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Iron bisglycinate: what are its effects and benefits?

Among the most widespread dietary deficiencies, iron deficiency occupies a good place. If you are a woman, for example, you may be part of the 25% of French women who lack iron . Unfortunately, different treatments such as iron-based medications or certain supplements can have their share of unpleasant effects: transit or digestive disorders, stomach discomfort.

So, despite the importance of supplementing yourself in case of deficiency, perhaps you are seriously considering stopping to no longer experience these hassles...

Stop! ✋ What if you tried another iron supplement ? A more digestible and bioavailable supplement, which provides you with all the necessary iron intake, without causing discomfort?

So give iron bisglycinate a chance! Much better for your body, in this form iron is healthier and much more digestible.

When and why should you use iron bisglycinate? We give you all the secrets of this evolved trace element.

iron bisglycinate

When to take an iron bisglycinate treatment?

Many people around the world suffer from iron deficiency without even knowing it, even though it is accompanied by many symptoms.

They are caused by poor blood oxygenation and too low hemoglobin levels.

Iron, an essential trace element, plays many roles in the human body, and not the least important ones.

Indeed, it acts on the normal functioning of the metabolism and the immune system . It plays a crucial role in the circulation of oxygen in the blood, and in particular the production of red blood cells .

So, if you think you are lacking iron, do not hesitate to consult your doctor and have a blood test. You may need an iron supplement! If you want more details, do not hesitate to consult our complete guide dedicated to iron. You will become knowledgeable on the subject!

Iron bisglycinate treatment: for whom?

We know that iron is very important for our body. In addition to consuming foods rich in iron , a cure is generally necessary in certain situations where the lack of iron is too significant.

The people most affected by iron deficiency are:

  • - pregnant or breastfeeding women;
  • - young children or adolescents;
  • - old people ;
  • - women who have heavy periods;
  • - the top athletes ;
  • - people with an exclusively plant-based diet.

In pregnant women, for example, the presence of the fetus increases iron requirements . The mother must ensure that her body, but also that of her baby, has an iron level high enough for their respective needs.

We have also written an article dedicated to iron deficiency in pregnant women if you want to know more.

In all of these types of people, the need is high and must be met. Whether for the needs of the fetus, the cognitive development of the child, or the proper oxygenation of the muscles, iron supplementation is sometimes necessary, because the consequences of an iron deficiency can be more or less serious.

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iron bisglycinate

Iron Bisglycinate

Highly assimilable Iron Bisglycinate Ferrochel® combined with vitamin C.

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  • ✅ 14 mg of elemental iron per capsule
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  • ✅ 3 months of treatment
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Iron bisglycinate: the safe solution for your health and your stomach

Although iron is a vital element for our body, it remains a difficult mineral to assimilate. Even through supplementation, it is not always easy to consume it. For what ? Because iron is usually very poorly digested, which frequently leads to stopping its intake.

Indeed, poor tolerance to supplements causes stomach aches, transit disorders, etc. Quite unpleasant effects which justify stopping their consumption.

To supplement correctly and without risk of discomfort, iron must be bioavailable, that is to say, the body must be able to absorb it correctly. This is the case for iron bisglycinate.

At Novoma, we have chosen a patented iron chelate: iron bisglycinate Ferrochel® . This is the alliance between iron and an amino acid called glycine. Numerous clinical trials have demonstrated that the union of the two makes our trace element much more assimilable and digestible.

Thanks to glycine, iron is more resistant to stomach acids. This allows it to be better absorbed by the body without causing damage, ensuring perfect intestinal tolerance. Iron bisglycinate is therefore THE solution!

You now know how and why to supplement with iron, particularly iron bisglycinate. If you are in one of the situations mentioned above, require iron bisglycinate. Your well-being and your stomach will thank you! 💪

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