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Lutein is a natural antioxidant from the carotenoid family. It is found in colorful foods such as yellow or orange fruits and vegetables.

Lutein is considered the eye molecule because it protects our vision from light. A true natural pigment, it participates in the production of melanin.

In addition to acting directly on the skin and our complexion, it improves visual acuity and combats oxidative stress.

Lutein is a member of the carotenoid family, powerful antioxidants found in many plants.

From its antioxidant function, to strengthening eye protection, to preparing the skin for summer, here we are going to give you a quick overview of the many benefits of lutein for a perfectly healthy body!


What is lutein?

Lutein is an orange-yellow pigment from the carotenoid family that is found in certain foods and plants. Not synthesized by the body, it is provided directly by our diet.

Lutein is considered the “eye molecule” since it makes up our retina. In addition, its natural composition protects the eye from light, thus reducing the risk of eye problems.

It is a natural pigment which is also responsible for the production of melanin to prepare the skin before sun exposure when the sunny days arrive.

Although it is not an essential nutrient, lutein remains central to the proper functioning of the body. It has many benefits for our health, which we will explore further below in this article.

Sources of Lutein

Like natural antioxidants, lutein is found in brightly colored foods such as fruits and vegetables, particularly those with leaves whose color tends to orange and yellow.

The first signs of lutein deficiency can be a reduction in vision or, in the most severe cases, a clouding of the lens. The latter can then be compensated by integrating sources rich in lutein into your diet, notably egg yolk and edible flowers such as marigold.

Here are foods rich in lutein:

  • parsley ;
  • spinach ;
  • cabbage ;
  • leeks;
  • Hazelnut ;
  • but.

What are the benefits of lutein?

The virtues of this pigment are numerous. It protects the skin and eyes and neutralizes the harmful actions of free radicals. Allied to beauty and health, lutein is one of those active ingredients that the body needs to feel better. Here are its main benefits:

It combats oxidative stress and fights against skin aging

Oxidative stress affects everyone. The body is constantly attacked by molecules derived from oxygen: free radicals. They will accelerate a well-known process, namely cellular aging. Cell renewal is slowed down with preservation of dead cells on the surface.

The skin is then thicker, dehydrated and the pores are dilated.

Less protected against UV rays, the skin is more fragile and skin aging occurs prematurely. This is why we need active ingredients like lutein to counter its effects. Thanks to its antioxidant action , lutein helps fight against free radicals, responsible for skin aging.

It optimizes the effects of the sun on the complexion and promotes tanning

For colored skin during exposure to the summer sun, preparing your skin is essential. The antioxidant power of carotenoids such as lutein promotes the production of melanin . It is the latter which colors the skin and which protects it from the sun's harmful rays by limiting its harmful effects.

Result: the more melanin is stimulated, the faster the tan occurs. On the contrary, a lack of lutein causes an increase in cell oxidation, resulting in skin that is more likely to burn due to UVB. The coloring of the skin in the sun will also be slower.

It promotes the skin's tolerance to the sun

All skin types can be subject to sun intolerance, whether occasional or permanent. To avoid sun allergies, taking a lutein treatment before summer helps prevent solar reactions. Lutein nourishes and protects tissues for the summer season.

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How to choose the right lutein supplement?

Diet plays a central role in rebalancing low lutein levels. Adding a food supplement to your diet can then help you return to normal levels.

To choose your supplement carefully, we advise you to choose lutein extracted from tomatoes and marigolds, which are pure and natural sources of lutein. This is also the shape that we chose for our Formula Soleil.

Favoring a patented shape also represents a guarantee of quality. Our lutein is patented Lycored® , which has been a world reference in terms of natural carotenoids for more than 20 years. The extraction process is patented and controlled, which ensures the protection of the active ingredients from oxidation.

Finally, to choose the right supplement, it is also important to look at the dosage. For lutein supplementation, the dosage is 6 to 20 mg maximum per day depending on needs.

Our Lutein-based Sun Formula includes a dosage of 10 mg per capsule . It is associated with copper, burdock, vitamins and natural carotenoids. Quality active ingredients to prepare the skin for the sun and prolong a tanned complexion even at the end of the summer months in addition to the other benefits of lutein for the body.

Lutein: contraindications

Lutein, whether its dietary form or the lutein found in dietary supplements, is safe when taken appropriately.

However, people suffering from skin cancer or fibrosis should seek advice from their doctor to confirm compatibility with their pathology and/or additional medication.

Excessive skin coloring is the only possible side effect of a lutein treatment. Children and pregnant or breastfeeding women are advised not to consume it to avoid health complications and skin or eye reactions.

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