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How to fall asleep faster: our tips for peaceful nights

How to fall asleep faster: our tips for peaceful nights

Morpheus' arms sometimes seem very far away when sleep resists. 🌙✨

According to the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance, the quality of our sleep has been deteriorating since 2015 . However, sleep disorders are far from being inevitable.

In this article, we invite you to explore the secrets of sleep and discover our tips for falling asleep faster . Get ready to rediscover the expression sleep like a log! 💤


Understanding sleep

Before thinking about how to fall asleep faster , it is better to start by exploring the mechanisms of sleep. And you will quickly understand why lack of sleep has such an impact on well-being.

Sleep cycles

Sleep is divided into several phases, each plays an essential role in the physical and mental recovery of the body.

  • Light sleep is when you fall asleep. It facilitates the transition between waking and sleeping. During light sleep, the brain gradually reduces your awareness of the surroundings. Yet even though brain waves slow down, light noises or external stimuli can easily wake you up. Shh… 🤫

  • Light sleep is a key time when information perceived during the day is sorted and processed. It contributes to the consolidation of memory.

  • Deep sleep is the phase where your body is in a state of restorative rest. During deep sleep, physiological functions slow down, which promotes muscle regeneration and recovery. In children, this is also when growth hormone is released. But it is also during this stage that the body consolidates the memories and learning acquired during the day. Unlike light sleep, the sleeper will be less reactive to external stimuli during this phase.

  • REM sleep is characterized by intense brain activity. 🧠 It is during this phase that our dreams arise. REM sleep is also involved in memory consolidation, emotional processing and creativity.

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The importance of sleep on our well-being

The consequences of lack of sleep on our well-being are far from negligible. Decreased energy, weight gain, difficulty concentrating, disturbances in energy metabolism, influence on mood...: the list goes on!

To help you overcome all this, omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids might just become your best friends. While these won't help you in your quest to learn how to fall asleep faster, they are known to have a beneficial impact on overall well-being. Indeed, these fatty acids can promote balance in the body, which can also indirectly influence the quality of your sleep . 😴

Optimize your sleeping environment

How can we fall asleep more quickly in a society where we are constantly in demand? Yes, to fall into a quick and deep sleep, you need to bring together several conditions conducive to relaxation.

Avoid exposing your eyes to blue light

You are used to checking your smartphone or watching television before going to bed, no longer wonder how to fall asleep faster ! Overexposure to blue light disrupts our internal biological clock and inevitably causes sleep disorders. To fall asleep quickly, why not a good book? 📖

blue screens

Limit light sources

Another solution to find out how to fall asleep faster: limit the sources of light present in your environment. Light, even minimal light, can disrupt the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone . This regulates our sleep-wake cycle and promotes restful sleep. Don’t hesitate to try the Sleep Formula , based on plant-based melatonin.

In the land of dreams, silence is king 👑

Another technique for sleeping soundly is to reduce surrounding noise as much as possible. Indeed, during the phases of light and paradoxical sleep, you remain sensitive to external noises. Do not hesitate to use earplugs to protect yourself from noise.

Opt for quality bedding 🛏️

Using comfortable bedding adapted to your body's needs is ideal for feeling relaxed. As muscle tension is reduced, you will fall asleep more peacefully. Proper bedding supports pressure points in your body, relieves sensitive areas, and promotes a more relaxing position during the night.

Adopt a specific routine before going to sleep

How to fall asleep faster when you're stressed? More than one in five French people suffer from difficulty falling asleep. This state is unfortunately often linked to stress.

This can considerably disrupt the natural process of falling asleep. To counter stress, you can adopt routines with various techniques to relax, such as relaxation or breathing exercises.

You can also carry out a treatment based on ashwagandha , a plant known for its beneficial properties on mental well-being. Don’t hesitate to read our 6 tips for escaping stress-related insomnia . 🧘

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Foods to ban before bedtime

If you are looking for solutions on how to fall asleep faster, diet is of course a key element to consider. A healthy lifestyle is essential. Avoid large or spicy meals right before bed and avoid foods high in caffeine such as coffee, tea and certain sodas. Finally, although alcohol induces drowsiness, it also tends to disrupt sleep cycles and lead to frequent awakenings. Come on, a herbal tea and off to bed!

What timing for physical activity?🏋️

How to fall asleep faster after an intensive sports session? Physical activity is essential for a healthy lifestyle. However, we recommend that you avoid too intensive sessions 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. These would tend to increase body temperature and stimulate your body, making it more difficult to fall asleep. Instead, focus on relaxation exercises before bed to help you relax.

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