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Burdock is a plant recognized throughout the world for many years for its medicinal virtues.

Burdock is particularly beneficial for the epidermis, and more particularly for inflammation of the skin and its reconstruction (after burns or severe sunburn).

As a supplement in capsule form, it is consumed at 200 mg per day, if we want to benefit from all the potential it offers us.

Originally from Japan, burdock is a medicinal plant with recognized effectiveness throughout the world. Its natural properties give it a role as a purifier of the body.

A burdock cure can meet many needs. An antioxidant plant par excellence, it acts on the skin, on stomach problems and has a positive effect on blood circulation.

Let us be overcome with curiosity about burdock, this plant with world-famous properties!


What is burdock?

Burdock, also called Arctium lappa , is an edible medicinal plant used for millennia to treat skin conditions.

Burdock: a plant for the skin with a thousand virtues

A large biennial plant, it belongs to the genus Arctium lappa, commonly cultivated in Europe, Asia and America. In the past, its use was reserved for stimulating hair regrowth or as a diuretic. Burdock flower heads are also the origin of the Velcro grip strip.

Its application became widespread after the discovery of its anti-infectious and antibacterial functions. On the skin, it is its anti-inflammatory activity that is appreciated. It can thus be used to relieve inflamed skin, particularly after burns or sunburn (be careful to always wear sunscreen).

Once ingested, burdock also plays a role as a powerful antioxidant to inhibit the formation of free radicals, which are responsible for skin aging, thanks to its water-soluble compounds. It can therefore be considered as an anti-aging tip . The sun itself being considered one of the main factors in premature aging of the skin, burdock can be used to protect against these effects.

The roots, young shoots and leaves can be consumed in everyday food or in the form of food supplements .

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Composition and source of Burdock

It mainly contains:

  • inulin : a natural fiber present in the vast majority of plants with the benefits of improving digestion and regulating blood sugar;
  • mucilages : viscous plant substances which nourish the intestinal flora and ensure the proper functioning of the digestive system;
  • phenolic acids : organic substances with antioxidant properties.

Burdock is an ingredient of choice in the composition of medicines.

Burdock root is found naturally along roadsides or in certain woods. On healthy ground, it can simply be picked up by hand. The flower but also the root must be removed from the ground to benefit from its properties.

Skin problems, poor digestion, inflammation... it is a very effective herbal medicine solution.

What are the benefits of burdock?

Burdock is an antioxidant root with therapeutic properties , which notably protects the epidermis and lowers blood sugar levels.

Let’s review its benefits:

It helps soothe skin exposed to the sun

Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause burns on the surface of the skin, also called sunburn. They can be invisible and painless, or extremely painful depending on the degree of burn.

Arctium lappa will thus soothe the itching sensation and the pain caused by sunburn. It also limits infection and skin complications during skin repair. This is why supplementing with burdock before and after sun exposure is interesting.

It stimulates the reconstruction of the skin

A true collagen stimulant, burdock helps to consolidate the epidermis and rebuild the dermis . This is particularly the case after peeling (following sudden and excessive exposure to the sun) or after suffering sunburn which seriously damages the skin.

The fiber networks are thus stronger and the skin regains all its firmness.

It would help regulate blood sugar levels

Blood sugar corresponds to the sugar level present in the body. People with levels that are too high can quickly develop diabetes with consequences that can be very dangerous for their health.

Burdock helps regulate blood glucose . Purifying, it promotes the assimilation of sugar after meals. For diabetic subjects, burdock would reduce the effects of the disease on the body.

It purifies the blood

To function, organs need a significant number of nutrients. Their use leads to the accumulation of waste which will have to be eliminated. If the diet is not sufficiently varied or if a pathology does not allow effective elimination, supplementation can be a very interesting alternative. You can then take a burdock treatment to get rid of toxins present in the body and thus benefit from better blood circulation.

How to choose the right burdock supplement?

Burdock can be taken in powder form, in capsules, or by consuming the plant directly in culinary preparations. For effective treatment, it is advisable to respect the dosage as with any supplement, in order to avoid any inconvenience linked to overconsumption.

For supplementation in capsules, we advise you to start with a daily dose of 200 mg to benefit from the potential of the plant. This is also the case within our Sun Formula (where burdock is combined with other active ingredients) designed to protect and repair the skin from the harmful effects of the sun and activate the tan.

Burdock: contraindications

Burdock is widely consumed in Chinese culture. The dangers associated with its consumption are minimal, other than allergies for people sensitive to certain flowers or herbs.

A burdock treatment does not a priori present any side effects. A rash may be a warning sign of a proven intolerance to this natural antioxidant.

This plant is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Burdock is an effective coagulant. For people suffering from abnormal bleeding or difficult blood clotting, the plant is prohibited.

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