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How does marine collagen work on hair?

An essential and majority protein in the body, collagen plays a vital role in connective tissues. It guarantees the regeneration of skin, bones, hair and even nails. A constituent to cherish for aging well and better!

Today, we take stock of the benefits of marine collagen on hair , a part of the body that loses tone, vitality and density with age...

In capsules or enriched in hair masks, it is the protein you need to take care of your hair.

Ready to sport a dream mane? You will love the effects of collagen!

marine collagen hair

What are the beauty benefits of marine collagen?

In addition to resembling that produced by our body, marine collagen is highly assimilable by the body. A major asset to make the most of its benefits! At the level of the skin, hair, bones or even for metabolism, it is a protein active in the regeneration process as we explained to you in our guide on Collagen .

Thanks to its anti-aging action, we love integrating it into a beauty routine to support cells, prevent and slow down the effects of aging. This is why we chose it as the flagship complement of our Beauty Pack !

3 collagen capsules per day with a good glass of water: here is your new secret to youth.

Please note that we also find products and food supplements based on bovine collagen, a form less well assimilated by the body and which does not offer as many benefits. Besides, we come to its beauty benefits:

When collagen acts on the skin

Unsurprisingly, and as we discuss in our article on the effects of marine collagen on the skin , collagen is beneficial for the appearance of your skin. If the body synthesizes it, the quantity produced is reduced from the age of 25. this is why it is necessary to offer an external contribution if you want to preserve the suppleness and elasticity of the skin.

Regenerate your hair with collagen

And if marine collagen has many positive effects on the body, it is THE ideal protein for hair . From growth to strengthening, including increasing vitality, this molecule must be absolutely included in the maintenance of the hair fiber.

Start your marine collagen treatment now and enjoy healthy hair!

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The beneficial effects of collagen on hair

Marine collagen has a repairing and hydrating power on the hair , a boon for damaged hair lacking vitality. A true repairer, it acts on the hair fiber by strengthening it, which allows you to have thicker and more supple hair.

In addition to its restorative role, marine collagen is also a shield against external aggressions such as pollution, straightening, coloring, the sun or chlorinated water. With its moisturizing and repairing action, the elasticity of the hair is reinforced.

Ideally, to enhance the effects of its action, it is advisable to avoid chemical coloring, harmful hair products, heating appliances and other sources of pollution.

Its natural composition is also perfect for restoring volume to the hair, a sought-after benefit when you have fine hair or lack vitality. Its nourishing action helps slow down hair loss, a function that we love and which allows us to maintain beautiful hair density.

Although this protein is naturally present in the human body, its production decreases with age, which is why it is interesting to supplement with marine collagen to take care of your hair fiber.

Whether you have dull, brittle, dry or oily hair , enjoy the many benefits of marine collagen on hair:

  • Protects against external aggression;
  • Deeply moisturizes hair;
  • Strengthens hair elasticity;
  • Prevents against aging;
  • Repairs damaged hair;
  • Firms the hair fiber.

And now, head to the bathroom, we tell you to regain strength and shine, and above all to finally have the hair you dream of!

How to use collagen for hair?

If marine collagen is very effective for hair, there are several ways to benefit from its benefits, particularly cosmetically or in the form of food supplements. Repairing, protective and nourishing, it is a great ally for preventing, healing and maintaining hair.

As for beauty routine , invest in cleansing products rich in marine collagen, it's an easy gesture to adopt. Shampoo, conditioner or serum, there are more and more products with natural ingredients, including marine hair collagen.

As soon as you get out of the shower, apply marine collagen to hair that is still wet, then massage your scalp to make the product penetrate well. Next, gently comb through to remove excess product, then style as usual.

Want deeper action? Do a hair treatment with marine collagen and leave it on for a good half hour for an even greater result.

For a long-lasting effect, opt for a course of marine collagen food supplements ! Combined with hyaluronic acid, biotin, vitamins and zinc, your marine collagen treatment for hair is rich in nutrients, the ideal formula to reduce hair loss and strengthen the vitality of your hair.

We recommend a 3-month cure, to be repeated several times throughout the year and taking care to space out the cures with a 21-day break.

In the kitchen, you can benefit from the benefits of collagen by eating fish, it is particularly present in the skin, scales and bones. Cod, salmon or even fish stock, treat yourself, it’s your hair that will thank you.

Your hair is shiny, firm, enriched and toned!

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