and supplementation. 🥦💊

Consumption of collagen through food

Of course, diet plays a significant role in supporting muscle tissue. Here is a list of foods rich in collagen that you can consider incorporating into your diet:

  1. Bone Broth : This is a natural source of collagen, prepared by simmering bones for long hours. It can be used as a base for soups, stews and sauces. 🍲

  2. Fish skin : The skin of certain fish, such as salmon, is rich in collagen. It can be grilled or baked for a healthy snack. 🐟

  3. Lean meat : Lean meat, especially cuts with tendons and ligaments, can provide collagen. Stews and casseroles are great options. 🥩

  4. Meat jelly : this preparation made from meat and bones is rich in collagen and can make a filling for sandwiches or serve as an accompaniment to various dishes. 🥪

By incorporating these foods into your daily diet, you put yourself more likely to benefit from the benefits of collagen in bodybuilding!

Collagen and bodybuilding

Taking collagen as a secret weapon 🔫

If you are unable to regularly consume the foods recommended above, don't panic! Taking food supplements will allow you to benefit from the benefits of collagen in bodybuilding without the hassle.

Our Marine Collagen Powder , based on hydrolyzed type I and III collagen peptides, ensures maximum skin elasticity and a significant reduction in joint discomfort. To avoid spoiling anything, we have combined it with vitamin C, which naturally promotes collagen production. This makes it an ideal supplement for athletes or anyone wishing to take care of their joints.

IV. Collagen and bodybuilding, the winning combo 🤝🏆

You understand, bodybuilding and collagen go hand in hand to allow you to maximize your performance, but also to promote the regeneration of muscle tissue . The roles of collagen in bodybuilding are varied and more than important, so do not neglect the foods we have mentioned, or supplementation if necessary.

And now, happy training to you! 💪🏋️‍♂️🔥


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Passionate and expert in micro-nutrition, Lucas founded Novoma in 2012. It is with conviction that he develops food supplements with effective, carefully chosen and 100% clean active ingredients, to best meet the body's needs.

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