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How to promote effective sports recovery?

Sport is good for your health! As long as you respect a rest period between two training sessions and not do anything.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a Sunday enthusiast, let your body rest before getting back into it. Take care of your body without abusing it and enjoy all the benefits of sport!

In this article, we explain to you why it is important to recover and what techniques to use for effective sports recovery . 😀

sports recovery

What is sports recovery?


Practicing intense physical activity puts the body to work: the cardiac and circulatory system as well as the muscle tissues are called upon. In addition, the sports session results in energy expenditure proportional to the intensity of the effort .

Sports recovery corresponds to the moment when the body rests after a session of physical effort. It is a restructuring phase during which the body recovers and repairs damaged tissues.

passive or active recovery

Passive recovery or active recovery?

Among the different solutions for recovering from a sports session, we distinguish between passive recovery and active recovery. We explain to you:

  1. Passive sports recovery corresponds to a more or less long period of complete rest without sports training. It is indeed recommended to leave the muscles and joints to rest after a particularly intense effort. Several beneficial actions allow you to optimize this sports recovery time: sleep, massages, good hydration and nutrition.

  2. Active recovery consists of practicing low-intensity physical activity: very slow, low-intensity jogging or even light mobility exercises at low speed, for example.

The benefits of sports recovery

Good sports recovery allows the body:

  1. eliminate toxins more quickly;

  2. to promote good blood circulation ;

  3. to supply the body with nutrients ;

  4. reduce muscle pain and aches;

  5. to strengthen flexibility and mobility;

  6. to reduce stress;

  7. to improve sleep.

The sports recovery stage is therefore the key to increasing your performance and maintaining a resilient body. 💪

Are you convinced? We reveal the best methods for adopting good habits between two sessions!

What techniques should I use?

There are many techniques for recovering between two sports sessions. It's up to you to choose from the recovery methods that best suit your body!

Consider gradually stopping 🚶‍♀️

Here is a first tip to put in place, whatever sporting activity you practice: remember to gradually reduce your efforts during the last 10 minutes of the session. This drop in intensity helps the cardiovascular system return to normal gently and in a much less brutal manner.

For the body, it is an ideal time for transition to the sports recovery phase.

Try cold or cryotherapy 🥶

Cold plays an essential role in pain and natural inflammation caused by physical effort. By applying cold compresses to sensitive areas, pain is reduced and blood circulation is stimulated.

You're not cold? So why not (on medical advice of course), try the experience of a bath with water between 10° and 15° for 15 minutes maximum to alleviate the aches!

The less daring will opt for a cold shower or the application of ice packs. Integrating cold into the sports recovery process ensures immediate well-being after the sports session.

getting a massage

Get a massage 💆

Are you looking to reduce the feeling of fatigue and muscle pain ?

Massages and self-massages after sports are very effective. They act as natural anti-inflammatories, acting directly on the intensity and duration of aches. They also help to improve muscle comfort after physical exercise. Getting a massage and massaging yourself helps relax tense muscles: goodbye to pain and make way for a feeling of well-being! Massage also increases the flexibility of the tendons.

In most cases, the massage can be performed on the legs, because they are used in many sports: bodybuilding, running, cycling, team sports, etc. Whatever sport you practice, massage is one of the most effective sports recovery solutions. It also helps to feel relaxed and to soothe any mental tensions and relieve stress.

Think about stretching 🧎‍♂️

Do you forget to stretch after an intense sporting effort? What a mistake !

The body reminds us of this the next day when we get out of bed! If you still haven't incorporated stretching into your workout, it's time to change your habits.

You can do gentle stretches for a few seconds to relax your muscles and feel lighter. Spend more time stretching and do them slowly and intensely to gain flexibility. Whatever type of sport you practice, don't forget to incorporate stretching into your session for effective sports recovery !

well s

Hydrate well 💧

ANSES recommends that adults drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day, even before feeling thirsty. This minimum requirement for water intake does not take into account sports practice. During a sports session, water loss is very high. You must therefore follow certain tips to avoid dehydration:

  1. Drink enough before the sports session.

  2. Continue to drink during the session if it lasts more than an hour and you are exposed to heat.

  3. For perfect sports recovery, hydrate well after the session during the rest phase.

Sufficient hydration helps reduce muscle tension and other contractures. Adopt good habits by always having water within reach. Regular athletes can also consume other drinks such as fruit juices which contain antioxidants.

Prioritize a healthy diet 🍽

Nutrition plays a key role in sports recovery. By practicing physical activity, the body draws on energy reserves. A good diet therefore allows them to regenerate after exercise. Warning: no feast after the sports session! Instead, choose nutritious foods to fill up on energy.

Do you feel the need to have a snack right after exercise? Choose foods high in carbohydrates and lean protein that will help replenish muscle energy stores and repair muscle tissue. On the menu: whole grains, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, fish, meat, eggs and legumes.

