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Why choose the Epax® label?

On the list of essential fatty acids, omega 3 is at the top, because it is essential for the proper functioning of the body. They ensure perfect functioning of the brain, nervous system and retina.

ANSES relies on scientific studies to show the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids on our well-being, particularly at the cardiovascular level.

But how to find your way among the different omega 3s? We give you some tips for choosing a natural, quality supplement. Discover in this article all the benefits of Epax® fish oil which makes up our omega 3 formula.


What does the Epax® label mean?

Obtained from high-quality raw materials, Epax® oil is certified by the Friend of the Sea® organization since it is made from wild fish caught at sea and guaranteed by fishing that respects biodiversity. Epax® fish oils are extracted at low temperature then decontaminated. With the Epax® label, you can count on safe and concentrated omega 3 formulas, in natural form.

Why choose Epax® oil?

World leader in marine omega 3 fatty acids, the Epax® label offers quality products, supported by clinical studies. The values ​​of Epax® match the values ​​of Novoma, based on transparency and traceability.

The Epax® quality system is based on a charter of 3 commitments:

  1. Purity : fish oil is decontaminated in Norway and then purified. A patented distillation process allows the elimination of environmental pollutants and heavy metals.

  2. Quality : this is controlled throughout the production process. The oil obtained is an ultra-pure fish oil.

  3. Innovation : Epax® relies on innovative technologies to improve and develop its products.

Selection criteria for choosing your omega 3 supplement

To enrich your diet with quality food supplements, which will contribute to your well-being, it is essential to pay attention to certain selection criteria. We give you some advice!

Origins of omega 3

The human body does not produce omega 3. These essential fatty acids must therefore be supplied to the body through food or supplementation with food supplements. There are 3 categories of polyunsaturated fatty acids whose recommended daily intakes differ:

  1. alpha-linolenic acid (ALA or AAL) 2.5 g for a man and 2 g for a woman;

  2. eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA): 250 mg;

  3. docosahexaenoic acid (DHA): 250 mg.

Very often, our diet does not cover the recommended intake of omega 3. To avoid nutritional deficits and the associated repercussions on your well-being, take care to choose the best Omega 3 for you.

Omega 3 content Epax®

Among the criteria to take into account, the concentration of EPA and DHA fatty acids is important. Epax® oils offer a perfect balance of fatty acids with 40% EPA and 30% DHA.

We recommend you

best omega 3

Omega 3

Ultra pure fish oil concentrated in essential omega 3 fatty acids (90% triglycerides).

  • ✅ Ultra pure EPAX® fish oil
  • ✅ 800 mg EPA & 600 mg DHA
  • ✅ Friend of the Sea®
  • ✅ Minimal oxidation (Totox < 3)
See the product sheet

The degree of oxidation of omega 3

The Totox index is another criterion not to be neglected.

Indeed, it is essential to control the degree of oxidation of omega 3 in order to offer a product whose quality is not altered. A Totox index that is too high can mean that your supplement is at best ineffective, or even unfit for consumption, because it has become rancid. Too much exposure to oxygen in the air, to light, or even to heat are associated with increased oxidation of the oil. Conversely, the association of oil with a natural antioxidant , like rosemary extract, is beneficial for the proper preservation of your omegas.

Our Omega 3 Epax® have a Totox index of less than 3. This is the assurance of optimal omega 3 quality in each capsule throughout the lifespan of our products.

Certifications and labels

With the Epax® label, you are guaranteed to consume quality omega 3. The products meet several requirements and are certified to pharmaceutical industry standards in Europe and the United States. Recognized throughout the world, the Epax® oil chosen for the composition of our Epax® Omega 3 product is certified by the Friend of the Sea® label. This is the guarantee of eco-responsible fishing. Additionally, the purity of Epax® fish oil exceeds standards established by GOED (Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s).

The best omega 3 to be in shape

It is recommended to choose food supplements rich in active ingredients. This is the case of our Epax® Omega 3 which is composed of ultra pure Epax® fish oil concentrated in essential fatty acids.

Now you know everything about the Epax® label! Do you want to know more about the benefits of omega 3? Check out our complete guide !


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Passionné et expert en micro-nutrition, Lucas a fondé Novoma en 2012. C’est avec conviction qu’il développe des compléments alimentaires aux actifs efficaces, soigneusement choisis et 100 % clean, pour répondre au mieux aux besoins de l’organisme.

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