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Keep your tan longer: tips and preconceived ideas

It's almost the end of summer. No more sun, no more beach and no more cocktails, and above all that tan you've been waiting for! But do not panic. Even after exposure to the sun and summer vacation, you can extend it.

Today we are coming to your rescue and telling you all the secrets to keeping your tan intact for as long as possible. Let's go !

keep your tan

Tanning: how does it work?

During the summer, we all hope to achieve a beautiful, tanned complexion. But how does the long-awaited tan actually work?

When the skin turns black and tan, it is the result of a reaction of our cells. Faced with the sun's UV rays, which, in truth, attack our skin, we react. In fact, the heat emitted attacks our skin's defense system. It could cause damage to our cells and impact our DNA. Just that ! Thus, in response to this danger, the skin activates two types of cells:

  • melanocytes;
  • keratinocytes.

The first, present in our epidermis, produce melanin , responsible for changing the color of our skin and its thickening. It makes it “harder” and absorbs the sun’s rays. The seconds multiply in order to create a protective barrier. They prevent ultraviolet rays from degrading our skin and reaching its lower layers.

We therefore thank first the keratinocytes for the protection of our DNA, and then the melanocytes for the production of melanin which gives us this fresh complexion.

However, be careful not to tan excessively ! Too much exposure to the sun can be harmful, hence the importance of properly preparing your skin . These 4 tips for a successful tan will surely be of great help to you.

3 tips for preserving and keeping your tan...

If you had taken great care to get a magnificent tan during the summer, it would be a shame to see it disappear after a handful of days and not enjoy it for longer. Here are some tips to make it last and thus keep your tan as long as possible .

If you had taken great care to get a magnificent tan during the summer, it would be a shame to see it disappear after a handful of days and not enjoy it for longer. Here are some tips to make it last and thus keep your tan as long as possible .

Adopt a tan on the plate

This may seem surprising, and we may be repeating ourselves, but yes, certain foods can help you preserve your tan. Thanks to the molecule called beta-carotene (a carotenoid), certain foods allow better synthesis of melanin, responsible for your beautiful complexion. So don't hesitate to favor carrots, tomatoes, melon, apricots, peaches, fish or shrimp in your post-vacation diet.

Take solar food supplements

Indeed, solar food supplements provide additional protection for your skin during exposure to the sun, but also afterwards, and help maintain tanned skin. It is for this purpose that we designed our Soleil Formula . Specially designed to allow the skin to tan naturally, it is particularly rich in carotenoids, which also activates your melanin after your visit to the beaches. So you can have an impeccable tan all September long.

Remember to hydrate well

Yes, to ensure beautiful skin, hydration is essential. We already told you about it in our 6 tips for having beautiful skin . They also work for tanning. Drink at least 1.5 L of water per day. For the shower, choose a nourishing shower gel, or even an oil. And don't forget your body cream and skincare products.

...and 3 misconceptions about tanning

Unfortunately, there are still too many misconceptions about tanning. We decipher some of them for you.

1) “Hydration is only useful during sun exposure”


Your body and skin always need water to stay in shape. Therefore, it is necessary to hydrate yourself before, during and especially after the tanning period.

Please note, hydration during tanning must be done with sunscreen and not an ordinary moisturizer, as this risks burning your skin.

After your vacation, your skin is thirsty . You must then feed it by drinking water, but also by applying the necessary creams. An essential tip for keeping your tan longer after exposure.

We recommend you

keep your tan

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2) “Continuing a course of beta-carotene after the holidays is useless”


As we saw above, molecules like carotenoids activate the melanin present in our skin. To prolong and maintain your tan, it is best to continue your beta-carotene supplementation when you return from vacation. Beta-carotene is therefore not useless after returning from vacation, quite the contrary!

3) “Dark skin does not need sun protection”


While it is true that they have more melanin than fair skin, we all have a limit for exposure to the sun, beyond which exposure becomes dangerous. Thus, in the case of unprotected dark or black skin, the epidermis is attacked and also risks burning and suffering sunburn. In addition, burned and sunburned skin always ends up peeling and therefore prevents you from actually tanning and keeping your tan afterwards.

And There you go ! Rejoice: even once the holidays are over, thanks to these tips, your tan has not said its last word! 🌞

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