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Vitamin C and iron, the ultimate combination to keep you in perfect shape

Vitamin C and iron are two key nutrients for our health. But did you know, for example, that the WHO estimates that 40% of pregnant women worldwide are iron deficient ? Vitamin C, for its part, is known to contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system, to promote the production of collagen impacting the skin and hair, and even to help with the absorption of iron! By combining these two nutrients, we can maximize their benefits for our body 💪

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of vitamin C and iron in detail, as well as why it's important to combine them!

vitamin c and iron

Why consume vitamin C and iron?

As you can imagine, vitamin C and iron go hand in hand to give you a whole host of benefits 🐱‍🏍 Let’s look at it in more detail.

The benefits of vitamin C

vitamin c and iron

Vitamin C, or L-ascorbic acid , is one of the most important nutrients for the body. It is known for its antioxidant properties, which fight against free radicals that can damage cells and cause premature aging. In addition, vitamin C contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system by participating in the production of white blood cells, which can prevent catching the first virus or microbe that passes by.

It has also been shown that consuming vitamin C can help maintain bones and joints by promoting the production of collagen, a key component of connective tissue. It also contributes to the reduction of temporary fatigue.

In addition to all these benefits, vitamin C also aids digestion by helping the body better absorb iron . One more factor to prevent iron deficiency 🧲

In short, vitamin C is an essential nutrient for our body, to say the least! To learn more, you can find our complete guide to vitamin C.

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vitamin c and iron

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The benefits of iron

vitamin c and iron

Iron, too, is a key element for our well-being. It plays an important role in the production of red blood cells , which carry oxygen throughout the body. It also participates in blood circulation, thus avoiding certain associated disorders. Additionally, iron benefits cognitive function. It also contributes to energy production to help us stay active throughout the day.

But that's not all ! Iron contributes to our fitness by maintaining the proper functioning of the immune system. Conversely, a very common iron deficiency can lead to fatigue, hair loss and dry skin.

Here again, iron, through its important role in many bodily functions, is a crucial nutrient for our body. We tell you a little more about its superpowers in our complete guide to iron .

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Vitamin C and iron, a winning interaction

The interaction between vitamin C and iron is interesting for our balance. Vitamin C helps with the body's absorption of iron, which can improve red blood cell production and oxygen circulation. Additionally, vitamin C and iron work synergistically to promote overall well-being, particularly supporting the body's immunity.

Iron absorption can be affected by several factors, including the type of iron ingested , the amount, and other nutrients present in the diet. Vitamin C may help improve the absorption of nonheme iron , a type of iron found in many plant foods.

Indeed, vitamin C plays a role in transforming so-called ferric iron into so-called ferrous iron, which is much better absorbed by the body.

When consumed with iron-rich foods, vitamin C can increase iron absorption up to six times. In addition to improving iron absorption, vitamin C also plays an important role in the production of collagen, a key component of blood vessels, skin and bones. Not to spoil anything, vitamin C also improves calcium absorption 🦴

In short, vitamin C and iron are two key nutrients that work synergistically. By consuming iron-rich foods with sources of vitamin C, you can maximize their benefits for your body. It is important to maintain an adequate balance between these nutrients for optimal fitness; in fact, you may not take full advantage of the benefits of iron if you are, at the same time, lacking vitamin C!


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