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Lack of iron and hair loss: how to fix it?

Losing a few hairs while brushing or detangling is normal. But losing a lot of hair on a daily basis is a warning signal from the body that should not be ignored. Hormonal disorders, thyroid or even stress, the reasons for hair loss can be numerous, but it is potentially a sign of iron deficiency.

Are you wondering if iron deficiency and hair loss are linked?

Head to the bathroom to understand the role of the iron on the hair and how to remedy hair loss effectively and sustainably!

lack of iron and hair loss

Why does a lack of iron cause hair loss?

Healthy hair means well-nourished hair, but above all hair that grows on healthy, well-irrigated tissue. Yes, even if it happens inside and we can't see it, the blood circulates well in our head, and it even plays a vital function in our hair balance.

Why does a lack of iron cause hair loss?

However, when we lack iron, blood formation no longer occurs normally.

As you know, blood is essential to make our body and its organs function. Thus, if the latter suffers from poor blood formation, priorities are made according to the most important areas such as the lungs, heart and brain.

Having hair certainly seems essential to us, but it is far from being essential for survival, which is why the area is no longer irrigated as it should, with the consequence of hair loss .

As the cells dedicated to hair growth receive less oxygen via the blood, they have less energy and can no longer carry out their role properly. Wow, the hair follicles no longer receive enough blood supply, hair development is disrupted.

We summarize: lack of iron = poor transport of oxygenated blood to the hair follicles = hair loss

Before experiencing hair loss, we can often observe fine, brittle, fragile and weak hair, the beginnings of hair loss linked to lack of iron.

The solution ? Stock up on iron to finally allow the blood to carry out its role. Iron cure or diet rich in iron, hair loss linked to a lack of iron is not irreversible.

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lack of iron and hair loss

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How to react to iron deficiency and hair loss?

Stopping hair loss due to iron deficiency is possible! Yes, with a little patience, diligence, and following our advice, you will regain your beautiful hair.

Dull hair, brittle hair and hair that is falling out, don't let yourself be defeated by this moment which can be difficult, adopt the right actions to say goodbye to the lack of iron and hair loss duo .

Simple and effective, consuming iron is THE solution to adopt without further delay if the cause of your hair loss is indeed iron deficiency. Solving the problem at its source by filling the gap causing hair loss is the number one action to take. But then, how do we avoid being iron deficient?

We can never say it enough, the basis is to have a varied and balanced diet every day. And to better meet the body's needs and replenish stocks, opt for an iron cure .

It is when the iron level in the body has returned to normal that the hair will resume good growth. The good idea is to take iron bisglycinate to maximize the benefits of your treatment and finally put aside the “lack of iron and hair loss” couple that is ruining your life.

As you will have understood, hair growth is hampered when iron stocks are depleted, but you can act to meet your iron needs and regain that hair that you love so much.

Consume iron and choose hair regrowth ! (bye bye lack of iron and hair loss!)


Co-founder of NOVOMA

Passionate and expert in micro-nutrition, Lucas founded Novoma in 2012. It is with conviction that he develops food supplements with effective, carefully chosen and 100% clean active ingredients, to best meet the body's needs.

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