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What are the best sources of natural vitamin C?

Vitamin C is mainly known for its action on fitness and energy. It is also one of the molecules best able to support our immune system . But then, what should we eat or drink to ensure that we have a sufficient supply of natural vitamin C, essential to our body?

Find in this article the benefits of vitamin C but also and above all discover (or re-discover) the best sources of natural vitamin C.

The role of Vitamin C in our well-being

As we explained to you in this complete guide , vitamin C, which is also called “ascorbic acid” (this is its scientific name), is not produced directly by our body. It is therefore particularly important to know your natural sources well, and to consume them regularly to properly nourish our cells.

Specialists generally recommend consuming 1000 mg per day, in order to contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system and to stay in great shape throughout the day. Ensuring you have a good intake of vitamin C is particularly important for fragile people, or people who have to make very sustained efforts on a daily basis (athletes, for example). It will therefore be all the more important for them to achieve this level of contribution.

The best sources of natural vitamin C

Here are our top 5 best sources of natural vitamin C.

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We had already devoted a complete article to acerola, which you can find here . And this craze can be explained simply: it is THE fruit which contains, on average, the highest vitamin C content in the world!

This information is obviously not communicated randomly. Indian researchers have indeed carried out a very detailed study on this subject. Their findings are clear: not only does acerola display an impressive level of natural vitamin C (1500 mg to 4500 mg for a 100 g portion), but this exotic fruit also greatly outperforms foods recognized as being very rich in acid . ascorbic . For comparison, and this may surprise you, know that lemon and orange , although very famous in this area, actually contain 20 to 40 times less natural vitamin C than acerola.

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Guava , another exotic fruit, does not reach the same heights as acerola, but is still one of the foods richest in natural vitamin C.

On this subject, the Indian scientific community seems to be particularly interested in ascorbic acid , since a national scientific journal has also published research focusing more specifically on the benefits of guava for boosting the immune system . Obviously, this property comes largely from its vitamin C content . If we refer to the nutritional indices of Anses Ciqual , we actually learn that in 100 g of guava, we find 228 mg of ascorbic acid .

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The pepper

This is a fact less known to the general public, and yet peppers are indeed a vegetable rich in natural vitamin C. Here again, we are not close to the heights reached by acerola , but its 97 mg intake makes it an interesting vegetable to consume raw to have a sufficient intake every day.

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Broccoli can also be added to your plate of vegetables to supplement your daily intake of ascorbic acid. Not far from the pepper, its natural vitamin C content is 91.3 mg.

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The orange

Although citrus fruits are renowned for their vitamin C content, you probably didn't expect orange to be so low in this ranking. It is in fact considered one of the fruits richest in natural vitamin C , and if it does indeed contain an interesting level, it is in reality largely exceeded by other foods. Judge for yourself: a 100 g portion contains “only” 59.1 mg of ascorbic acid , a figure that is incommensurate with the foods mentioned above!

Its success and reputation in this area come mainly from the drink made from it, orange juice . Indeed, in its industrial form, it is enhanced with certain active ingredients which increase its vitamin C content . In addition, orange is excellent for keeping the body in shape: it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties .

Fruits and vegetables rich in natural vitamin C and modern agriculture

The figures that we have just revealed are obviously reliable, but they refer to general observations, based on fruits in their raw state. Unfortunately, when you fill your basket at the supermarket, the storage phases or even the cooking of these foods at home result in the degradation of the nutrients (and therefore natural vitamin C) in the fruits.

We talked to you about it in this article entirely dedicated to the problem. Broadly speaking, the problem essentially comes from the conditions in which fruits and vegetables are grown , including within the framework of organic farming. Indeed, in addition to the obvious consequences linked to pesticides and fertilizers, the storage phases lead to a degradation of nutrients.

We therefore recommend that you turn to natural supplements specifically designed to provide you with all the natural vitamin C you need. Their main ingredient? Acerola , obviously!

Organic acerola: the best natural vitamin C supplement?

As we explained previously, acerola is extremely rich in natural vitamin C. And to be sure to get the most out of it, don't hesitate to turn to food supplements based on organic Acerola . Made from acerola berries from Brazil (a country with optimal conditions for growing acerola), acerola supplements from organic farming are of much better quality than "classic" supplements, often enriched with synthetic ascorbic acid, and containing chemical treatment residues.

Unlike fruits and vegetables, food supplements are inherently protected from alterations due to climate and are therefore much less likely to lose their effectiveness over time. They thus ensure a 100% natural vitamin intake , sustainably and in line with official recommendations.

If you haven't already done so, we strongly encourage you to discover our Organic Acerola . The feedback is extremely positive: revitalizing, stimulating, this food intake rich in natural vitamin C is enough to make you take off… naturally!

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