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Why combine spirulina and vitamin C?

If spirulina is THE supplement to integrate into a good well-being routine. This superfood with a thousand and one virtues does not, however, contain vitamin C , which is essential to be in great shape!

To help you better understand the benefit of consuming these two supplements together, we tell you everything about this ultra-beneficial combination. Spirulina and vitamin C: what are the tips for consuming them properly?

Follow us, it's the first step towards vitality!

spirulina and vitamin C

Spirulina and Vitamin C, a synergy that is good for you

In combination, spirulina and vitamin C work miracles.

Indeed, taken at the same time, their actions coordinate and allow you to benefit from a multitude of vitamins and other active ingredients to gain vitality , stock up on good vitamins and above all to maximize the absorption of iron by the body.

Vitality, tone, shape and energy

Thanks to its incredible nutritional richness, spirulina is a real treasure to meet the needs of the body , but above all to maximize tone and vitality while supporting immune defenses.

Proteins, vitamins, beta-carotene, minerals, trace elements and even fatty acids, we could almost say that spirulina is perfect if it were not missing an essential vitamin: vitamin C.

A big star in the vitamin family, what is scientifically called ascorbic acid plays a key role in the proper functioning of the body. Loved for its effect on fatigue and its function for metabolism and many other benefits, it is essential for tone, well-being, vitality and immunity.

Unfortunately, the body is unable to synthesize or store it, which is why it is essential to consume it regularly through food and taking food supplements.

You will have understood, the spirulina duo with vitamin C is the dream combination to stock up on vitamins and offer the body everything it needs to gain vitality and take care of its immune system.

Spirulina and vitamin C to increase iron absorption

Do you want to better assimilate iron? Adopt the spirulina vitamin C synergy to combine the active ingredients and increase the absorption of iron by your body, you won't be able to do without it!

Taken simultaneously, spirulina and vitamin C optimize the absorption of iron by the body, a boon for people with an iron deficiency. While spirulina meets iron needs thanks to its very high content, vitamin C increases its absorption, an effective and useful combination.

And now, discover the tips to benefit from the benefits of the spirulina and vitamin C combo !

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How to benefit from the benefits of spirulina and vitamin C

The secret to enjoying the benefits of spirulina with vitamin C is to consume these two active ingredients simultaneously! Yes, consuming vitamin C in the morning and taking spirulina later in the day does not allow you to benefit from this virtuous association, but only from the advantages of both separately.

The benefits of the vitamin C spirulina duo in food supplements

In the form of food supplements, spirulina and vitamin C should be taken at the same time. An easy gesture to adopt to really take advantage of all the benefits available.

Better yet, opt for the Novoma Vitality Pack specially designed to regain vitality and contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system! Composed of spirulina, vitamin C and magnesium bisglycinate, it is a perfect formula for feeling peachy.

Consuming spirulina with vitamin C in cooking

If you are a gourmand like the Novoma team , head to the kitchen to make recipes based on spirulina and vitamin C that are delicious and rich in beneficial effects on the body.

Let's dive into the blender for some acerola cherries, some spirulina tablets that you will have crushed into powder, and your favorite fruits to enjoy a good energy drink that your body will love. Of course, we enjoy eating acerola in a bowl, in a smoothie, in a fruit salad or simply as a snack.

For the rest, spirulina mixed with a little imagination will allow you to benefit from this dream combination for your vitality.

And to maximize the effects of spirulina vitamin C, remember to respect the correct dosage of your treatment and especially not to forget to take them at the same time. 3,2,1, vitality is just one click away, take advantage of the spirulina and vitamin C combination now!

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