Adopt quality sleep 😴

Nothing like a good night's sleep to recover after an intense sporting effort! You still have to sleep well... We give you some advice to find peaceful and restorative nights:

  1. Respect regular bedtimes and getting up times at least during the week.

  2. Two hours before going to bed, reduce exposure to blue light which has a strong impact on sleep .

  3. Avoid the consumption of caffeine, alcohol and any other stimulants in the evening.

  4. Schedule intense sports training during the day rather than in the evening.

An adult needs around 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. By respecting this sleep time, you will be in great shape for the sports session the next day! On the other hand, if you don't get enough sleep, your performance will decrease significantly. Good sports recovery therefore requires quality sleep which helps the body to regenerate.

Use compression

Compression clothing helps reduce muscle aches and stiffness. They improve venous return and blood circulation. The compression exerted on the legs, arms or trunk helps limit inflammation and swelling. Wearing compression socks after exercise for 2 hours is an effective way to speed up sports recovery.

Try electrostimulation ⚡️

Another technique to recover after a sports session: electrostimulation.

Electrodes send electrical stimulations, which promote blood circulation, oxygenation of muscle tissues and their repair. This electrostimulation technique helps reduce pain and relax the muscles. It is a sports recovery method often offered to endurance athletes.

Adopt active recovery 🧍‍♀️

The active recovery method can be effective for anyone who participates in endurance sports or strength training. The objective is to improve the elimination of toxins and lactic acid produced during exercise.

Effective active sports recovery involves short training sessions with low intensity. Depending on your preferred activities, you can choose between walking, running, cycling or indoor sessions. consume in moderation to recover well between two more intense sports sessions!

The best food supplements to recover well

Are you looking for healthy solutions to improve sports recovery ? Certain dietary supplements can help you recover effectively. We tell you everything!

The benefits of spirulina and lysine on muscle recovery

Rich in plant proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, Organic Spirulina participates in muscle development and contributes to endurance capabilities. With a spirulina treatment, you contribute to muscular and joint well-being, thanks to the presence of proteins and minerals, and the risks of discomfort are reduced. Do not hesitate to add this supplement to your diet to fully benefit from the benefits of spirulina on bodybuilding .

As for L-Lysine , it is useful for strengthening muscle mass , because it participates in the formation of muscle proteins.

We recommend you

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Omega 3

Ultra pure fish oil concentrated in essential omega 3 fatty acids (90% triglycerides).

  • ✅ Ultra pure EPAX® fish oil
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  • ✅ Minimal oxidation (Totox < 3)
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Omega 3: good for the heart and muscles

Fatty acids are essential for the proper functioning of the body in general. To support sports performance, consider taking a course of Omega 3 Epax® . Their strengths? They play a role in the integrity of muscles, in particular, and in the preservation of the cardiovascular system. In fact, these lipids enter directly into the composition of the membrane of our cells .

In short, there is no longer any doubt: the benefits of Omega-3 for bodybuilding and sports are undeniable, as well as for sports recovery!

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Multivitamins, protector of muscle cells against free radicals

Ideal to supplement the diet, our Multivitamin formula based on 29 vitamins, minerals and plant cofactors is rich in antioxidants . It is perfect during periods of intense activity to meet the body's needs.

Indeed, thanks to vitamin C and vitamin E, Multivitamins have real antioxidant power, allowing it to protect muscle cells from oxidative damage. This damage is generated in particular by intensive practice of sport, which puts a lot of strain on the muscles.

In addition, the presence of magnesium in our formula is beneficial to your body. Indeed, during a sports session, our body naturally sweats during exercise and we lose mineral salts in this sweating. Mineral supplementation, particularly magnesium, is therefore good for compensating for the loss of minerals linked to physical effort and more precisely to sweating .

Thus, athletes who have an increased need for micronutrients will notice the positive effects of the Multivitamin complex on bodybuilding and sports recovery.

Overall, the Multivitamin will give vitality and energy to the body, which will thus be beneficial for the practice of sport and also for recovery . With the Sport Pack , you combine the benefits of spirulina with those of Multivitamins: the winning combo for performing well and recovering well!

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Marine collagen to promote joint comfort

Marine Collagen Powder contributes to joint comfort. You can take it to take care of your joints, which are sometimes heavily used during sporting activity: the bones, ligaments and muscles will benefit from this supplementation.

Sports recovery now has no more secrets for you! You have all the keys in hand to best manage your sports sessions and rest periods. Pleasure and performance: here is the winning duo for your sports program!


Co-founder of NOVOMA

Passionate and expert in micro-nutrition, Lucas founded Novoma in 2012. It is with conviction that he develops food supplements with effective, carefully chosen and 100% clean active ingredients, to best meet the body's needs.

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