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The benefits of biotin: for a quest for well-being!

The quest for well-being pushes us to look for natural and effective solutions. Among its key elements, diet and its vitamin intake play an essential role. Today we're looking at biotin, also known as vitamin H.

What is biotin? What is his role ? How to define your daily biotin intake? Let's dive into the world of micronutrients and discover in detail the multiple benefits of biotin .

biotin benefits

I. What is biotin?

Overview of biotin

Biotin is a vitamin that is part of the B vitamin group. Vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of our body, because they are involved in physiological processes. There are generally two categories of vitamins :

  1. Fat-soluble vitamins , which can dissolve in a fatty substance;

  2. and water-soluble vitamins , which mix in water.

Biotin is part of the 2nd category, because it is soluble in water.

Good to know: vitamin B8 has different names! Depending on the article and the country, it is found under the term biotin , vitamin H or even vitamin B8 .

Role of biotin

Biotin is primarily recognized for its role as a coenzyme in macronutrient metabolism. It acts on enzymatic chemical reactions allowing the transformation of carbohydrates and lipids in our diet into usable energy for the body.

It is also useful in the synthesis of fatty acids and amino acids.

Finally, biotin participates in the regulation of the nervous system by promoting communication between nerve cells. 🧬

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II. The consequences of a lack of biotin

Can we lack biotin?

Yes ! Biotin deficiency can manifest itself in various disruptions in the normal functioning of the body. Some people notice a deterioration in the condition of their skin: it becomes drier or is prone to breakouts. Others report chronic fatigue, digestive discomfort or fragile hair leading to loss.

What are the risk factors for a lack of biotin?

Some individuals are unfortunately more exposed to a biotin deficiency. Here are some groups that may suffer from a deficit.

Restrictive diets

People on very restrictive diets, such as low-calorie or low-carb diets, may have insufficient biotin intake. These people can therefore find themselves lacking in biotin due to this nutritional imbalance.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

If pregnant women's iron needs increase during pregnancy and breastfeeding, they also increase in biotin. Indeed, this vitamin is necessary for the growth and development of the fetus. This is why, during this particular period of life, women could be susceptible to biotin deficiency.

Hereditary metabolic disorders

Certain inherited metabolic disorders, such as holocarboxylase synthetase deficiency, interfere with the normal use of biotin in the body. Sufferers require higher doses of biotin to support their metabolic functions.

Gastrointestinal disorders

Certain chronic gastrointestinal disorders can interfere with the normal absorption of nutrients, including biotin. People with these disorders may be at greater risk of being deficient in biotin due to absorption difficulties.

Excessive alcohol consumption

Alcohol negatively impacts the absorption of vitamins, including biotin. Excessive and prolonged consumption of alcohol can therefore lead to a biotin deficiency in the body.

III. How biotin works

Absorption and metabolism

Biotin is absorbed primarily in the small intestine, then it is transported to the liver where it is activated in the form of coenzymes.

What about coenzymes?

Activated coenzymes then participate in metabolic processes that release energy from the nutrients we consume . Our bodies require it for processes such as fatty acid synthesis, glucose production, and regulation of amino acid metabolism.

IV. The benefits of biotin

Now that we know what biotin is , and how it interacts in our body, let's take a look at the effects it produces. Because the effects of biotin are numerous!

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Benefits for hair vitality

Biotin contributes to the beauty of our hair 💆‍♀️, in different ways. This is why we have dedicated an article to it . Concretely, it helps to strengthen hair follicles , thus promoting healthy hair. It also prevents excessive hair loss linked to insufficient biotin intake.

Benefits for skin health

Biotin contributes to cell regeneration, helping to maintain soft, supple and radiant skin. It can also reduce the appearance of skin problems such as the excessive presence of spots.

Benefits for nail strength

Biotin is linked to nail strength and growth. It helps prevent brittle nails by promoting normal nail structure. 💅

biotin benefits

V. Food sources to benefit from the benefits of biotin

Foods naturally rich in biotin

Many foods naturally contain varying amounts of biotin. Whether they are of plant or animal origin, you will inevitably find in this list something to benefit from all the benefits of biotin with menus to suit your taste.

  1. Eggs 🍳

Egg yolk in particular is one of the richest sources of biotin. Since they are quite inexpensive and versatile, eggs are easy to incorporate into your everyday recipes.

  1. Nuts 🥜

Almonds and cashews contain biotin. They are also rich in fatty acids which have positive effects on health too!

  1. Green leafy vegetables 🥬

Spinach, lettuce, kale and cauliflower are rich in biotin and offer a significant plant source of this vitamin.

  1. Mushrooms 🍄

Mushrooms also contain it. They add flavor to your dishes.

  1. Legumes 🥗

Lentils, chickpeas and beans are good sources of biotin, in addition to providing protein and fiber. This is a good option for fans of vegetarian diets.

  1. The liver 🍗

Organ meats, such as chicken liver, beef liver or even kidneys, are among the best animal sources of biotin. It's true that you have to know how to cook them to appreciate all the benefits.

Biotin food supplements

Biotin food supplements are interesting if you want to improve the beauty of your hair, skin or nails! The benefits of consuming food supplements are real:

  1. you have the right daily dose by respecting the indicated dosage;

  2. you benefit from a highly assimilable form (depending on the quality of the supplement you choose);

  3. there is no contraindication to the consumption of biotin: if your body has enough, the excess is eliminated in the urine.

VI. Biotin, an essential vitamin with many benefits

There you go, you now have a clear vision of the benefits of biotin . This vitamin turns out to be a superstar of well-being and beauty ⭐️. Thanks to its roles in macronutrient metabolism, regulation of the nervous system and much more, biotin stands out as one of the keys to your well-being.

From the ends of your hair to the base of your nails, biotin works behind the scenes to keep everything functioning normally.

Take care of yourself, your beauty and your well-being by integrating biotin into your daily meal. Your body and mind will thank you, and you will shine from the inside out!

In short, the benefits of biotin, also called vitamin B8, are interesting for promoting overall well-being. This water-soluble vitamin plays a fundamental role in the metabolism of nutrients such as lipids and carbohydrates, helping to maintain an essential metabolic balance.

A nutritional deficiency in biotin can have consequences on hair loss and dermatological problems, highlighting the importance of ensuring an adequate intake of this vitamin. By understanding the sources and benefits of biotin , you can take action to avoid any vitamin B8 deficiency.

Let's not forget the positive impact of biotin on nutrient metabolism, one more reason to wisely integrate this vitamin into your daily routine!


Co-founder of NOVOMA

Passionate and expert in micro-nutrition, Lucas founded Novoma in 2012. It is with conviction that he develops food supplements with effective, carefully chosen and 100% clean active ingredients, to best meet the body's needs.

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